some business ideas are against the law

  1. Well pretty sure this is possibly under biological warfare rules not entirely sure. Someone good with the law chime in.

  2. I was clearing some weeds and my wife told me "that's poison ivy" to which I said "I grew up in the sticks, I am immune to this shit".

  3. The were burning it near my house one time and I had it all over my bottom. Was horribly painful, but I'm basically immune to it now. It's weird how some allergies get worse after repeated exposure, but some your body figures out it's not bad and ignores it.

  4. I had full body poison ivy one summer from doing a baby wipe bath while camping. That was a very unfun month. I still have scars. I can’t imagine the damage a lotion would do.

  5. condolences on that shit. I've had bad interactions with poison ivy but a full-body reaction is a nope and a half from me.

  6. The government takes a long time to build a case against you. It’s takes time to setup stings and entrapments like they did to Randy Weaver. Gubment don’t run fast.

  7. My former employer tried to set me up for embezzlement. They had a search warrant and raided my home within 3 days. No arrest. It then took them 3 months to realize that I had receipts for everything they took and they had been conned. They were really pissed when they realized the retail value of what didn’t have a receipt was $13. They thought they had a “slam dunk” $80k embezzlement case.

  8. And I’m sure every briefing and meeting involved someone saying, “you’re shitting me right? I don’t believe this… go prove it”

  9. But guns are legal… sell a plant oil that’s poison that can irritate your skin, you’re fucked… manufacture a killing device and sell it country-wide, you’re good. Just make sure you’re 16.

  10. I personally know of at least three people, that if sprayed or pranked with this substance, would almost certainly die from the exposure. And from what I’ve seen of them having even minor accidental exposures with the plant, breathing in the smoke from the plants burning in a controlled marshlands burn over 20 miles away, or a even something as unlikely as washing their spouses laundry a week after he went hunting and was specifically being careful to avoid walking through any poison ivy while heading to or from his stand- their death wouldnt be swift either, modern medicine would try hard, but because they’ve all had very serious, life threatening reactions before, they all know the next exposure could be much worse and will likely result in very slow and agonizing death while every steroid, antihistamine, and would debriding method is tried to stave off the inevitable, at least a bullet is quick.

  11. Because it can cause major anaphylaxis in those never exposed to it, lasting scars, if it gets into the lungs it's got a pretty good chance of being lethal , being sold under intentional harm methods that fall under poisoning laws, because technically it's creating a bioweapon as the intent is harming others, bonus if he mailed it out it's like mailing anthrax.

  12. It's a bit stupid to arrest a man who maybe found a better alternative to tear gaz. I mean I'm sure the natural way is better.

  13. Pretty sure using something that you can use to potentially kill someone as a joke or act of revenge is illegal.

  14. It’s not that it took the FBI 6 mo to catch on - they waited to see him grow and track his sales revenue in order to slam him even harder so it hurts more

  15. I’m guessing the charge was like “producing chemical weapons without a permit”. In all likelihood he just didn’t give a cut to America’s oligarch owners, so they sent their bully boys to end it.

  16. My boyfriend and I decided to fuck in the bushes while on a drive up highway 1 going to Big Sur, we fucked in poison oak. I’ve never had it so bad, I had it literally everywhere including my balls and dick. My clothes literally stuck to me for 3 weeks. I’d take super hot showers to “itch” it all.

  17. Well, it's one guy selling. Idk if he made a label for it with a logo and all. But it would take a bit of time to set up some clientele. You sell it to friends and family. Or give some away and let word spread about it. 6 months sounds about right in order for him to get caught. People Going to emergency rooms due to the stuff. ER notice an increase on patients with the same shit so they start asking questions because the patient would at first think it's pepper spray or something at first. Then the cops would ask questions as to who sprayed them and such. Then they would ask where the person obtained the stuff from and so on.

  18. "Hey guys, I have a brilliant idea for a business. The idea is we hunt down 1%'ers, take them out in the middle of the night, and divvy up all their stuff. It should be immensely profitable!"

  19. Bro wait till you hear about these things called 'guns'... they sell them too and I'm pretty sure the fbi already knows about it. But hey it's not as deadly as poison ivy.

  20. 6 months seems pretty quick to all things considered. But yeah as a chemist he definitely should have already known what he was doing and the laws against it.

  21. He should have sold it as a tolerance product. Put a little on every day until your body gets used to it. He wanted to eradicate poison ivy reactions from society

  22. You can’t sell it. But you can open a non profit for domestic abuse victims and provide a “Gift” to the donors for every specific amount they donate. Make sure 10% of all that’s donated goes to abused victims. The rest is “operational costs”.

  23. Some people have such a bad reaction it could potentially kill someone. Plus I don't see it working like pepper spray, there is a delay, it's not like poison ivy burns when you touch it. You don't know for hours sometimes a day or two later, but I have no idea what the pure form would do.

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