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  1. If that was an accurate representation of American capitalism they would each be standing on 1 or 2 coins and one individual would be off the top of the screen. They would have to zoom out until the letters were illegible to see that one individual on the screen.

  2. The US IS the socialism diagram, not will be, not was. IS. Since the Great Depression, we have known nothing but socialism.

  3. The one on the left should have a guy that isn't in the picture due to his wealth and pointing a gun at the others

  4. That's the guy who created this narrative to keep his money stack growing exponentially, all while managing to convince the people he's pointing the gun at to perpetuate it.

  5. You just know this is a t-shirt of a guy who makes a billion+ a year, and they think it's hilarious. Probably named Elon.

  6. It's the t-shirt of someone who lives in a trailer park who works two jobs, lives paycheck to paycheck and votes for tax breaks for the wealthy, a class he hallucinates of joining one day.

  7. I think many Americans don't truly know what either of those words mean. They just know they're "bad" because their elected leaders, Hannity, Tucker, and the rest of the Faux News talking heads told them so.

  8. I think many countries being used as examples of socialsim are actually capitalist democracies with a small number of socialized welfare programs.

  9. They’re confusing socialism with authoritarianism and can’t see the authoritarian nature of the policies they actively support.

  10. They have no idea between Socialism, Communism and Fascism. To be honest a lot of people don't know either... When I say to my English friends that the Communist party is in the parliament in Portugal they look at me like I'm an alien...

  11. It’s long been a part of the GOP agenda to associate all things socialist with communism. Misinform to the point where their voters don’t understand/care about the glowing differences between the two.

  12. Or literally the crony capitalism under which we live, which is fairly well depicted in the graphic on the right;

  13. Neither word would fit in the context of the post, so that isn't the issue. Propaganda around all socialist ideologies, which communism is, is the problem.

  14. It's inaccurate for capitalism because you can see the one person with the chips in frame. It's hard to grasp just how much more wealthy the top .1% really are.

  15. Pretty funny seeing the same people who are like "people don't know what socialism and communism actually are" go on and say some wild shit about what they think socialism is that just boils down to socdem.

  16. Kinda ironic that some of (probably mostly) Americans who call themselves socialists have one thing in common with rabid anti-leftists - calling everything left of American capitalism socialism and thinking that any capitalist system can’t be better than current one in America.

  17. All the criticisms American have about socialism are literally just things that are currently happening under their capitalism system: oh a tiny percentage own everything and oppress the masses? Damn look at your own country right now, that’s exactly what you described

  18. 99.99% of people who defend capitalism aren’t even capitalists themselves. They’re the working class, meaning they’re only assets to the capitalists.

  19. I will never understand people who paint socialism in such a bad light … imagine a social society that isn’t pure dog eat dog cutthroat. the rich feeding of the poor. Where everybody contributes a fair amount for the common good. Ooh the scary evils of that. Wtf.

  20. People who treat it as a team sport don't want to be understood. They just want to root for their team, and to be seen rooting for their team.

  21. People love to assert that authoritarianism is socialism when both capitalism and socialism suffer from the same issues of the elite controlling everything.

  22. Top 400 richest in the us owns more than the bottom 50% if I remember right? Imma go with "nah, that ain't right"

  23. I think if you get rid of the -isms (because their connotations have been weaponized to turn people against eachother imo) your average working class/middle class/maybe even upperclass (minus the hyper wealthy) American would be on the same page on when it comes to what a healthy economic environment looks and feels like. Regardless of political affiliation. eg: trump supporters from middle America despise the loss of small town “main street mom and pop jobs” & local industry. but they claim it’s the “socialist left’s fault”. So close yet so far.

  24. When people talk about socialism like it’s an independent economic system, I immediately know they have no fucking clue what they’re talking about.

  25. People often equate authoritarianism with socialism and while it’s true it has been an aspect of many socialist systems, the same is true about many capitalist ones as well. The place with the most “freedom” (the US) puts way more people in prison than China or the former USSR did.

  26. I don’t understand. How do these folks not get the differences between totalitarian communism and democratic socialism. I feel like some boogey man concept of Stalin from 80 years ago is imprinted in their minds and they can’t get past that to a more nuanced understanding.

