Who’s gon tell her?

  1. Lmfao…. I have no idea but that’s hilarious if true. Just the tone deafness of the whole thing. Clearly her Exs didn’t want her anymore. When everything you have is skin deep you might be able to get some men to Fuck you but no man will ever love you.

  2. There was. A video of her and desean watson a few months back, he was blocking g her shooting a nerf basketball and she was wearing a French maid outfit…

  3. Yea my thoughts exactly getting a man to have sex with u isn’t hard, getting a man to actually want you for something more than sex is the hard part.

  4. No, men are cheap and easy. That is when we are talking about getting their dick. Now let’s see if she can get any of those men to marry her after her “career” and she’ll see the part that isn’t so cheap and easy

  5. Ahh yes the same Mia Khalifa that gets extremely upset if anyone brings up her porn career as if that’s not the reason people know who she is in the first place

  6. correct me if i’m wrong, but didn’t she say that she absolutely hates the porn business and her past as a sexual porn actor but then she made an OF?

  7. I think there’s a large portion of men who wouldn’t date one. Much smaller portion that wouldn’t fuck one.

  8. She didn't say "no man who wanted me got me", she said "many men who wanted me didn't get me", big difference

  9. The number of men that have admitted to sticking their dick in a vacuum cleaner to get off confirms your theory

  10. Exactly. A lot of women have a fat ego and think they're special (like Mia Khalifa here) because they know a lot of men will fuck them.

  11. To be honest, I didn't unmute this. But based solely on her mannerisms and such, she seems like she's so far up her own ass she could make a porn film about that too.

  12. There's just something about a person who can't go two words without putting their finger up to emphasize their point.

  13. Mia Khalifa is famous for doing porn with a hijab on and tries to remain relevant by shoving her shitting opinions in out faces.

  14. I'm surprised that most people don't understand that a video like this is her attempt to cope with something that is frustrating her. Men and women complain about each other when they are having problems. That's what this is.

  15. “Whenever I want to go out with a woman, I simply ask her to have dinner with me & it always works” - Henry Cavil

  16. Lol then why is she still doing OF? Wouldn’t she be better off being a trophy wife of some billionaire if she can get any man?

  17. This just sounds like post divorce bitterness. Honestly don't take everything you hear at face value.

  18. Isn’t this the same chick that quit porn because she didn’t like that it was all she was known for? And she continues to do OnlyFans? The mind boggles.

  19. Hey! Lady chiming in. This is a super sexist perspective that reinforces bad gender sexuality stereotypes and I think she’s not only full of shit, but actively a negative impact on gender relationships.

  20. Yeah but remember, this is the internet, where posting mindless “bhurrrr men r bad lol” content is seen as feminist. It’s easy karma farming bullshit that a depressingly high number of people don’t see for the sexist, destructive rhetoric that it is.

  21. My ex was exactly thinking like that. Now she’s 45 and she takes what she can, not what she wants. Doesn’t mean she’s unhappy though, she seems to have learned to appreciate other types of qualities now

  22. Hey while understanding of "getting a man" undercuts her shallow perspective that men are easy. She's talking about getting used. So easy to get used. Fucking pornstar, go fuck yourself

  23. She can get men, but do they stay with her after they get sex? The more admirable thing would be if she would be able to sustain a long term relationship not just booty calls. The men won because they got what they wanted and didn’t have to commit to her.

  24. Lmao 100%. She’s just bitter she’s on her second or third divorce and doesn’t know how to sustain an actual meaningful relationship.

  25. If she talking about dick yeah sure she's hot dunno any guy would say no to f her same goes for women if the guy is loaded with cash a rich dude can get any women if he wants is how the world works

  26. Why is she even famous anymore? She made like several mid-tier porn videos, retired, and tried to pretend like she’s famous for anything but porn now.

  27. Her shtick is really annoying. She was an adult entertainer and she has contempt for any adult who was actually entertained.

  28. People who say "Men are" or "women are" followed by something negative are usually self centred assholes trying to stir shit to get a kick for their ego.

  29. That opening the legs she is gonna get any man she wants but not for a long term and not in a caring way? Is like free beer, who is gonna pass free beer? not me for sure.

  30. That’s a pretty standard woman way of thinking. Even the ugly girl at the dance can get laid easily without even trying.

