Let's get out of the car in a wild life park

  1. Same type of people who push their baby or walk along with their small children with them right into oncoming traffic in parking lots, expecting it to stop safely for them. Just casually putting the lives of their children in the hands of their creator on the daily.

  2. Ya the only smart one there. Could have yeeted the kid at em to save themselves. Phew at least one of them was thinking...

  3. I used to work in a wildlife rehabilitation facility, there's genuinely a huge amount of people who think they have some magical connection with animals. "Oh, that wild apex predator will never attack me. I love animals." Watching members of the general public have a two-sided conversation with a friggin bald eagle always boggled me. "Oh, did you see the way he turned his head like that?! That mean he agrees."

  4. “Visited this park on the weekend. Should be shut down, it’s unsafe. Couldn’t even have a picnic on the grass. Staff laughed at me when we said we tried. 1/5 stars.”

  5. They don't have to be faster than the cheetahs, they only have to be faster than the slowest one in the group.

  6. For everyone saying that these are "only" cheetahs, they could have easily knocked that shitstain parent to the ground and been gone with that poor child in an instant.

  7. This happened in 2018, when a French family went on a trip to the Netherlands. Everyone was in disbelief how people could be so ignorant.

  8. The shittiest part is that if one of those dipshits got bitten, The “authorities” would have killed every animal in a two mile radius.

  9. Jesus Christ. I'm seeing so many of these, I almodt think that if we want to continue with these kind of "drive-thru" parks, we're gonna have to weld the doors shut at the entrance...

  10. Damn, I know I’m not the smartest but I’m shocked by how stupid people. Taking a child around a predator then running with it triggers all the wrong instincts, they are lucky it wasn’t any other big cat because that child would’ve been done for

  11. Fucking idiots- and I don’t use that term lightly. If there was an incident, the animals would have to be put down. Lifetime ban in park I hope

  12. No. In a wildlife park in the Netherlands (Beekse Bergen). There are signs every few 100 metres warning not to open windows and absolutely don't go out of your car. These people were having a picnic with their small child. Not making this up.

  13. Having worked in several US national parks out west I can say that people in general do some of the dumbest shit imaginable. Especially where wildlife is concerned.

  14. Darwin failed us in this day. I really love some natural selection… (although sorry for the child that has no fault).

  15. Dammit I was rooting for the lions. Those ppl don't deserve to vote or have any place in society with the collective thought process that all share

  16. I saw this on the news. Some animal expert tried to say "the mother did everything right in the situation". Since cheetahs prey on lighter prey and the young, their target was the child.

  17. I’m going to guess: is this in China? There was a video of a girl walking out of a car and getting mauled by a tiger in a similar park in China.

  18. Yeah I hesitated to open my door to pet a zebra behind a fence because there were free roaming buffalo at a park in my home state. I made sure the door was blocking one side and I kept one foot in the car in case I had to jump in real fast. I can't imagine why they thought approaching wild cats, with no safety, would be "fun idea"?

  19. I drove through a park once that had deer, moose, goats, no predators, and thought probably stupid to get out of the car. Oy vey.

  20. Thank god Cheetos don't actually attack people. This one might have been trying to scare/provoke the people to get them away from its cubs or territory

  21. I mean what could go wrong? If a person was in danger the government would’ve had a sign that said NO HUMANS NO CARS! They’re just overgrown cats, like we have at home! Sheesh! My word, get over it!

  22. Didn’t some Asian woman (not sure which country) get eaten by a tiger at a drive thru animal park? She had a nasty car fight with her husband and got out to fight him then was attacked a tiger. I think she was even dragged off.

  23. I hate that kind of person, honestly. If they had been injured or had died the animals would have been sacrificed because of their stupidity. Fucking stupid people!

  24. These guys are morons there’s no doubt , but am I correct into believing that usually cheetahs don’t attack humans?

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