He just wanted to show his magic tricks on Omegle. But met with this kind of behaviour.

  1. Probably the same reason kids have smoked for decades? They think it's cool, they're just doing it in a different form now.

  2. Literally everyone on Omegle vapes. It's not even an exaggeration. It is impossible to be on Omegle for more than a minute without seeing a kid vaping. And they're all kids too. Like what is happening to this generation.

  3. You misspelled Internet as Omegle here but yeah expecting humans to be decent to each other seems to be more naïve by the damn hour.

  4. You forget to call the shitty , delicate, "rude attitude " dipshits like the piece of shit in pink on this video. Fucking douchebags.

  5. There has been a rise in the "edgy" use of the word, likely due in large part to popular streamers and youtubers of the past 10-15 years saying it for fun because "it's only a word" and "we can't let words control us" and "you gotta pay attention to the context it's used in"

  6. See, the thing is if all you can see is someone's dick its not like you'd recognize them walking down the street. These kids are putting their faces up for all eternity on the internet saying the N-word to a black guy. May God have mercy, for the internet shall not.

  7. Funnily enough, I met my husband on Omegle almost 10 years ago. Lol. We hate telling the story to anyone.

  8. His name is Darrell Moten. He is a Magician and a YouTuber with 1.34 Million subscribers. This is his channel:- SomethingAboutChickens

  9. Glad he’s got such a high sub count. I seriously hope every one of these people get exposed and lose out on current and future opportunities. Hiring managers, colleges/universities, the whole works.

  10. They’re assholes. I know a lot of people have explanations about the anonymity of the internet and trying to get reactions from friends but no. They’re just terrible people, simple as that.

  11. For some, being on the internet is a get out of jail free card. Especially when they are this young. Theres little to no reprecussions. However they wouldn't do this in person because that runs the risk of getting your ass beat. To much risk for these cowards.

  12. In the 3rd clip, the way that guy says “what?!” combined with his face made me instantly want to give him a smack. I’m sure beatings are coming his way in the future if that’s how he talks to people in person.

  13. The temerity of these kids thinking they’re so cool, they’d never say this to a black dude irl such pathetic cowards

  14. Even IF I was racist online anonymously I’d NEVER be racist to someone via video or in person, I’d keep that shit to myself

  15. Not just that. They listen to music made by black artists, cheer for black athletes, adopt trends that started in black circles and live, study, play and work around black people. They don't acknowledge that blacks are an equal part of their community, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

  16. I was raised in a super white wealthy area and I remember the last time I said it. I walked into work and my manager from Chicago was there, and I was like, “what up n****?!” and he had to be held back. I didn’t get it, none of my friends cared and I obviously respected him.

  17. Genuinely though, I hope it haunts them for a good portion of their lives. Can't support that vape habit without a job when you're older Timmy.

  18. The one whos clearly a closed gay guy who hates what he is so badly he puts that hatred on others? The eye roll, the lip smack, and the accent, sitting next to his bestest friend ever!

  19. You've hit the nail on the head. It's absent parents too busy with their work and social media to actually raise their kids.

  20. Im a white man in my 40's and I cant tell you how many times I hear people use the "n" word every time I visit the south.

  21. I really hope one of these idiots gets recognized from this video by a hiring manager when they're applying for a job someday.

  22. “Social media made you all way too comfortable with disrespecting people and not getting punched in the face for it.” ~Mike Tyson

  23. I know that this sounds like an oxymoron, but these look like some of those spoiled ass, white trash mfs. Probably live in the suburbs and have a credit card from mom and dad for starbucks.

  24. This is extremely common. This is how privileged white children talk to black students in middle/high school. You have all white towns that literally bus in black students from neighboring minority towns based on a lottery system to attend white schools (public schools). I grew up in a spot like that. It's so common that the black students end up leaning into the racism to fit in, always making jokes about watermelon and fried chicken and stuff. It's like how fat kids pre-empt bullying with self-deprecating jokes, but inside it really hurts them. So sad to see, and the saddest part is that these white kids consider themselves progressives.

  25. I grew up in a small town with a primarily white population. The "n word" was taken as such a joke by everyone (including myself) in high school. We'd say that stupid shit all the time.

  26. Wtf, this makes me unbelievably angry, why the fuck would you greet a fellow human like this.... fucking low lives pieces of shit !

  27. Having to stay silent or even laugh along at objectively degenerate, insulting and harmful behavior because society will punish or ostracize you with extreme vengeance for non-conformation is truly one of the worst things to experience. It's beyond humiliating and it provides a very good reason to lose faith in humanity.

  28. Sorry that it happened to you! One question - please only answer only if you are comfortable: did you ever mention this experience to your parents? What was their response? Assuming that you are a grown up now, what response from them would've helped you?

  29. No, no, you’re wrong. They WERE taught this, and they don’t care. These kids are at the age where it’s fresh on their minds. They’re just shitty little kids who are bound to grow up wondering why nobody likes them. They don’t understand because they simply don’t care.

