POS cop punches and chokes teen girl.

  1. Resisting arrest is the dumbest charge. It's natural to our survival instinct to resist capture or restraint, or when being beaten on.

  2. Why the fuck does a rent-a-cop need to know the last name of a girl in a beach when she just passed a breathalyzer test?

  3. What I find most difficult to understand is how we think it's reasonable that the enforcers of the law are held to a lower standard than everyone else. You have been given privileges and responsibilities by the people and their government to protect them (supposedly). Thus by breaking the law, a cop is not only committing a crime like any other citizen, but is also abusing their privileges to do so and neglecting their duty. Their sentence should reflect the fact that more than anyone they should have an adequate understanding of the law to avoid running afoul.

  4. Love the idea. Truly. But you know the argument is gonna be "well if you do that then nobody will want to be cops!" And my answer is "okay? And?".

  5. It’s because police have a union. Please, for the love of all that is holy and good, let’s all fight back against this bullshit, unionize for better wages and living conditions in this country, to get rid of the police union which covers shit like this up, and band together as Americans to not let this abuse of power continue.

  6. Now her child will, more than likely, distrust every law enforcement official they come into contact with. Well fucking done you Barney Fife motherfuckers!

  7. Just one time I want to see all the horrified onlookers band together to restrain the renegade cops en masse

  8. Cops aren't here to uphold the law, they're here to keep you in check. Occasionally they will be useful. Most of the times they won't.

  9. Because the US is a dystopian hell hole and their cops work as originally intended. Remember when they used to kill union leaders

  10. Friendly reminder that the SCOTUS has confirmed for something like the third time recently that cops don't actually have any obligation to protect you.

  11. The usual, more than half the country wants accountability, and the other less than half dick rides the cops for a pat on the head.

  12. Our whole country is falling apart, the Republicans are trying to destroy public education, the NRA is trying to get every democratic child killed, or unenrolled from public schools. The democratic party is a joke and won’t do anything because they are just as corrupt, they just pretend they care.

  13. It’s mandatory for cops to do this. Find someone you can beat up on your first day. Did this in front of her mom. The cop could have just walked away. Crazy there is no punishment for their irresponsibility. I guarantee you, she will never trust a cop.

  14. I mean the USA hiring standards for cops are very low, give them no training of oversight, and give them the power to do anything and breeding a victim complex for them so they actually think any non-conservative nut bag is their enemy. This has been happening for at least the 1890's (first case I can think of when cops attacked and killed union strikers) but most likely started with their creation to round up escaped slaves

  15. We gave cops too much power out of fear and now we lack the tools and/or unity to beat them back into the.public servants they're supposed to be

  16. So the cops are patrolling the beach with a breathalyzer? This is the first problem. I was wondering what country this happened in, but sadly it’s in the “land of the free”.

  17. This is so stupid cause everyone smuggle alcohol to drink at the beach once in a while. Cops and politicians included.

  18. Okay right? I thought that was weird. Do the cops there just walk around in public spaces breathalyzing random people on the street??? Is it illegal to have a drink and then be in public I don’t understand.

  19. What is the purpose of breathalysing someone sitting on a beach? Is this part of the famous freedom people keep on about?

  20. I saw this before. There was an open container by her and she’s not 21. So they were trying to get he for underage drinking. It was her moms I believe who was swimming at the time. She tried to explain but had an attitude understandably.

  21. I wonder sometimes how people find the restraint when something like this happens. I’d want to be jumping in helping her. What the fuck is wrong with the police man, they’re mental!!!

  22. Yeah it's an awful thing. If those people aren't cops, everyone on that beach would have torn them to shreds and defended the poor girl. Instead we have to stand by and watch the police abuse her because we can't oppose the police without ruining our own lives

  23. You have in front you you an armed man who have just shown himself willing to escalate the violence over very small things.

  24. The fear to actually get sended to jail because they helped potential criminals while preventing cops to arrest them (pretty sure it will be the charge) or just get shot because the cop feared for his life and he will never have any consequence from his superiors

  25. I wonder the same thing. If I saw them try to do this to my daughter I’d certainly be in cuffs afterward.

  26. I work have loved to boot the cop in the face for repeatedly punching someone when four grown ass men could have easily restrained them.

  27. Maybe it's becuase, theyre not really trained. It's basically 3 months of shooting and crowdcontrol training, and al little study on how to fill out reports. Most aren't even trained on how to deescalate a situation. And even fewer, how to contuct yourself, and what rules govern your job as an officer. This baboon clearly didn't recieve any of it.

  28. Male cops arrest women 10x more than men for what they think is disrespect. Also as we all know now most police are huge cowards and arresting a woman is less resistant and less dangerous 🤡

  29. A long time ago my mom got arrested by a bitch ass cop a day before mother's day over this same bullshit. They get their feelings hurt and do the most to make themselves feel better. Probably angry because their chodes can't hold a single donut.

  30. Happened to me. I’m 36F and there is nothing too special about me. 3 male police officers beat the shit out of me and claimed resisting arrest (which in OR means immediate severe physical harm to the officers) because I was smoking a cigarette and they claimed I blew smoke in their face. Luckily, my attorney was able to get everything dropped because none of my actions were illegal or arrest worthy. There is a reason cops have a bad rep. They can literally arrest you for any reason, and it’s up to you to fight their illegal behavior in court and they never suffer the consequences.

  31. Wow… this is my state. Pigs say shes making a scene and then proceed to assault her. Fuck the police in this entire country. They need serious reform, and if anyone thinks otherwise they need to wake tf up.

