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  1. For one sec it looked like last night 3am, walking home in the rain pretty mad because the pizzeria was closed.

  2. You forgot to add the word drunk in there somewhere. I mean, I'm sure it's probably implied but ya never know, there's probably more than a few who would do the same without any alcohol involved. LOL

  3. The Dragonborn woke her up and went into sneak mode. She’s pissed! The fact she couldn’t find him is why her shoulders are hunched

  4. While I still don’t get fashion in general, my acceptance of things like this rose when I heard someone tell me that fashion shows are not to showcase any styles that the designers thinks are the future, it is simply art. All of it. The weird outfits, the strange locations. It’s all considered part of the art show. Different designers have different styles, and they just go crazy with the weirdness for ‘art.’

  5. Yes this is haut couture (basically an artistic show as you describe). The intent is for there to be some sort of theme and the models are performing. The models tend to be extremely thin, and have facial features that might not be what one would call conventionally attractive, because that’s not the intent of the aesthetic of the show. The clothes could not be worn by a normal person, aren’t intended to be sold, and sometimes are merely pinned or stuck on for the purpose of the show.

  6. Yeah the people complaining here about modern “fashion” are the real facepalm. This is a conceptual art show meant to be creative and weird, they’re not trying to sell anybody those outfits. Same thing with “concept cars”.

  7. Correct. There are two types of fashion collections and shows, those for more usable and practical clothing are specifically called Ready-to-wear. The kind that the general public don't understand (or don't try to), which are purely artistic presentations, are called Haute Couture. The facepalm is for people who can't widen their perspectives and learn about something before trying to criticise.

  8. To add onto this, it’s also to showcase shapes, textures, fabrics and colours a lot of the time. The actual clothes displayed are rarely meant to be actually worn, just to display thought process and artistic vision.

  9. That makes so much sense!!! It's like those paintings so obscene no one would hang in their home. It's not for personal use, but for appreciation of the craft

  10. Yeah the cringiest posts here are from the smug idiots scoffing "Do they actually expect people to wear this shit?" as if they truly believed the intent of this show is to get these clothes on racks at Macy's.

  11. Yeah I'd heard the same explanation, also that designers of stuff people actually will wear will be there and take notes and inspiration from it for designs for actual clothes.

  12. This isn't so much fashion as it is artist's putting out ideas meant more for expressing themselves not really to wear more than once

  13. I don’t either, but I have other interests that are pretty esoteric to other people. I’ve played every classic platformer, every RPG, lots of sport games. All the classics. Those games were made to be fun. But then I’ve played some games that had a fun new experiments mechanic like Wii Fit / sports, which wasn’t fun at all, but showed off a new idea that others could explore. And then Ive played so many video games, that some of them could hardly be classified as “games” that you “play” but serve as commentary on the video game industry, maybe they’re satirical, maybe it’s just exploring a medium, maybe it’s just meant to turn heads or make you say “what the fuck.”

  14. It’s not really fashion. These aren’t clothes for people to wear. These are art pieces using the form of the human body as the canvas

  15. I watched a documentary on a famous british(or European) fashion designer guy and that was the first time I actually understood what they’re doing. This is not fashion and clothing. At the highest levels, this is actual art. Instead of viewing it like clothing (whether I would wear it, whether it’s in style, whether it’s even wearable at all), I try to view it through art like how you’d look at a modern art painting.

  16. Do you understand art? Fashion at this end is designed to be like art, its supposed to inspire not be stuff people wear day to day

  17. This type of fashion is an art show. It’s designed to stimulate ideas in ‘ready to wear’ fashion houses, who will eventually make real clothes for people to wear. Examples of interpretations that could come from this show - black clothes, industrial-style clothing, trends towards long dresses and smocks, clothes for wet weather.

  18. I just have to say this: Cristobal Balenciaga closed his workshop in 1968, saying in so many words that the world he once catered to was on its way out. He was the ultimate craftsman, a perfectionist with impeccable taste - and must be turning over in his grave.

  19. Oh wow, I didn't realise this company actually has pedigree. I thought it's relatively new and they just started making dumb stunts for promotion. Didn't realise they used to be a proper clothing maker.

  20. Model Muttering " I am so fucking done with this, I am so fucking done with this, I am so fucking done with this. I'm going to kill my agent. He is so fucking dead when I get back."

  21. I'm not gonna pretend like I know what's fashionable about this show, I'm not deep into this corner of the world, but I do know that these shows are more artistic than actual "fashion," so there's likely some deeper meaning behind the mud. Fuck me if I know what it is, though.

  22. Seriously. The model in front of her is walking straight. I can’t believe a model at this show wouldn’t be walking according to script, but it was terrible choice if so

  23. A fashion show staged in a partially drained septic tank, a perfect setting for overpriced garbage and the ghouls who buy it.

  24. Is that model trying to walk in that style to compliment the horror theme I'm seeing here or is she straight up done walking In mud ? I can't tell

  25. It’s kind of like the Hunger Games where rich people just do weird shit because they’re bored and they can afford to.

  26. She looks like me tailgating at a football game and I had to wear a trash bag because it rained all day and I forgot a poncho .. trudging through the mud all pissed off 🤣

  27. I was thinking the same. I don't watch fashion shows, but I actually wouldn't mind seeing the rest of this. Artistic. The lighting, size of the pit, music, color, walk, and clothes go together well

  28. If these fashion shows are supposed to be predictors of what fashion will look like in the coming years I have a bad feeling about the stability of our civilizations...

  29. So you’re telling me that sweet old lady with a hunched back I saw going into a church this morning could be the next top model??

  30. Doesn’t she look happy to be there trudging through the mud? Be in a fashion show they said, it’ll be great they said, you’ll be famous!

  31. I swear every time I see a fashion show I think, "Do people really spend money on this shit??" Like, what fucking fashionista is going anywhere near a mudhole; that's country girl territory and I don't know a one of them that'd buy anything Balenciaga has ever made.

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