1. Wow, even so, just a nudge from the trolley and those shelves came tumbling down with ease. I think these were over stacked and very unstable. This will need investigating as well.

  2. Hey, hey, hey, no one cares. Don’t you see we have a deadline to hit? I know the company boasts safety, but that is time and time is money.

  3. Guy was probably over worked and needing sleep. Lack of sleep can get you and others killed as demonstrated in this video. The company probably fired him and kept his last paycheck to help compensate for the damages.

  4. Imagine if they were a deep sleeper. They'd be dead and fired. And people would be digging through pallets of goods to retrieve the corpse.

  5. 🤣🤣 omg, yes! I've had to watch this video numerous times at one of my old jobs. Laughed my ass off the first time.

  6. Aaaaandddd union grievance that results in all the employees sitting through some bS PowerPoint about work/life balance that makes everyone eyeball the employee that caused their pain. So long as they are not out on leave for workman’s comp.

  7. Ooof, that's terrible. I can only imagine how little that guy was probably making to do so much work, and then...

  8. That racking looked so unstable in the first place. Those Llop trucks max out at about 9 kmph. You really shouldn't be able to knock down racking even at a full speed collision with it

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