Qatar rules 🤦🏻‍♂️ World Cup

  1. Annnnnddd, absolutely no binge drinking while on a homosexual date, which will lead to blasting sexy time music at the local place of worship while screaming “yes daddy please” as onlookers film your immodesty without permission.

  2. I always said that this world cup was the best moment to help people fight against the oppression in the middle east.

  3. Waiting to see how many brazilians will be fined/arrested/deported/whatever they decide to do with those who break the rules in this cup. I'm brazilian and I know that at least 6 items from the bans are common in events where brazilians are present lol

  4. This will be the first time on history that Argentines and Brazilian football fans will be on the same side

  5. It’s ultra common in every European country too, if they try imprisoning every drunk football fan, I guarantee they’ll just end up with a coalition of French, Spanish, English, Brazilian and Polish people rebelling against them

  6. How are they going to do that? Either they would have to arrest thousands of people or football fans will take over Qatar. Honestly cant wait for that shit show.

  7. Bunch of drunk, immodest same-sex couples yelling profanity and taking random pictures of people all the while talking ill of religion.

  8. Lesbian relationships don't exist, everyone knows a woman can only feel sexual atraction to bearded men /s

  9. Looking at this I’d just assume no women in general is a given. Don’t need to worry bout lesbians when there’s not a labia in sight.

  10. Exodus 21:20 God does say that it's ok to beat the shit out of your slave as long as they don't die from it within a couple of days.

  11. The stupid part is the people rich and powerful enligh to organize an event of this magnitude are some of the same guys trafficking women from abroad.

  12. Welcome to Duloc, such a perfect town Here we have some rules, let us lay them down Don't make waves, stay in line And we'll get along fine Duloc is a perfect place

  13. Of course! Then they'd need to buy more slaves to clean the stadium. You don't want to be the reason why they bought more slaves, do you? /s

  14. Anyone else see an upcoming minor international crisis from this? Feels like Qatar’s police/security/etc. will start beating and arresting International fans en masse dumb enough to go to this event to use as political bargaining chips.

  15. I guarantee the people will be mad, but your average world leader will get slipped a couple million by a Qatari oil baron and they’ll shut up

  16. Chances are people are going to try and protest by having so much boobs out it will set a record in least amount of clothes in a World Cup

  17. Isn’t this directly backtracking on what they promised/said after winning the bid? I am pretty sure years ago they announced they would be lifting restrictions in certain zones during the World Cup.

  18. You mean after they bribed FIFA members for the winning bid. Bids were put in from Qatar and Australia. Australia already had the stadiums and could have hosted during the European summer. Australia got one vote and FIFA gave the biggest sporting event in the world to a corrupt sandbox.

  19. Wouldn’t be the first time. They aren’t playing in semi-indoor, air conditioned state of the art stadiums. And they aren’t playing it in the summer like they said they would either. Another garbage surprise added.

  20. Why on earth would anyone even consider going to this. One of the most catastrophically stupid decisions in sporting history.

  21. No booze, swearing, loud noises and sounds and no taking people's pictures.....when did golf make it to Qatar?

  22. More than 6500 , these are the records which embassies of India , Pakistan , Sri lanka and nepal have , and the ones from Kenya and philipines could be even higher

  23. The government of Qatar will happily use slave labor, but don’t even think about being loud or having a drink while you are at a sporting match! Having a World Cup in a repressive country seems like a bad idea.

  24. fifa is a corruption organization. all the sponsors are hypocrites. the players shouldn't play in this bullshit if they believe in any of these things.

  25. The us and Europe should have just bowed out of the last two and decided to host tournaments in the UK and USA where they should have been.

  26. That fact that FIFA is going there in the first place shows what a craven, corrupt, despicable organization it is.

  27. As a woman, I will never go to Qatar (or any other Muslim controlled country that subjugates women). No tourist dollars for you, assholes.

  28. Why on earth would they put the World Cup in such a hellhole? Highest bidder I suppose is the obvious answer, disgusting

  29. With this nonsense and the buying of historic football clubs, I feel that this is not a sport anymore, is something worst, and I'm out of it. Fuck fifa, fuck those super rich and fuch these inquisitors in particular.

  30. I was planning on buttfucking a lot of men in the stands (and getting butt fucked by them), potentially marrying and raising children with a male in the stands, as well. Now I'll have to do it at my hotel room. All of it. All the men. In my butthole. In their respective buttholes. Marrying all the men. Putting their rings on my appendage and vice versa.

  31. I can’t believe teams aren’t boycotting. Such a laundry list of human rights violations building these stadiums, plus the bribery scandal. How can anyone even think of going to this?

  32. What if I have no respect for their culture or religion to reflect? I would have a lot more respect for them if they didn’t weasel word it and just said that the following behavior is not allowed in Qatar, please follow our rules while you are here.

  33. Good luck enforcing those rules. Football fans are something else when they get angry and that’s some rage I wouldn’t want directed at me

  34. Shit like this is why I hate the "Respect people's religion" shit. Innocent traditions, alright, but I am not cutting people slack for the insane controlling shit they ask of people just because it's backed up by a bunch of bronze age superstitions. It's actually worse because they aren't even trying. Homophobia and blaphemy laws aren't just "religion and customs". Human sacrifice, is a fucking religious custom. Lynchings are social customs. Fuck culture, tradition, and sanctity as reasons to tell anyone how to live their lives.

  35. These rules aren't going to bring in foreigners to watch the thing even with bending the rules on beer. Qatar should've been disqualified from the start. #boycottqatar

  36. Three I think. Don't take peoples picture without asking - seems reasonable. Respect places of worship also, and don't play loud music in public. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  37. Source plz. While I don’t approve of what Qatar does, their website shows they sell alcohol themselves in the stadiums, but ask people to only use it within the stadium (cultural awareness!)

  38. You can buy it in the stadium perimeter before and after games, but during the game, inside the stadium, you can only buy non alcoholic beer.

  39. The alcohol will only be served before and after the game and only around the perimeter of the stadium. Not in the stands.

  40. I understand completely the correcting the info. But I can’t help but feel like it’s rearranging deck chairs on the titanic. I mean thousands of slaves died building this thing and queer people are jailed or possible sentenced to death. But let’s quibble over the amount of fabric needed for your shoulders from the website. I agree on getting the facts correct but Qatar is just fucking horrible

  41. Crazy thing is... it was proven they bribed people to get it... and still were allowed to keep the WC.

  42. Yeah, I am not a great fan of football, but I usually always watch the World Cup. This time, I wont

  43. No to everything. But yes to bribery and under table handshakes and dodgy World Cup hosting honours.

  44. I love that FIFA are cracking down on Indonesia after the riot, but are giving the world cup to a nation based on slave labour and religious extremism.

  45. Why do Western countries have to be accommodating with regards to everything and everyone, but other countries can discriminate at their heart's content?

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