Latinos taking a DNA test

  1. the amount of people who ignore/are ignorant of history (and relatively recent history in the grand scheme of things) surprises me. maybe it shouldn’t.

  2. And he's actually got strong Indigenous roots lol, probably higher than 90% of Americans. Mexicans are typically 50/50 according to pew Hispanic trends director in 2015, who I had a small presentation with

  3. Well there is a BIG cultural thing in Mexico and parts of the Southwest US that people claim and take pride in having pure Spanish blood. Which of course completely ignores the reality of Spanish colonization and other groups mixing with Spaniards like the Conversos and Genízaros.

  4. I'm wondering how a Mexican doesn't realize that means Native American and European most of the time. Unless you straight Maya or Aztec or something you're probably going to be a 50/50.

  5. Lol @ the end when he’s like, “I can’t believe I’m mostly European. No offense to Europeans.”

  6. The tell was not his skin colour - it was the fact that he said he was mexican, supposedly 100% mexican... Which to people with even a vague idea of history means spanish colonists.

  7. That’s white Latinos for you. Not being rude, but that’s the vast majority of them. They’ll be blue eyed, blonde haired and white and fight you to the death when you call them white.

  8. If you notice, the major European part was Spanish and Portuguese. Don't these idiots know Brazil was colonized by Portugal and the rest of Latin America was colonized by Spain?

  9. Buzzfeed is run by morons tbf. And their guests are among the most ignorant in society that are educated past their ABCs.

  10. Guy is talking about being 100% Mexican like Mexican is a race. Mexican is a Nationality and most Mexicans are mixed European with Native American. What a dummy this guy is.

  11. Man, I'm mexican and I know for a fact I gotta be like 80% european, my last name is portuguese and the other is spanish yet I'm the brownest motherfucker I know.

  12. Tell me about it...I was so let down when I did mine that I didn't have any United Statesian in me. I was so let down you know, I didn't want any colonizer blood in me.

  13. I think this is something about the american education system. People over there don't seem to know the difference between nationality and race, or ethnicity.

  14. I've had a Canadian think that European = White in general. When I showed the guy the "Mediterranean Tan" he was in shock.

  15. They exist, but from what I've personally seen it's mostly people who are first generation whose parents don't educate them much about their heritage. They might only have one parent depending on the circumstances of how their parent got into this country, and that parent probably works full time to support them.

  16. Yo, why are they so afraid to have european decent, they act like its degrading to be white, what the hell... Imagine if a bunch of white dudes sat there and be like "omg I'm 36% black, wtf, I cant allow that..."

  17. Also 99% of people on the screen are white. Like, have you been to spain? Those are white Europeans. And where the f do you think the colonisers came from?

  18. I love how they hope their genes are a 100% from countries that are around 200 years old. Like their ancestors just popped out of the ground as soon as the country was founded.

  19. Belgian here. Our country was the battlefield of Europe for centuries. We have been occupied by the French, Spanish, Germans and have been part of the Roman Empire.

  20. Which is... Kind of racist. Remember those white suppremacist having a DNA test showing they were 10% black ?

  21. No surprises here, it’s always hilarious seeing clearly white Latinos insulting white people and I’m like what race do you think you are? 😂

  22. Imagine as a white passing mixed person if I said “please don’t let me be black” or “thank god I’m not that much black” sounds ignorant right . I’d be happy regardless of what my dna test said . My dna test said European and Asian . I was really happy to find out I had asian roots even though I thought I was only white . These people are rude and ignorant .

  23. I know! It grossed me out. Can you imagine a white person sitting there like "Oh my god, please don't be black. Okay, thank god. Wait, ew, 10% African? Ugh, I guess that's the MAX I'll allow.".

  24. The white Mexican American really needed to stop embarrassing himself with his lack of history about the country he pretends to love. “Where’s Mexico,” what a clownish thing to ask.

  25. The way he acts. I’m almost 100% sure he is 2nd or third generation American. So his “Mexican” roots are as far removed from his European ones. It’s the same with these “chicanos” same people who invented that disgusting word “latinx “

  26. Can’t decide if I dislike these people more for being outwardly racist or for being outwardly absolutely stupidly ignorant of their own history.

  27. You can guarantee they are going around saying "yeah, I'm actually part german" cause this test said 2.5% or some shit... same story with Americans that have a tiny bit of Irish, they just love banging on about that.

  28. I'm sitting here thinking Spain is in Europe so why tf are they so upset about being European when Latinos essentially come from Europe? Then I realised they are just.... very dumb.

