Why didn’t anyone think about that??? 500iq elon moment

  1. Thanks Elon, why not get one of your designers to redraw the map, just don't use the 5 year old that designed the Cybertruck

  2. The Cybertruck literally looks like a PS1 version of a truck that is still loading textures. I’ve seen dicks less pixelated.

  3. The Russians have committed genocide, probably killed most of the Ukrainian supporters there and supplemented with Russians. Voting will never be fair and do we want to award this behaviour with land.

  4. They would also have to bring back the people they deported to Russia. Not really a way to bring back the thousands of people they have killed though.

  5. The mistake people make is they can be really good at one thing, and then think that makes them really good at other things. It doesn't. Elon is good at something. That doesn't mean he is a genius with everything. And he doesn't seem to understand that.

  6. I was rewatching iron man 2 recently and it hit me like a bag of hammers just how obvious it was that his rise to “god genius” was just clever PR/marketing. Dudes super power was having lots of money and having people talk about how smart he is.

  7. SpaceX, Tesla, Neuralink... Tony Stark could build all that in a cave... with a box of scraps... blindfolded.... with his left hand...while pissing with his right hand.

  8. A disturbingly high number of people still think that way. Mostly terminally online, socially incompetent, tenuously middle class white guys.

  9. My uncle who's been in and out of homelessness his whole adult life genuinely thinks this guy is amazing. And that "he doesn't even care about the money, he just wants to do good". Facepalm.

  10. I think when you have billions of dollars, you are so thoroughly surrounded by people who take care of all your problems that you forget that real problems exist.

  11. It's even funnier when you realise thais is what so many "experts" said as well in the beginning months. You could think that now, as the tides have turnes immensly, he would know better, but he clearly does not.

  12. I like the "new referendum but for realsies this time u guyz" idea. We can even have Putin pinky promise this time around. Elon really thought of everything. Keep spreading your ubermensch seed, genius.

  13. Why would Elon think for a second that he’s qualified to discuss this situation? So many things wrong with this

  14. And.. if you look at the history of the region, the Pro Russian faction has driven the Ukrainian population out of the region. It would be impossible to hold a fair election now.

  15. You forgot this is the same lunatic that publicly named a diver a pedophile for saving many children without the help of his „invention“ (wich wouldn’t even have worked). He is a literal piece of shit. I really don’t get how so many people worship him.

  16. And Elon's sycophants will fall over themselves telling him what a genius he is for saying this, and he should consider going into politics.

  17. He did another poll when he didn't get the result he was hoping for, and it was even more lopsided. Lol.

  18. I actually used to be a fan of Elon, mostly because of Spacex. It did fade quite a lot in recent years but I still thought highly of him, despite much of the stupidity he puts out on Twitter.

  19. "Oh my god Elon you're so smart, I would have never thought to give starving people food. Why aren't you president?"

  20. Someone breaks into your house, kills members of your family and smashes parts of the building. In an attempt to stop them you negotiate for them to receive partial ownership of the house. Seems fair

  21. God can he not weigh in on ABSOLUTELY EVERY SINGLE THING AS IF HE IS AN EXPERT. This man is nauseatingly narcissistic.

  22. Remember that time he waded in to a cave rescue with his unwanted expertise, got told to fuck off by rescuers with an actual clue, and then proceeded to call one of them a pedo on more than one ocassion. Heh, good times. What a legend/genius.

  23. I'm convinced that the modern world is fucked because of the myth that rich people are geniuses rather than just psychopaths willing to trample over everyone else.

  24. He got his money from his dad's blood diamond business. He's like Trump except with successful businesses. It doesn't make him a genius it makes him a rich kid who has money to invest in random shit.

  25. Well, most of the people now understand that "nobility" doesn't make you any better. We only have to get rid of the idea that "rich people know what they're doing" and we're almost there.

  26. Yep. It's not really a mistake. There was no Crimea bridge back then, so they had to be connected to the rest Ukraine region and be a part of it. There was no other logical region for Crimea to be a part of.

  27. “Ukraine remains neutral” - they pretty much were before Russia’s meddling in 2014 and look how that turned out for them.

  28. Crimea was gifted to Ukraine (not sure what he means by mistake) by Russia, therefore it is now as much a part of Ukraine as the 4 annexed regions.

  29. It was not "gifted", it's all Russian propaganda. During the Soviet Union, Crimea was a loss-making region, so it was imposed on Ukraine, throwing off all the costs and responsibility for its improvement. When he began to make a profit and turned out to be a good place to control the Black Sea, then these fairy tales from Russia about the "gift" appeared. Well, do you even imagine how you can "give" a piece of land?

  30. Set a vote in Musks company, if poeple vote to unionize, then that is the will of the people Elon.

  31. I know, right? Ukraine WAS neutral before the war in that they weren't in NATO and NATO didn't want them. Putin just thought NATO was weak (I think he forgot Trump wasn't still President of the US) and he could waltz right in.

  32. Ukraine traded nuclear weapons for Russian assurances to stay out of Crimea in 1991, and 54% of the peninsula voted for Ukrainian independence in the only legitimate vote ever held there.

  33. No no, cause Elon genius thinks that if something was a mistake we should go back in time. No internationalization treaties matter if Elon thinks it was a mistake.....