  30. If you’re a young kid trolling around on Omegle like this you probably have zero supervision, zero hobbies, zero life skills, zero social etiquette and shitty parents. Every single one of these little shits needs a slap in the face and a reality check

  31. So this was more fucked up that i thought. White kids that are probably very lgbt friendly feel that can just be racist af as long as they are "anonymous". But in this day and age being anonymous on the web is practically imposible if enough people band up to identify someone.

  32. I have a bisexual 16 year old daughter and I can confirm that these types of kids spread their shit across all types of groups, including ones they technically belong to. They especially hate literate and talented kids and search their limited fields of reference to find something that might offend. And they usually travel in packs so they can validate each other for their edgy coolness. It’s not just kids with bad family situations. It’s toxicity in search of an outlet.

  33. Lol I’m black n this really how it be on omegle, but I don’t give them a reaction, they just looking for a reaction… but I met some cool people on omegle so I don’t let that bother me.

  34. The fact that some of these people look like they're maybe 8 or 9 years old is just depressing. Racism is awful but to see it being passed on to the generations below is truly upsetting

  35. It's Omegle... Not the place for wholesome content. Most people go on there to be toxic because their lives are boring, and for whatever reason they think this shit is funny.

  36. It's definitely not just Omegle. Anytime people get any sort of anonymity, this is how they use it. It's like this on Reddit, they just don't use the actual word because they'll get banned.

  37. God, this disappoints me so much. These kids are just as bad as their parents. Racism should be getting less and less worse w each generation.

  38. People have always been like this. At that age you don't really look at consequences or how your actions affect people beyond your circle. You're more concerned about making your small group of friends laugh at something shocking or outrageous.

  39. Teenagers fucking suck ass. Also i think the girl to the left of the first clip is my cousins ex. Glad i have another reason to hate her now.

  40. People with underdeveloped frontal lobes tend to find humor in "shock factor." Teenagers, conservatives, Game of Thrones show-runners, etc.

  41. If there was ever a case for being allowed to discipline your kids, shit like this would win the cake. Little troglodytes.

  42. I understand that kids are stupid and do stupid shit but this just ain't it! I can't stand this "wanna be cool" racism! It's infuriating!

  43. Man they are SO cool, SO funny and SO quirky for saying the n word. Fuck them kids. Really hope each one of them permanently has a small rock stuck in their shoe

  44. If Trump’s presidency taught me anything, it’s that A LOT of people are raging racists. A LOT more than I ever thought. I live in a blue state and city, and didn’t know so many people actually think people of color don’t deserve to be treated as first class citizens.

  45. Imagine going for job after job and always being declined, no reason is ever given besides ‘you were unsuccessful’, completely unaware the recruiters are Googling your name and seeing the way you treat a complete stranger.

  46. I love all the people calling it "staged" just telling on themselves. Clearly being on the Internet as a POC is a foreign experience to em

  47. I am absolutely disgusted with the online community. They think just because they're behind a screen in who knows what country that they can just be blatantly disrespectful and racist like this?? Well the jokes on them, bc we've seen their faces and now know they're all a bunch of rotten scumbags that can rot in hell.

  48. They tell you that these people are few and far between but they could be you, they could be me, they could even be your president. Most people who have never met a person of color acts like this. They don’t have to be from the United States. In fact racism is a huge problem across the world but for some reason the people least affected are the most who justify it the most. Kinda funny innit.

  49. This is the first time where I can come to grips with the fact that there is still racism in America. Fucking sad. Pathetic. I am ashamed

  50. I would have been shocked if it was just one kid but to have it happen over and over again? I feel so bad for that dude and sorry for those kids

  51. One of the reasons why you should avoid these kinds of platforms, they're terrible and so are the people on them. They'll become real humble the moment you pull up with their physical home addresses and IP address.

  52. that dude at 00:42 looks 10 or 11, smoking/vaping, using racist words, calling strangers "daddy" on the internet. great parenting, he's going to be very profitable for the prison system

  53. Its important to remember most of these are kids. I know I did dumb stuff when I was a kid buttt if your first reaction to seeing a black person is to say the n word that's pretty fucked

  54. we had a girl in my hs who posted on her story saying the n word as fast as she can like one of those clips, the next day she got jumped at lunch broke her nose lost teeth and busted one eye open. Even tho she didn’t fight back, the administration saw why they did it and gave iss to the girls who jumped her and expelled the jumpee. And I heard her parents were seeing the effects as well and moved to another state but I can’t confirm that

  55. It’s crazy how safe people feel behind their screens, I mean this is sure to go viral and the people are probably getting a broom up their asses

  56. Being black is so much fun, I truly do not understand the urge to call someone a slur and never have but hey go off I guess

  57. I know most of them are kids but someone on reddit once said something that stuck with me "people do scary stuff when they know they can do something and get away with it"

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