  29. They are talking English (Europe) and also presumably speak Spanish (also European) if they're so keen on their Latino heritage.

  30. Not so thinly veiled. Like, theyre openly hoping not have even a little bit of white in them, and hoping they are 100% "pure".

  31. “No offense to Europeans, I love you vanilla people” bro imagine if I said “no offense to black people, I love you chocolate people” after spending 5 minutes talking about how I desperately don’t want to be black. Buzzfeed is a hate crime.

  32. Today they did not learn that Spanish and Portuguese is European are basically white. Can you imagine if they said “oh thank god I’m not black!” This is the cringiest shit ever

  33. Offense taken, racist. XD Also why are people from America so baffled by the European ancestry??? Ya all know who started to Colonize all parts of America real quick, right??

  34. Jezus fucking christ, what the actual hell...afraid to be European? They do know history and that all the people who couldn't make it in Europe actually went somewhere else to build up a life? There is no 100% American or DR or Mexican, it is all shared ancestry with other parts of the world. Just like there is no 100% being Dutch or German, we are all the result of a melting pot of different cultures.

  35. It's only racism if you're white and thank god her test results showed she wasn't white otherwise this would have been a different video.

  36. My DNA showed I have 1% Nigerian. Imagine I went round telling people how disgusting I am at having black ancestry. She just a racist.

  37. As a European, I really find it confusing how South Americans are surprised they are mostly south European, its like a white Australian being surprised they are 85% Northern European, do you really understand your country’s history if you are surprised by your heritage?

  38. Technically these are Americans; most people from Latin America know that they didn't randomly get assigned a Spanish last name. These people are just dumb; much of Mexico, Central America, and places like Venezuela, Peru are primarily Indiginous, and of course European, and African. In realistic terms, Moreno (darker skin tone) Latinos are tri-racial.

  39. They were probably born in the United States. Nobody here in Latin America is that stupid because they teach us the history of our continent.

  40. How this this behavior socially acceptable? Chick saying “I hope I’m not white”. Is it acceptable for a white guy taking a dna test on YouTube to say “I hope I’m not black”? Probably not. Promoting content like this just increases racial division and ignorance.

  41. For the dummy who doesn’t know Dominican isn’t a race and doesn’t want to be white… Sri Lanka has had an ethnic based caste system since ancient times. I guess white people didn’t invent racism after all huh?

  42. Mfs though that dna test would show them the country they are from. Also they show behaviour which i bet they would call racist if it was reversed

  43. "Omg I didn't know i had European ancestry" like what, did you think latino people originated from South America or something? That it's just a coincidence that people mainly speak Spanish and Portuguese in Latin America? That the name "Latin America" is because people originally spoke Latin there?

  44. Like where do they think did all the people come to the American continents? Of course the Europeans and of course they had intercourse with natives. To think that they are mostly natives (BTW Mexican a state that came out of a Spanish colony so never existed before that).

  45. How can people be that dumb? Does the majority of people in the USA actually lack basic fucking knowledge of the world or is it just portrayed that way in social media?

  46. These videos are cringe enough with white people. With Latinos that know 0% about Latin America it's even worse.

  47. What a barrage of open racism. How do people live with themselves being actively upset about being part of a certain race. These people are disgusting.

  48. They got the whitest looking Mexicans on here that really thought they were gonna be more native I’m fucking DEAD💀💀

  49. Let me just say that if non-black person, let's say, pale person said "Thank God I'm not black" he/she would be dead now.

  50. as a latina i’m embarrassed these people don’t know that of course they have spanish blood as the spanish colonised most of south america + mexico smh

  51. “OMG I’m not black. Not at all, thank God”, would be a really racist thing to say. But it’s OK to thank God for not being white…

  52. No one's talking about how casually racist this is like bruh I get us white dudes used to be pretty bad but like we're here in the modern age now. I'm gonna get fully bombarded by downvotes now aren't I.

  53. That black girl has the level of unreasonable fear of being part white that a white supremacist would have of being part black. I don't know what her problem is.

  54. “10 percent European, that’s a number I can live with” so … if it was higher than ten percent, she’d kill herself?

  55. It's boils my blood when people refer to white at colonizer. Colonization is an action. That's like calling a rape baby a rapist. People need to go back to school. And stop being such try hards.

  56. It’s pretty funny seeing their whole identity crumble thinking they’re not white when they predominantly are. Especially the girl that’s 80% Europeans. Nooooo im Latina still!

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