Yeah, how dare he

  1. Yeah, personally I think it's a lot weirder to be photographed with your young daughter sitting in your lap in front of a big statue of two parrots having sex.

  2. Well yeaaah! Trump said his daughter was fuckable. This image is inappropriate because it looks like one of them there gay propaganda posters them there gays are always trying to put up in our schools to pervert our childrens. - the GOP

  3. That's the thing. Cardillo can't see the problem with that, so he took something that worked against his side, rightfully, and twisted it in attempt to blast his opposition.

  4. I don't care what people have to say about this dude, this is wholesome as fuck. His body language is so, so loving.

  5. They're so obsessed with stuff like this because Trump openly talks about wanting to fuck his daughter so they have to find something they can point to and say "see, Biden does it too!"

  6. I remember when they leaked that voicemail as some gotcha and it's just Biden reminding Hunter he will always love him. The horror of a dad who cares.

  7. Completey agree. This right here is the big issue with a lot of conservatives. They project THEIR "thoughts and prayers" onto other people. I don't even like Biden, but I appreciate a father not being afraid to show affection in a public forum to a son that many would say doesn't deserve it.

  8. This person would probably shit their pants at the thought of being surrounded by muslims and most likely still has a freedom fry grudge against france.

  9. You don't get it, it's totally fine to have a fantasy about you children as long as you don't act on it /s

  10. These republicans are going to pick at anything to distract from how bad trumps actions are. They will deflect. If this is the worst thing they can dig up on him, hes clean. Oh and his sons drug abuse. Like nobody has a drug addict family member.

  11. It’s just not their experience with fathers. If Biden was beating his kid with jumper cables behind the double-wide they’d feel right at home.

  12. Need a hug, bro? My son is only 11 but I hug and am affectionate as shit with him! My machismo ain't scared if ya need a hug my man!

  13. Loving fathers is something very hard to understand for many. In this case yeah… no surprise guys like tucker Carlson can’t imagine a father being proud of them.

  14. The worst part is that conservatives aren’t upset that he’s showing love for his child, they’re just deathly terrified of ANY male to male affection. The homophobia runs deep and subconsciously.

  15. I don't know about you guys, but this is definitely millions of times creepier than trump saying he'd be dating his daughter if they weren't related and talking about how hot she is

  16. Yeah, seriously. I hug and kiss my son. I hold his hand. I cuddle with him on the couch. I tell him I love him every day. These are the things a parent should do.

  17. I don't understand why they sexualize everything Biden does. That one pic of him resting his hands on the shoulders of that girl, the video of him hugging a special needs victim of a shooting... To me that was maybe slightly too familiar, but it doesn't feel predatory, just grandfatherly. I don't really like Biden much but I don't see the point in aimlessly accusing him of sexual misconduct when Trump has proven and said himself how he assaults people...

  18. That time with the special needs child, he actually ran up to Biden and went in for a hug, as his father had been killed in the shooting which the event was centered around. Honestly a really cute moment and I don’t see anything wrong with it in any way.

  19. Wonder whats mans energy would be if someone showed him all the filthy clips of Trump commenting/eye fcking his own daughter.

  20. The right just loves toxic family relations. My daddy never said he loved me, so why should I show love to my children? Fuckers never going to get nowhere thinking that way...

  21. Didn’t Trump’s son post an image of his dad with a supposed giant wiener hanging from him(covered up)…? Yeah, that’s way more normal!

  22. My first thought was if John Cardillo has any sons , I feel sorry for them. Then I realized I feel sorry for John Cardillo, that his father was never able to express love to him. Maybe that is why he is so quick to judge other that can express love. I hope he knows love in this life at some point. EVERYONE deserves and needs that.

  23. The only weird thing about this photo is his son staring at the camera. Smile and hug your father you Lil weirdo.

  24. My father rarely showed us (my brother, myself, and my sister) any emotions when we were kids. He showed us less when we got older. He was born in 1951 "different times."

