Man arrested for....doing exactly what he was told

  1. Well, the constitution doesn't say anything about car windows, you know. The founders clearly didn't intend for us to have the right to roll our windows up OR down.

  2. Just your daily reminder that cops can and will legally lie to you about what is illegal, your rights, and anything else that might assist them in placing you in prison. Do not believe a single word out of their mouth or tell them a single thing other than your identifying information. All other communication needs to go exclusively through a lawyer, no matter how innocuous the circumstances.

  3. Reminds of that cop chasing after a black kid for swimming in a public pool and the cop casually just did a front roll during the pursuit like he was Link or in Dark Souls.

  4. Haha like that video of the guy who starts slapping people at a party and slaps everybody in sight.

  5. Dispatch we need a paddy wagon out here now. A paddy wagon. A van, like they have on teevee? What about firehoses, we have any of those? We have a situation here, at least four or five hostile civilians just standing around looking at me, I'm getting super uncomfortable. Sir, stop standing there, stop standing there. WHAT ARE YOU DOING STAND UP AND PUT YOUR HAND ON YOUR HEAD. Don't move, turn around, turn around, stop it you're making me dizzy, you're getting sprayed now. On the ground, now! I'm gonna need air cover immediately. OH SHIT, THAT CAR IS ROLLING UP WINDOWS REPEAT ROLLING UP WINDOWS.

  6. This shit happens all the time everywhere. Back before smart phones and body cams I use to tell people the shit I’ve seen and they’d always say “most cops aren’t like that” but I’m telling you every city I’ve lived in 9/10 are power tripping assholes looking for someone to release their childhood rage on.

  7. More people did come including the mother and the wife of these two and the neighbors. The entire video shows the Sgt desperately trying to justify what he had done, and lying to his lieutenant about the encounter.

  8. Until they charge you with some bullshit charge with a mandatory prison sentence, forcing you to take a plea and give up your rights, or risk going to prison for x years.

  9. If you have an iPhone and you get pulled over by the cops, hold the top volume button and the power button until the power off option comes upon the screen. Now your phone can only be accessed with your password and not face Id or thumb id. Fuck illegal searches.

  10. I’ve got the automated task where I say “Siri I’m being pulled over” and it begins recording, texts a designated contact that I’m being pulled over, and when the video ends immediately sends it to that contact so it’s saved and can’t be deleted.

  11. On my Samsung Android there is a setting to enable called Lockdown Mode, which behaves similarly. You need to enable it in settings one time and then you'll see the Lockdown Mode button when the phone's power button is held.

  12. Five presses on power button should work faster imho, since it initiates an SOS call, which also happens to block the ability to unlock an iPhone with FaceID/TouchID once it gets activated and cancelled.

  13. Back at the police station later on "Yeah, we got the kid on rolling up his window, and the father on standing on the sidewalk. It was badass guys; we protected the community."

  14. Yep, hopefully this bitch cop can get what he deserves from this. Someone in the comments said the father got $200000 from this as he was peppersprayed.

  15. Funny you should say that, so this footage is from a resigned officer Blake Shimanek of the Keller police department. After this incident, there was another with the same department where cops detained a 12 year old with a nerf gun. The same officer Shimanek was the one to review the footage, who then told the kid's father he found nothing inappropriate with the use of force used on the child. Later the parents discovered this video here, prompting them to ask to see the footage of their of their kid's arrest. The Keller police department said the footage no longer existed because it was destroyed.

  16. The first half was really funny, just kinda chuckling at their incompetence. When they grounded the guy and repetitively sprayed him for fuck all reason I couldn't see the funny side anymore

  17. I can understand people losing control and taking a swing at a cop. It's absolutely the wrong thing to do but just watching this got my blood boiling too.

  18. Too bad piece of shit cops like this only get a slap on the wrist. The policing and legal system in this country is a fucking joke

  19. Felony aggravated assault, misdemeanor abuse of office, and felony theft per the Texas Penal Code, and violation of the Fourth Amendment to boot. Put them in Gen-pop.

  20. They way they just start grabbing at the phone too, and then going right to a headlock on someone who's done nothing. Like you just started a fight for no reason? Police should be held to higher standards than the public. Seen videos of police throwing punches and stuff too like what the actual fuck is that. Your not a gang you should be using arm locks and restraining them not kicking fuck out of them. Such an American mentality that violence will solve the problem.

  21. From EU here. Every interaction I’ve had with police, was when I was drunk. Either it’s police being called at a party we’re at when it gets too loud. Or it’s running into them when going out downtown.

  22. Yeah pretty insane footage, i always watch these police encounters by toxic people being the biggest asshole possible to not cooperate with police and I'm like, what's wrong with you Americans and then I see this and I'm like aaaah okay it kinda makes sense to me now why people don't trust police to behave professionally.

  23. Sir, I’m going to need you to move your post somewhere else or I’m going to arrest you. You can’t be blocking the Reddit roadway

  24. "Dillon Puente paid the traffic ticket for making a wide right hand turn and was released from jail shortly after his arrest. Marco Puente wasn’t charged with anything.

  25. It’s the law enforcement culture here. They have an us against them mentality, viewing fellow officers as brothers and the citizens they swore to protect as the enemy. In America, it takes more training to

  26. There is something seriously wrong with both the hiring and training of law enforcement officers in America. Sweet Mary mother of Christ!

  27. I could go into it, but it’s a deep issue. I don’t have statistics but I would say a great percentage of male cops in this country are acting out a power fantasy and abusing that.

  28. it's funny to me cause i've never seen cops arrest people and escalate situations as quickly as American cops, and America isn't any bit safer for it.

  29. I'm glad they got $200k for that bullshit, but I think the amount should be higher still. The cops clearly escalated the situation and illegally assaulted a man who did nothing illegal or threatening besides recording their poor behavior.