  27. Yeah man, the authorities never kill innocent civilians and use coercive methods to maintain control in capitalist countries… oh, wait a minute, they do.

  28. Yep! The intent is to confuse people to voting for capitalism, because if people actually understood, they likely wouldn’t vote for it.

  29. Um. Whoever made this doesn’t understand socialism or capitalism… Capitalism is literally designed to make monopolies that control everything while workers suffer with 0 labor laws and 0 worker protections all in the name of chasing profits. True unregulated capitalism is hell on earth. If you don’t believe me open a history book and look at children in mines or children getting their arms ripped off in factories. Capitalism is trash. True socialism has never really been done because every country that tries to do it the CIA goes in and over throws their democratically elected leader before they have a chance to try anything to help the people. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  30. Capitalism isn’t trash. Just add free healthcare, affordable education, better social security. You still have capitalism, just better.

  31. If I’m honest I still don’t know the meaning of both. Can someone explain or give me references to their meanings? Genuinely wanna learn

  32. Whoever made this graphic doesn't know the meaning of both either. The major difference is who owns the means of production. Under capitalism, the means of production are privately owned. For example, a factory may be owned by an individual who has near complete authority of the operation of that factory. Under socialism, the means of production are owned collectively by the people. For example, a factory of workers who all have a say on its operation, choosing democratically how the factory ought to be run.

  33. The capitalism one would be more accurate if one guy is standing on 3 times the coins of the socialism gun dude.

  34. Yeah. Kids should be taught about the successful socialist state of ... uuhhhh, you know the th- th- eh theeeeeeeeee ummm. .

  35. I saw some study where people honestly believed that wealth was spread pretty evenly like this in America. I think it was called the pie test or something where the wealthiest 20% have like 90% of the wealth.

  36. The picture on the left is inaccurate. There should be the guy towering over others and there should be the guy without any coins

  37. It's not totally wrong. Polical dynamics require openess to different points of view. That what means to debate and dialogue. I don't really see an impossibility in socialism, as much as in capitalism, except that countries that move too much towards socialism and comunism usually end up broken or with tiranical govs.

  38. The one on the right is ostensibly capitalism except the coin pile on the left would be like 10 times higher and the rest of the coin pile would have some variation. But still, a gun pointed at you for sure.

  39. It will never be all of one thing or all another. Successful governments will continue to implement elements of both capitalism and socialism. This will ensure protection for lower classes and a healthy economy while change slowly occurs to keep up with the needs and demands of society. Substantive change should be slow and incremental.

  40. This is not socialism , its communism. Both socialism and communism place great value on creating a more equal society and removal of class privilege.The main difference is that socialism is compatible with democracy and liberty, whereas Communism involves creating an 'equal society' through an authoritarian state, which denies basic liberties.

  41. Why words are reversed? It's literally the opposite lmao. In capitalism top 1% owns 60-90% (depends on country) of wealth while the rest eat what's left.

  42. They don't. They just think the fearmongering about socialism by American conservatives is silly (at best). Literally the graphic posted by the OP is a great example - the wealth inequality in the United States correlates more closely with the section on the right ("socialism") than the section on the left ("capitalism").

  43. Because people on reddit think that socialism is the same as social security/social welfare. That and a lack of understanding about economics.

  44. Omg, wouldn't be terrible if we lived in a society where all the wealth and power was concentrated among a wealthy few elites?? Can you imagine?!

  45. The one on the left should say “regulated capitalism.” The one on the right should say “capitalism.” Also see: oligarchy, monopoly, feudalism, libertarianism.

  46. No it's not LMFAO. It's a social welfare program. Why do people always confuse socialism with fucking state involved capitalism. Please, research what socialism is, the word has been bastardized to the point where it's meaningless now.

  47. This is why Canada, South Korea, Japan and all of Western Europe are currently dystopian dictatorships and only God King Trump can save the world cause he's so good at business.

  48. Capitalism is NOT a system of governance. When are the idiots who are shilling for the "Man" ever going to figure that out? Effing Morons. PS it's a Business Model.

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