  25. Like ok, I'm weird with touch and so is my dad so we'd never actually have a moment like this, I mean shit we have awkward handshakes when I leave, but I can still recognize this as a healthy relationship lol

  26. My sister in law and her husband seem to be modeling their parenting style off of the husband's parents, and they exemplify the 1950s attitude of keeping their kids at arm's length, never allow them to fail, can't accept it when they don't win something as minor as Mario Kart, and won't accept when my wife and her other siblings call them out for hitting their kids. They're very well-off, and just find therapists who will agree with the way they say they do things rather than taking their siblings' concerns as a hint that things aren't right. The dad hasn't acted as if he was into his son since he was two years old, and he's almost four now.

  27. Can honestly say my father only showed affection like this once/three in my life. Once when he taught me how to draw up blueprints, when I first best him at snooker and once when I left the family business/life to move to a different country with my now wife.

  28. And yet they have no problem with Donald "I've literally talked about fucking my own daughter" Trump.

  29. Seems like Republicans' are so angry and so extreme because they have no idea what the love of a parent is. They did not grow up in loving environments so they lash out at anyone who has empathy or compassion. Those feelings are totally foreign to them.

  30. I can’t imagine what it must be like for conservatives to be so homophobic they can’t even show affection to their sons

  31. It’s an odd photo, but it’s nothing compared to teenage Ivanka sitting on daddy’s lap. I’ve never heard Biden compare his son to others in terms of looks, or claim that he would date him.

  32. This coming from a guy that (likely - just a guess) supports a guy that grabbed his young daughter like a girlfriend, said he’d sleep with her if she wasn’t his daughter and had her sit on his lap as an older teen. Come on pal….a dad showing his son affection isn’t odd at all…everything I mentioned about Trump is.

  33. They think this is weird because Trump doesn't love Don Jr. and they don't understand that that isn't normal.

  34. It's just stupefying that Trump supporters choose this as an angle of attack, given that Trump has come right out and said that he'd fuck Ivanka if she weren't his daughter.

  35. In our family circle is customary to say hi, kiss and hug EVERYONE when we arrive , and when we leave the family home. It’s those affectionate moments that helps us keep our sanity now that our elders have passed away, some siblings have also died unexpectedly, and we continue to do so now with their kids, grand kids, etc etc . EVERYONE gets a hug and a kiss. Even my bros, now grandpas themselves.

  36. I’m 32 married straight. I’ve been kissing in the cheek to my dad and to my younger brother my whole life… maybe I’m gay and I don’t even know it.

  37. These slimy motherfuckers think humanity is weird and undesirable; all far-right movements are the same. They’re desperate to not acknowledge their own massive social deficiencies so they make up other people to hate instead. This shit with Biden is but another extension. Everyone loves kissing their family members, smelling babies’ hair, and they know this full well. The trouble is they’re drunk on hate and have been for decades or more. The biblical reaching that many Christians do to justify their in no way weird hatred of men touching each other or women controlling their own bodies (etc) contrasts deliciously with the nice big fat waiver they give to Do Not Kill whenever the war jamboree comes around.

  38. He's had 2 of his children die in his lifetime and he can't even show emotions to his own son. quite strange, but it makes sense as those people who say that never had loving parents.

  39. This one is such a self own about what kind of shit family they grew up where a dad can't kiss his kid- yeah whatever age - on the cheek.

  40. If that’s creepy, wait until they hear what Trump said to Stormy…. You remind me of my daughter, here’s six figures to not talk about his small penis.

  41. Even as someone who isnt the biggest fan of Biden. I can not see how anyone could take this how inappropriate. Uncommon maybe, but like the dude loves his kid. Nothing wrong with this imo.

  42. We should all be so lucky as to have a dad that loves us like this. This man has had unimaginable grief in his lifetime and truly appreciates what he's got left. Giving his son a hug and a kiss ? How evil. I for one will never pass that opportunity up.

  43. I kiss my son every goddamn day and I don't plan to stop. My boy should know that he's loved and anybody who thinks that a father showing love and affection for his children is wrong to any degree, well they are the fucked up ones.

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