Nothing better to reconnect with nature

  1. yeah when I saw that I thought, “wow, this girl doesn’t really give a fuck about the environment does she”

  2. This! Last time I went camping I forgot my tent but I had a roll of harden mesh and jumper cables in my trunk so I left them in there and slept in my car that night with the seats reclined back

  3. If you forget a tent, need a shelter for overnight, and can't leave the area for whatever reason, it should be fairly trivial to make a lean-to or similar shelter using branches and foliage in an environment like that.

  4. If only there were some convenient, portable, reusable product that allowed people to sleep in the woods with some protection from the elements.

  5. It's also going to catch a shitload of water and probably dump it on her in the middle of the night... She's clearly not someone I would trust putting up a tarp at a campsite.

  6. It's all good though! Just cut it down and off to a landfill it goes. Then you just buy 20 more giant rolls of single use plastic and your off to the races!

  7. A hammock and a tarp. Very common during the summer here when you don't really need the protection a tent provides but also don't want to get wet if it rains. Lightweight and easy to set up.

  8. This is cringe, honestly. So much fucking plastic and for what? Go and buy a cloth hammock or something. It would've been cheaper than all this plastic that will be thrown out.

  9. Also it looks like multiple rolls of plastic wrap. A not light so packing them in is tough. And once out of the roll. Those plastic wrap leftovers would be as big as her to pack out. Dumbest shit i have ever seen.

  10. Ever walk out into the woods and think "This place could really use a shit ton of microplatics for absolutely no reason"?

  11. Slap on a somber voice narrating how we need to reconnect with nature and save the planet and you have a nice piece. She could do some yoga and talk about veganism in her plastic sauna from hell as an add on.

  12. May I ask you a question. I am genuinely curious, please do not misunderstand me. Do you mean “environmental destruction” only because of the plastic being wasted? Are there any other environmental concerns from her actions? (P.S. I come from a 3rd world country where people basically live integrated with wildlife. I was curious If my people using trees in some wrong way. We do not use plastic almost at all.

  13. This tent is more or less exactly the same as what she made... Lighter, reusable, and probably cheaper too...

  14. Because there are literally no inventions that you can install with ropes and with some nails that don't make you fill the environment with plastic

  15. I bought a hammock with a mosquito net and it's fantastic for sleeping in the forest. Also it takes less than five minutes to erect.

  16. "Just put up a slack line and a hammock you fucking hippy!" - My old millennial ass yelling at the screen while shaking my fist in the air

  17. The first thing I thought of was how wasteful this is and just dumb. That plastic wrap probably cost more than just buying a tent and it’s a single use plastic installation.

  18. This shit is so fucking stupid on so many levels. First off, I own a moving company, so I know how expensive those rolls of stretch wrap are. Each one is about $30, if you get a decent price on it. So, we're looking at hundreds of dollars just in plastic here. Secondly, this would take fucking forever, at least get a second person to help you and cut the time down dramatically if you're gonna do something this stupid. Thirdly, what a fucking waste of resources on something that is just going to leak and get all fucked up in a matter of a day or two anyway. And finally, that fucking thing is gonna be so hot as balls. She literally just made a green house and then what, you're gonna sleep in that thing? You know she had to be sweating bullets for that last shot. I just kept getting angrier the longer I watched this video. I kind of wish it would get taken down before some jackass wastes more resources on such a stupid, stupid project.

  19. Those rolls would be far more expensive than 100USD. They’re industrial pallet wraps so they’d be more like 30-40 dollars each. You’re looking at more like 280 dollars for this plastic monstrosity. You could get a kick arse tent for that money

  20. NICE tents are definitely not in the $60-110 price range but otherwise agree. Lay-flat hammocks are also a great option below the treeline.

  21. Only 10% of the current plastic waste gets recycled, rest endup in landfills. Its far more economical to produce new plastic than recycle plastic.

  22. Think about it like this… she probably has done this more than once and it probably took some practice to get good at it. The environment would be better off without her

  23. That’s the point. These people make these kinds of videos for rage clicks and everyone here is falling for it.

  24. She might as well as bought a barrel of oil. Rolled it into a forest. Cracked the lid and kick it over. "REMEMBER TO LIKE AND DONATE" . Then labelled the video ART! You know she isn't taking that plastic home.

  25. Who goes hiking or is lost in the woods with three or four industrial-sized rolls of clingfoil? And that stuff isn't quiet, so you'll have the crinkle-crinkle in your ear all the time.

  26. Fun fact, those are rolls of pallet wrap. They are not inexpensive or light. This is the dumbest shit (except for the brief moment where she had built a super sketchy trampoline)

  27. So are we ignoring the fact that plasic wrap is the most uncomfortable thing to have skin contact with for more than a few seconds? So this nature-destroying garbage dump isn't even beneficial to this "person"

  28. Nah that industrial pallet wrap that isn’t $20, it’s more like $40 a roll. And as someone that wraps pallets that shit is awful to use, it must have taken her like 3-4 hours.

  29. Imagine this influencer actually influences and loads more do this, this type of decision making is why we don’t allow kids to drive and make people earn a license - Vote for influencer licensing! Responsibility and accountability now!

  30. Luckily, I doubt many people have the patience required to put all this together. Or the amount of necessary plastic wrap. I mean, she went through how many industrial sized rolls? Even a large group of people would take several hours to get this done.

  31. You should be fined for shit like this. Fined a considerable sum so you make a conscious effort to not be so fucking stupid in future.

  32. The dummies used to just work the fields and get controlled by their local religion. Now they play with plastic on instagram. Not really that much more dumb yet as as a species, just louder morons with more time on their hands.

  33. This video made me audibly say “Why?!” About twelve times. And when she started the “roof” I also thought “YOU’RE NOT DONE?!” - this video makes me extremely angry.

  34. Not anymore! the all new 15 rolls of plastic wrap has come to replace your beloved nature! And we don’t give a fuck who it kills

  35. Thus HAS to be agasint park/Campground rules. She and the people filming her need to get reported wherever this was.

  36. They're not dumb. They're a media company that churns out dozens of such videos every fucking day. They simply don't give a fuck. They might even profit more now since this video has tendency of going viral.

  37. Oh no! I’m lost in the wilderness. Good thing I have thousands of dollars worth of Syran rap on my person!

  38. I mean, you could do this, or a hammock could do basically the same thing and is reusable, much better for the environment, and probably cheaper.

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