The most patent bf

  1. A woman did this to me at a restaurant once years ago. One of the most embarrassing and awkward things that has ever happened to me. I got up, walked out to my car, and left her there. We never spoke again.

  2. Same thing happened to me, I paid for myself and then walked out the same way while restaurant staff kept her from leaving to follow me because she didn’t pay her bill. Super embarrassing and disrespectful, and all because she decided it was a good idea to talk nonstop about her ex and I asked nicely if we could talk about something else.

  3. That is the only best thing to do. Just walk away and vanish forever. Solve whatever may be needed through third parties. Never get in contact again or if absolutely needed, do it in a public place and bring a common friend or something. These people (gender is irrelevant) are dangerous.

  4. Well, between enduring this kind of bullshit and whacking her with a chair this was probably the way out with the most dignity and the least criminal records…

  5. This woman’s actions are deplorable. I would walk away and not look back. Your own worth is not worth this abusive behavior. IMO.

  6. Best bolt, berated, battered, badgered brethren. Before bipolar basic bitch bovine bugsout bringing bruises by bestowing brutal beatdowns & bashing brains, brazenly bonking bighearted Boi beyond bureaucratic befflegab.

  7. Definitely staged. You can tell whenever people are basically miming, they know they’re being filmed and can’t be heard so they gesture like crazy.

  8. He pulled his part pretty well but she was way over the top. Above average acting but still lacking. 2 rotten tomatoes!!

  9. I like to imagine that he doesn't know her and she just wants to rant about her day to a random stranger

  10. I like to pretend I don't know what kind of fucked up childhood she had where this is the only way she knows how to cope with a flurry of powerful emotions erupting from an inability to have stable relationships with men based on mutual respect and trust.

  11. I like how everyone just walks by. /s This man clearly needs someone to intervene cause we all know if he defends himself he’s going to jail.

  12. Reverse the gender and see how differently things go. I'm all for equality. Equal rights AND responsibilities.

  13. What can I do as a man when I get myself involved? The girl will focus her toxic energy to me and the guy might even lash out all the pressed emotions onto me. There is no way it could go right for me as a random man. So why even bother?🤷

  14. She’s not convincing me with her “acting”. Over exaggerated hand movements but an overall stiff performance. She’s simply delivering her lines without connecting to her characters deep emotional backstory. Maybe the reason the video has no sound? And the Oscar goes to… not you

  15. The part where she was just smooshing her hand into his face like that made me unreasonably mad, yeesh why do people like this do shit like that? I would have straight up left f all that noise.

  16. Idc if she was hangry… that’s how my kids act when they’re fussy. I don’t need that for a partner. Geez.

  17. I see this video and really hope this guy eventually left her. No one should stay and cope with that level of batshit crazy but I know it does happen.

  18. The funny thing is that this is accepted public behavior by women and no one will ever stand up for a guy, regardless of what anyone lies about saying they would. But a guy puts a finger on a girl and the whole world stops and beats him. Equality is a joke.

  19. Some dude is getting abused verbally and even physically? Ehh, nothing to see here. He’s a big guy, I’m sure he can handle it, or walk away if it gets too much. /s

  20. The only thing a woman like that is showing you is you don't need her so dump her ass to the streets

  21. That will wear thin pretty quickly. The custody battle for the kids will be spectacular, wonder if they'll sell tickets?

  22. Bro silence is the only real option here. If you run, you will be hunted. If you fight, you will be killed. Take your licks until the French fries arrive, all will be good then.

  23. I was gonna say she didn’t storm off because he def has something to offer. Then I saw the end for confirmation

  24. I may be mistaken but I have seen this clip floating around for a while and read somewhere it was a film school project or something like that

  25. It’s sad when a person with poor communication skills gets together with a person who has anger management problems. One cannot leave and the other cannot stop. Lawyers love these people.

  26. He probably didn’t do anything, I’m sure she’s just toxic and abusive as fuck like any woman who acts like this. Men need to stop tolerating this behavior and need to leave

  27. I'm conflicted when I see stuff like this... If she has a mental problem and he's trying to help her get through it that makes sense that he would stay. The way I look at it is if you're dating someone or married and then they suddenly have a physical health problem like they lose a leg in an accident are you going to leave them because you have to push around the wheelchair? But if she was like this and knows she is like this and doesn't try to do anything to help herself then yeah he needs to rethink the relationship.

  28. This is exactly how you're supposed to deal with children. Pretend like you can't see or hear them during a tantrum. Then when they're done ask them to talk to you like a big kid.

  29. It's not patience, it's stupidity. Never let anyone treat you like that. Walk away, calmly, and laugh at them. What a pathetic way to behave.

  30. He just needs to keep her fed 😂 she was hangry 😂 for real though, he should probably have just left her sitting.

  31. This is why when I see my gf I ask how she is then I ask when she ate last. I mean date, time, exact amount consumed. Too many times she'd say "I had lunch" and it would turn out to be Chips and a soda the previous day.

  32. I would have broke up with her halfway through her tantrum. I'm talking going home, packing my shit and to a motel, same-day. Someone who pulls that kind of stuff usually thrives on drama.

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