  30. Seeing these videos makes me mad, but also happy to be living in West Europe, yes I know, we also have bad cops but the number of these unfair arrests in the US are absolutely insane

  31. I would recommend audit the audit youtube channel. They alot of reviews of incidents with cops (as well as this one)

  32. Yup I second this, though if you aren’t already jaded over the law enforcement issue in America, you will be after watching a few of AtA’s videos.

  33. Thanks for suggesting that channel. Any name I could use to find this exact video. They have a long list

  34. Man, your Police Cops are pricks. Actually puts me off visiting your country. Minding your own business and bam handcuffs and pepper spray.

  35. Yep. This is what happens when you remove minimum requirements to fill open positions and recruit the D-students who bullied everyone in high school, then give them the 3rd largest weapons budget in the world. It's an Army of narcissistic twits who just like abusing their power. There's a reason the number of Americans leaving the country has been growing in recent years (this and the Trump MAGAts).

  36. Honestly this is minor, they didn't shoot him or anything. Wasn't attacked by dogs, didn't have his head smashed into the pavement, didn't kick him while he was down.

  37. I once had cops open my back fence and walk in and say they had a noise complaint. It was 3 of us in the back chatting for a few hours at like 8pm and we were smoking a joint (I live in a state it’s legal but I’m from a small town).

  38. These cops are out of control. Sad how scared they are in every interaction. Shakey voice, unintelligible logic, etc. Whole system needs a big ducking reset.

  39. Been saying it for years. We need an independent federal law enforcement investigation agency. They need to investigate every single one of these cases and bring federal charges. Until we do that, nothing will change.

  40. They are trained to be scared. You've got ex military trainers (like Dave Grossman) going around the country teaching them to police as if they were in a hostile third world country where they need to kill or be killed. They're constantly told everyone is out to try to hurt them. They're also told the public needs to follow their orders and if they don't that means they're being suspicious. Their training is absolutely shit, not only is it not long enough, the content isn't on par with modern American society.

  41. Can you imagine what would have happened to these two if they were doing something really minor like stealing top secret documents.?

  42. Fuck that psychotic stormtrooper and his fucking garbage friend. Cops should need insurance so we can stop paying for their fuckups with our tax money.

  43. And this is what we're talking abiut when we talk about police abuses of power. Yoi cannot arrest someone for rolling their window up. They have a right do to that. You cannot arrest someone for filming a traffic stop that has devolved to an unlawful arrest. Hell, you can't arrest someone filming a public location. They have a right to do that.


  45. TL;DR - the officer was demoted twice, charged with misdemeanor oppression, then resigned. The officer who did the pepper spraying was let off the hook, despite refusing to provide medical attention and deliberately extending the father’s pain and suffering. The father was awarded $200k, paid by tax payers with the city paying $5k and TML paying $195k. The son was arrested for making a wide turn and had to pay his fine to leave jail, even though it is not a jail able offense.

  46. The use of ‘sir’ in that man’s voice and the fear. The superiority complexes of these cops and their bullying tone of voice. The sheer unpredictability of it all.

  47. Tbf they do need more funding. . . Just in education and not equipment. The amount of education, or lackthereof, that someone needs to acquire to become PD is disgusting and imo is the root of the problem.

  48. Former Keller Police Sgt. Blake Shimanek was indicted on a charge of official oppression, a Class A misdemeanor punishable by a maximum fine of $4,000 and jail time of up to one year, according to a news release from the Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney’s Office.

  49. These cop videos seem more and more like an episode of The Naked Gun, complete non-sense, total dead-pan

  50. ah yes arrest the guy who's on the sidewalk for blocking the roadway. and then because he's resisting your unlawful arrest, spray him in the face with an irritant that makes you naturally reach for your face, that should calm him down and make him comply and put his arm behind his back so you can continue to unlawfully arrest him. yep... good job pigs

  51. Such kind behaviour on the part of this cop... he wanted to give them some money but didn't have enough so he arrested them both on bullshit charges and then filmed it all so the state would have to pay them in a lawsuit instead. Really a true hero, these are the kind of police we need everywhere.

  52. Geeze, I wonder why so many Americans don’t trust or respect police officers? What a ridiculous display of bullying the need to have absolute power over someone. Unfortunately some people feel no shame.😕

  53. Any 'good' officers watching this should take note; This is why you might die on the job and no one is going to cry for you.

  54. Insane power tripping cops. Everything was fine and they escalated it again and again and again.

  55. First cop demoted 2 ranks then quit. City paid the victims $200,000 to settle case. Second cop (ruthless pepper sprayer) received no sanction following a review.

  56. I actually have family in this an update, The arresting officer, has since been indicted on charges of official oppression after resigning - when the family was paid 200k in a settlement. Prior to resignation he was demoted two ranks and pulled from patrol for arresting the young mans father for "a crime that did not exist". The young man however did get a ticket for "a wide right hand turn". Its absolutely ridiculous and this officer should have been pulled a long time ago as before this arrest in 2020, he had two separate internal investigations against him dating back to 2016.

  57. Cops are facing up to a year in prison and $4,000 in fines. The dad got a $200,000 settlement while the son had to pay a fine for a wide right turn. They should’ve both gotten $200,000 each

  58. Fuck America makes me so sad. You've got so many fucking morons in every possible occupation, and at bare minimum it's a coin flip whether they carry firearms or not.

  59. I think the majority of them suffer from some kind of complex. It's disgusting to see how they treat people just because they think they can due to the uniform.

  60. Absolutely sickening.. especially at the end where the dad is pretty much already cuffed and the cop holds his head and sprays the mace directly into his fucking face.. just horrible.. pigs on a power trip.


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