  31. I feel that there is a lot of hate in the comment here. I still think it's facepalm but not for what she is or used to do, but just because she is pretty. Any pretty woman, at least bit known could say the same thing, and none of us would say the same thing as what is said here.

  32. Men will sexualize and disparage a single woman throughout the entirety of her career despite knowing how terrible the porn industry can be for female pornstars, continue to sexualize and disparage her when she stops being a pornstar, and then get SO MAD when she comes out talking shit about men. If yall are allowed to laugh at Andrew Tate's genuinely harmful commentary on women claiming it's all a joke and not to get so butthurt you can fuck right off about Mia Khalifa.

  33. Is she not right tho? It’s not just cause men are men but the culture around sex and genders but regardless she’s, generally speaking, correct. And what can you say to counter her? ‘Yeah but you’re basically a prostitute’ ok? So she’s more expensive to fuck than you are, cause you’d do it for free- meaning you’re cheap/easy

  34. She is right. The people here in this post are high on copium. People throwing a „bUt i’VE SeEn youR BuTtHoLe“ jab are pathetic and know all too well that they could never land with someone looking like her.

  35. She says it like it's an insult, it's true because most men would fuck a porn star but nearly all wouldn't marry or date one. 😂

  36. She’s just mad she cant get a real men. The only “men”that want her are the porn addicts. Witch i woulnt consider them man at all

  37. Reminds me of that one It's Always Sunny episode where Dee is on a dating app and sleeping with every guy and using a system on the app to rate them low. She thinks it's empowering to turn the tables on guys, but it turns out the men didn't care about the rating system they just wanted to get laid. So they came around again trying to get lucky and she's like, "but I rated you low." so the guys said, "Okay, can you rate me low again?" It's not empowering if they are in on it.

  38. This kind of toxic femininity really grinds my gears. It's not beneficial for anyone, it doesn't move anything a long or hemp anyone out, it drives wedges between people for stupid, petty shit.

  39. A prostitute who can't differentiate between the penis and the heart. I will only USE her videos to jerk off and not even want to kiss a girl who literally sucked twenty thousand dicks. That's a eww. 🤮

  40. She ain’t wrong… guys are easy compared to women. We generally don’t see ourselves as the prize to be won. Girls even at a young age are slammed with attention so much they can just pick whoever they want. Guys chase and when finally a chick looks at you that way… it’s like winning the lotto.

  41. What does “gotten him” mean to her? Any man will fuck her, no doubt. But last time I checked she wasn’t in some kind of loving and respectful relationship with an amazing guy.

  42. so, you mean to tell me, that the most sluttiest, brattiest girl in porn, isn’t a piece of shit in real life? Wow

  43. I mean, real talk, she's not far off. I like to think the good guys are a little more complicated then that, but at the end of the day, we are pretty basic.

  44. "Men are so cheap and easy to please. I however need millions of dollars, constant validation, constant attention, and inferior people around me to belittle incase a cocks not around". Also you're a fucking sex worker, do you seriously think if a man comes up to you theyre looking for a stimulating conversation? Someone must had some self respect and said no once to warrant this video of "No one says no to ME"

  45. You reverse the gender and see the outrage. Also…men have always wanted Mia Khalifa until they ejaculated 🤘🏻

  46. Yeah if you go for them type of men. but what I think she really means is she can get fucked by any guy, it is not the same as having them, Its also nothing special, any semi attractive women can.

  47. Who would want someone who has documented 100's of videos of every orifice with every combination of partners. Not exactly "take home to meet Mom" material.

  48. She’s a horrible person apparently blackmails other industry females and full companies for simply not paying her more then the others when she’s a B list

  49. Even if it's true, making a video like this just shows what a bitter, shitty person she is. You seriously set aside a part of your day to point a camera at your face and sneer into humanity's permanent record over... this? Worse yet, her tone and mannerisms appear to show she isn't even making this statement from a place of confidence, but ugly disdain.

  50. She has the brain of a fruit loop, and honestly horrible breasts, I really don't understand what they see on her, apart of being a porn star....

  51. Biology requires men to spread our seed as much as possible. That's why we produce millions of sperm over our lifetimes. Women produce a few good eggs so their job is to filter out mates.

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