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  1. Just got a message from a random guy online asking me to meet him in the woods to compare dick sizes. Fuckin' weirdo...

  2. Honestly I'm glad that the entire Internet isn't constantly commenting on my country's politics. It must be tiring for the Americans to have to defend themselves all the time.

  3. They should do a remake of The Gods Must Be Crazy set in a future where the rest of the World has decided to just ignore America since we've gone fully crazy.

  4. I live in Australia and work for a global company. Every year, after the 4th of July someone from the US will ask us on a zoom call what we did for the long weekend. Or in late Nov will ask what we're doing for Thanksgiving. Only happens with the US

  5. It’s worse than that. Some of these people have no fucking clue about life in their own country. I live in Arizona, a U.S. state known for cowboy western films. It’s absolutely mind boggling how many Americans think Arizonians still live in the old Wild West they see in movies. I’ve had many people ask me how long it takes to travel into town by horse. I’ve also been asked if I have to fight Native Americans off my land.

  6. Panama is a strong nation. For a small country, It single handedly holds North America and South America together.

  7. I don't believe people in Canada and the US ever call the continent America. If you say "in America", you are referring to the USA. Saying the Americas or North or South America is how the continent is referred to.

  8. Americans (myself included sometimes) just assume everybody is from America because it feels like everything is talking about America. Like look at the biggest posts here recently and a lot of them are pretty US exclusive.

  9. I still remember being 10 years old, Aussie. My best friend was Filipino. Some kid comes up and says ‘go back to your own country Abo’

  10. And people really think authoritarian gun control makes Panama any safer than the US. “Wonderful” my ass.

  11. Yes. Panama is pretty dangerous (especially for tourists) outside of the touristy areas. In this case both people look pretty dumb.

  12. There are several poor, non-developed, high-crime countries that are worse than the US for gun homicides per capita. Panama is ranked 10th worst in the world. The US is ranked 18th. Which is still terrible out of over 200 countries.

  13. Its funny because even stats can lie to a point. You can skew statistics in your favor even if two people are talking about the same subject.

  14. what your numbers say is that Panama has 18 times more violent crimes it has 1.6 times more gun homicides (both per capita).

  15. I do love how the worst Americans just assume everyone is not only in America, but also in their state and most likely local area.

  16. To be fair, and I'm saying this as a non-American, for the longest time many popular websites (Like say, Reddit.) have had a primarily American userbase. It's getting more diverse year by year but there is a reason why so many Americans had that impression.

  17. A lot of maga's forget that the US isn't the center of the universe. It's not just US liberals laughing at them and embarrassed for them, it's every reasoning adult world wide. People who have no part in US politics, who aren't on either "team", they are the laughing stock of the world

  18. No offense but if nations had disorders like individuals, a good sized chunk of the US population has narcissistic personality disorder.

  19. I had this happen to me "If you don't like it, get the hell out of America" while I had already moved to Vietnam

  20. I once met this Asian girl from San Jose, you know, the place that’s known for super smart people. I told her I just got back from Panamá and she is like “I’ve never heard of that, where is that?” Me: Central America. Her: oh, you mean like by Ohio? Me: No, It’s the country that connects north and South America Her: oh so like in Texas?

  21. Panama has one hell of a homicide rate though. I believe it's higher than the US if I'm not mistaken. I'm too lazy to Google it, I'm sure someone will correct me.

  22. I was scanning through the comments to see if this already came up, but Panama has a murder rate almost double that of the US.

  23. is it fair to account for the countries as a whole rather than metropolitan areas? i would need to see what the data looks like comparing say, LA or NY to the major metro area of Panama and so forth

  24. No, in 2020 it was 11.6 per 100k, compared to the US's 7.5 per 100k. Both stats appear to be rising in 2021 and 2022, but 2020 is the most recent year with complete data available.

  25. I hate this so much. Like even if he wasn’t in Panama and was in America, so what? As an American I shouldn’t want my country to be safer and better and should instead enjoy the status quo. I wish these people would recognize we could be better then having to live with what is currently law. Shit doesn’t make you American just ignorant of what we could be.

  26. well first of all, probably because the simple relationship between guns and violence that people like to believe in

  27. Because governments throughout history have done more damage to unarmed populations than any amount of current gun violence that exists in the US.

  28. Hey! Isn't Panama that international safe-haven for shady and corrupt business practices???? Maybe it's not such a good place to put on a pedestal because they do one thing you like.

  29. I would love to live in a different country with gun control and social services but that’s pretty difficult to do if you’re one medical bill away from homeless all the time.

  30. State is interchangeable with country/government (eg, heads of state), so you can snarkily answer "Spain" or whatever.

  31. American should learn their lesson, rather than being fools and ignorants, school shooting will happen again because they repeat the same mistake, if the goverment care, they should ban selling weapons to indiviuals

  32. It's funny how many times someone has made an assumption about me in the basis of me being from the US. Bitch this is the internet, stop thinking you're the belly button if the fucking world.

  33. Let's try to be fair to the person in Panama. Perhaps they are involved in illicit activities so it is wonderful for them that they don't have to worry about the average citizen being armed. I'm sure that gang members, drug dealers, and school shooters greatly enjoy not having to worry about an armed response to their terrible actions in most situations as well.

  34. Gotta love the sheer amount of people in this comment section talking all kinds of shit about how Americans don't know anything about other countries, like America isn't like a hundred times the size of like most counties. Like its a lot easier to go to and figure out other countries when your country is like 1/50th the size.

  35. Panama also has military and police patrolling the streets everywhere and always. Meanwhile we are busy sending out military to go police the world instead of protecting our own country.

  36. Bruh, after Torrijos-Carter Treaty the military was abolished in Panama.... but the rest is pretty accurate(US military is everywhere except US)

  37. Reading this post made me go do some reasearch. Gun violence appears to be a bit of a problem in Panama too. Even though

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