  34. I will never understand how so many people think he's so smart. He's just a confident, lucky idiot who was willing to take big risks just like many other very successful people.

  35. He is smart in some ways, but he is incapable of seeing where his expertise ends. That shit often happens to succesful people

  36. Tesla himself died poor, so therefore, he was a loser. It's really embarrassing the great and powerful Musk has a company named after him.

  37. Ukraine remains neutral? Neutral from whom? Russia invaded, destroys, kills, loots, murders, rapes the Ukrainian population and they should remain neutral? Ok, Ukraine remains neutral, but they get the nukes back that they gave up, so they can defend themselves. All of the countries that guaranteed Ukrainian sovereignty if they gave up their nukes seem to be minimizing what sovereignty is.

  38. these are all ridiculous and 100% russia-centric, but bullet number 3 is how you know he got (or was given) this garbage directly from vatnik accounts. crimean water supply is an extremely minor issue in the scope of this war, but it is a significant issue for russia because they don’t want to build a water line from the east across the kerch strait.

  39. Thank god the guy with hilariously bad political and geopolitical takes is here to weigh in on something way outside of his area of "expertise".

  40. This idiot actually wrote that down and looked at it before sending it out to the world? I can see spitting this shit off the top of your head over a few drinks with friends, so damn shallow and stupid though.

  41. The idea that Ukraine would capitulate to Russia to this extent when they currently have the upper hand militaristically is nonsensical.

  42. Russia must return the 1 million Ukrainians they illegally deported into Russia and all the babies that were also forced adopted into Russia. There can never be a fair vote….

  43. 'Russia leaves if that is the will of the people". As if they ever cared, as if the referendums arent kind of like yes and maybe yes.

  44. Call me crazy, but I’m starting to think the son of blood emerald dealing parents isn’t really the innovative genius he says he is…

  45. So it wasn't the "Will of the People" when russian soldiers broke through the doors and then directed the vote at gunpoint? Fucking genius! Maybe if we start a Change.org petition, Putin will leave as well!

  46. He probably subscribes to some vacant anarchocapitalist philosophy that conveniently assumes all elections are free and fair and the will of the people and now let’s get some business done and quit whining about the elections.

  47. Even if these were fair conditions, are we just gonna ignore the reparations that would be needed to rebuild Ukraine ?

  48. Why do people keep listening to this self important moron? Yes he’s arguably the richest man on earth and damned good businessman, but that does not mean he is now an expert on foreign policy and international relations. Fuck this douchebag.

  49. Musk is a big mouthed narcissist who is pathologically addicted to attention so can not muster enough self control to resist inserting himself in every situation.

  50. The Russians can't accept that because of the fact that they went from a imperialistic hegimon to now a mafia state run by oligarchs and instead of dealing with their own personal issues and rebuilding their Nation they'd rather deal with the external issues because it's less painful than seeing the truth

  51. Seriously, whoever thought that Elon Musk knows what he does and says, should question all of his life decisions.

  52. Elon should go present this idea to Putin in person and see how it turns out. Then we will never hear from Elon ever again until we find out he "mysteriously tripped off a cliff and drowned in a Russian lake."

  53. Words are inadequate to express how much of a moron musk is; his level of stupidity is astounding, beyond compare.

  54. Elon is such a tool. I have a better idea. If those people in Crimea want to be Russian, let them move to Russia. No reason the Ukraine should give up any of its sovereign territory. Also, Elon has forgot about war crimes and reparations. Are Ukrainians supposed to forget about all of their family members that were killed by Putin’s aggression? Elon should stick to building cars and rockets.

  55. I’m simply wondering why United States is not part of UK? It was part of UK before 1776, wasn’t it? I guess it’s some dude named Washington’s mistake?

  56. God this is such a "14 Year old white girls on tiktok telling Russia and Ukraine to just stop fighting" moment, but with a grown ass adult.

  57. Go fuck yourself, Elon. (I believe that Zelenskyy told him just this.) inheriting money, and using it to make a shit ton more money, does not make you a diplomat.

  58. It’s amazing how often this ass hat thinks we’re all on pins and needles waiting for him to solve all the world’s problems.

  59. This is reminiscent of when Jared Kushner tried to create peace in the meddle east by telling them to just “stop doing terrorism”

  60. We can just imvade Tesla factories and offices, kill or scare away the employees, put our people there, and then let's take a referendum whether they want Tesla's ownership to remain with Felon Musk or with us.

  61. Ukraine is a sovereign nation, IT gets to decide for itself if it will be nuetral. And since Russia clearly is an aggressor nation, I wouldn't put my trust that when they "Pink Swear Promise this time to not steal your land by murder and invasion" they will stick to it.

  62. Remember when Elon Musk didn't think he was the greatest genius on earth that can solve any problem with his throbbing head meat?

  63. Elon, I understand that your ego leads you to believe you are a smart guy… but please stay away from politics.

  64. So. Elon just wants Ukraine to surrender? If Ukraine remains neutral and doesn’t join nato what stops the Russians from giving it another try?

  65. This guy is playing 5d chess and I'm just like wtf. Here's a better solution. Ukraine invades Russia and kills putin and everyone can relax then and Ukraine joins nato and China and finland can have what's left of Russia.

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