Company: damn, everyone's leaving

  1. Happened all the time at my job. You had to quit and stay gone for awhile and then reapply for your old job to get the going rate.

  2. A recent study has shown the best way to get a raise is to get another job. Most places will hire at a higher rate than what they're currently paying their employees.

  3. "If only all resources, human and natural, were infinite, then this capitalist model of perpetually increasing profits could work!"

  4. It’s happening everywhere across every industry. I run gas refineries and have watched my entire team of coworkers quit over the last year and a half to go to competitors paying better wages. Our facilities each bring in roughly $1 million per day in revenue meaning there is serious money on the line if we ever have to shut down for any reason. Late 2021, we were down from ten people to just myself and one other person running a 24/7 operation. We alternated 12 hour shifts with no weekends or days off for months before we both turned in our two week’s notices on the same day. Immediately management is in a complete frenzy realizing they were going to be forced to shut down multiple plants. They were looking at loosing literally 7 figures per day for weeks if not months until they could get a replacement team. They started taking us out to fancy dinners and tried to sweet talk us both into staying. Ironically they refused to offer better compensation. With only a couple days left before we were gone for good, we both offered to stay on as independent contractors at a very hefty rate. They begrudgingly agreed and now I have a year long contract making almost six times my former annual rate to keep things running and to train the full team of new hires that will be replacing us. With the way everything has played out, I’m honestly not even the slightest bit mad or resentful towards them. I’m set to make in a single year what most people dream to accrue in their entire lifetime.

  5. God forbid corporations break their streak of those record breaking profits!!! They want you to believe it’s because Americans are shopping more than ever. But in truth its because they keep raising their prices while putting out less for wages. Because… inflation ya know, demands it.

  6. They wait to see how well you cope with that 1 missing person, and if you do, they won't bother replacing him/her (unless they are middle management of course)

  7. Literally had a focus group with all senior staff at my job with directors asking why turn over is so high and how come people are quitting and what could they do about it not to mention to deplorable work conditions...first person to ask for more money was requested to do an additional counseling after the meeting to discuss their concerns and was let go the next week siting that " you just aren't a good fit for our work culture" essentially " you're not ok with slave wages and have a spine? Oh seems like your not a good fit anymore"

  8. I drove 1200 miles over the weekend. Fed myself by stopping at grocery stores. At every single one there was a manager working the deli/pizza counter and signs up indicating they are looking for deli workers.

  9. This won't end until there are 100 million of us in the streets, screaming for the heads of everyone in government and industry!

  10. this is happening at my job. I work for a govt agency. I work in tech and I program systems for a couple major forms and I handle all payments coming in. For 3-4 years I've been fighting to try and get a promotion, just one level, i'd be a senior staffer but not actually a supervisor or manager yet, and I keep getting denied, told I don't do enough or anything at all for that matter. In the last 3-4 years, 2 supervisors have quit, I've inhereted their contracts that they managed, no increase in pay. i got a job with another agency as a supervisor level and my agency freaked out, offered me the senior staff job, I agreed because I'd honestly rather do that if we're being completely honest. It's been 6 months I don't have it yet, i keep being told "it's a process, it's coming" I've been assigned 2 new contracts to manage as well as being the person in charge of creating new codes for a different system and liasoning between all the agencies of the state I work for...and everytime I'm like "yo wtf is going on with this senior staff thing? Also, not for nothing, i now manage 3 more contracts and am a liason for all agencies, I should probably be a supervisor now not Sr Staff" it's just "god you need to wait, things take time, you don't do that much anyway"

  11. This is happened at a place where I worked. It was bought out by a new owner. Originally there were 3 sales people, 4 customer service agents, 4 developers, and a couple engineers as well as 2 people in the finance department.

  12. Do you mean talking to people you know if they want a job or just asking friends to work for free?

  13. Did you know that businesses receive money from the government if they're actively searching for workers? This means they can show that they're hiring, while not actually hiring anyone, and recieve money for it. Therefore, they force their current workers to work even harder for no extra pay while also getting government benefits. They aren't losing any money whatsoever by not hiring new employees.

  14. I'm seeing my current employer go down like this in realtime because they're not replacing essential roles and dumping the slack on the remaining employees. I'm slowly looking for another job too.

  15. It's also AMAZING how the most successful companies do so by operating the fine fine line between slave like compliance and exploitation submission and revolt, or by actually treating employees like equals. Because it turns out you get better quality of work and better retention if people feel appreciated and their needs met. I stayed at a job and refused more money before just because I enjoyed the work and felt appreciated and supported at my old job.

  16. Managers are so dumb these days. It's not about making a smooth running operation. It's about appeasing the stockholders.

  17. You forgot about the part where the company applies for PPP loans given their recent loss of employees and pockets the money.

  18. This has been my experience working across different sectors in the US my whole life from fortune 100 companies to small businesses that employ less than 100 people.

  19. This keeps happening at my work. Someone leaves and they just take their duties and spread them around. Has happened so much now that everyone is overloaded and leaving and the owner actually had the gall to ask us why in the last meeting. We told him and nothing has changed.

  20. Reminds me of that one time my company refused to temporarily replace a sick coworker because "He's probably going to return soon". He was diagnosed with cancer in February of last year and still wasn't able to work when I quit the job in July of the same year. Even worse: We were already understaffed when he was still healthy! For some reasons, their only solution to the problem was to suggest that some people from an unrelated department could help us when it's too much work for us... But they were understaffed too!

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