Why would you set it up facing your House

  1. I'm thinking a series of tent pegs across the bottom would have solved this problem so it would drastically reduce the chances of this happening no matter the direction it faced

  2. But if you do it against a fence it will bounce back and there is a high chance it will end up hitting your eye or your privates. And then you'll end up on the internet and people will laugh at you!

  3. But whyyy do these people then go on to post these videos online for the world to see how dumb they are? I would be mortified

  4. Isn’t he also too close to the net? Like facing it toward the house is already dumb, but I feel like if he was back a bit further it would have hit higher up and not gone under and through the window

  5. it’s a utility iron/driving iron. with a loft that strong it is still going to hit the bottom half of the net. the problem is that the net is shit.

  6. Seems like you would want to put stakes along the bottom edge of the net to stop that from happening.

  7. Why would you use a real golf ball instead of a wiffle golf ball? That's to practice your swing and for that, you don't need the real ball.

  8. I'm sorry for OP having to deal with that while just trying to have some fun but I havent laughed this hard in forever, for like a 30 second video. I've been severely depressed and stressed for finding a better job and this put a smile on my face. I'm so sorry if it's at the fate of OP for the consequences for a broken window but you made someone smile today and feel brighter about the future.

  9. It's not that he's facing his house...it's more of the fact that this dumb ass takes a full blow swing as if he's in the course

  10. If this dude set it up facing his house vs other houses/parking lots/roadways/whatever, then he was clearly aware that there was risk there. A better question would be "Why set it up at all?"

  11. He's not really thinking about golf. He's thinking about getting together with his significant other and so thoughts like "If I hit the ball towards the house, the ball may smash a very expensive window" won't occur to him. I know this because I've seen this done before. His wife made him stop playing golf. He started playing tennis. The balls are much larger. Don't get fooled by the fuzzy surface of the tennis ball. Finally, she made him take all his golf and tennis stuff to his parents cottage and thankfully, someone broke in and stole it all.

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