  32. I actually got detained in my state (CO) for making a "well more of you can die then" comment when a cop was bitching about vaccine mandates for COVID, on private property. No charges, nothing. Just disrupted my life for 12 hours or so bc he got butt hurt. Pathetic.

  33. Makes me want to run up and help the girl. One of these days the cops are gonna pull that BS in front of the wrong crowd and get what they deserve

  34. How about attempted murder. That’s a closed fist and she looks unconscious. A civilian would get charged. Let’s start charging these fucking buffoons like the people they are… criminals.

  35. I’m not advocating for violence of any kind, but I’m always surprised that a crowd does nothing in a situation like this. A child was assaulted, protect them.

  36. They’ve been conditioned to not beat the shit out of cops even when those cops obviously deserve it. This is why too many people are needlessly injured or murdered at the hands of corrupt cops. They are an occupying army rather than citizens committed to protecting their neighbors.

  37. Yeah I'm not willing to get shot and getting a false arrest on my record. It's not like the police will listen to my confrontation anyways, they will just become more aggressive.

  38. In a more just world, settlements and judgments would be paid out from the police department's budget to ensure that the victim gets their due compensation, but the officer would personally have to pay back the police department, with their payment plan indexed to inflation

  39. People talk about respecting cops and shit like that. Yet other cops don’t speak out or anything when a cop pulls shit like this. And then people get scared because of all the shit that’s been happening.

  40. I'd take a chair and knock him upside the head if I was there. I dont care if I'd get arrested, he was far out of line and too much shit like that happens. They Should be charged with assault and excessive force at the very least.

  41. The American Police Force has been a dying horse for years… remove qualified immunity, and watch the flies drop dead.

  42. Wtf is up with the police culture in the States??? And why is nothing, literally nothing, been done about? I come from a violent country and even I think this is cray cray.

  43. So she's there with her family having a beach picnic and these idiots just come accuse her of being drunk randomly then give her a brutal beating? What the actual fuck. She deserved a bigger settlement payout.

  44. Does he tell people that that's what he felt he needed to do to control a 100lb girl, that wasn't drinking, and had an infant daughter in her care? The whole thing makes him look like an enormous douchebag. Gross.

  45. Ok so let me understand this the girl willingly took the test... And got beat up? For what reason?????? Can someone elaborate?

  46. Sounds like he still wanted her name and to possibly write her up for underage drinking (even though she complied with the breathalyzer and passed). She refused because, why the fuck is this guy writing her up for something he just confirmed she didn't do? And he got mad that she dared stand up for herself and took the opportunity to punch and grope her.

  47. So you need enough guns to be able to massacre school children, just in case 'government tyranny' becomes a problem. But no one thought to shoot these pricks.

  48. Typical American pig didn't have a wife to beat so he chose a teenage girl instead, What a low life pos.

  49. Isn’t this what 2A is there for? Why couldn’t you just shoot that cop for being tyrannical? He’s a government employee, no? Fits the bill to me. Funny how Americans use 2A as an excuse to shoot kids but not shit cops who abuse the very taxpayers giving them all the power they are given. Interesting.

  50. Reason number 863,001 to never set foot on the soil of the USA again despite living right next to it. Never again. Fuck that country.

  51. In these situations, why tf don't the other onlookers intervene? More people in the crowd than dumbshit cops.

  52. I know I'm behind a keyboard as I type this but I promise if I ever saw this kind of shit happen you'd see me on the news cuz i would break that fucker's jaw.

  53. End qualified immunity, have every cop should have to carry the equivalent of malpractice insurance, and all settlements come out of the union pension funds and maybe the police will reform themselves.

  54. People are going to talk about militarizing police forces and be both right and wrong. The issue here is that police are trained to always be safe. Always be in control. Control = Safety, even if that need for control makes innocent people unsafe. Because of this even the slightest threat to their sense of control generates a fear response.

  55. Is it me or do a lot of cops have a power insecurity. If they are wrong they can't admit it and then project their wrong doing on the victim so that they feel powerful and justified?

  56. insane, but i would implore anyone dealing with crazy cops like this to just comply because there's no valor in being "dead right". Civilians are unfortunately / fortunately i guess depending on your position - not empowered to resist unlawful actions by police officers. Its better to just comply, let them cite you or whatever it is they are trying to do and then fight it out in court. I dont know if this is an unpopular opinion but its it is the only rational thing to do since many of the Cops in the US are largely uneducated and prone to violence.

  57. American police are given way too much power, and it’s unfortunate to say it seems like the UK is going the same way.

  58. That cop needs to be charged with assault. And fired instantly. None of this administrative leave shit either. Sue his ass for multiple medical bills and disturbing the peace.

  59. Why don't you use that anger and drive when it's time to stop a school shooter instead of taking it out on pregnant women, innocent people, black people, Hispanic people, whoever people?

  60. Who trains police? After years and years of watching these PIGS blatantly abuse their power one has to think it has to be coming from above because it continues to happen even more so now when there are cameras everywhere. They just seem not to care. Firing them won’t change anything. When you cut one head off, two grows back in it place. Completely destroy the police academy systems. Build it back up.

  61. What utter scum and embarrassment. How do they get dressed in those silly uniforms and look themselves in the mirror without bursting into laughter? Fucking clowns every last one.

  62. On seeing them tackle her to the ground and start beating her, I'm glad I wasn't there in person as I got a sudden urge to run over and give the cop a nice running kick to the head.

  63. Idgaf if they get fired and/or sued, thats not enough. If there is someone out there that can do the deed or would love to given the opportunity, I love and support your way of thinking.

  64. if i was one of those bystanders id have stabbed that cop the instant he started beating her, i don't give two shits if i ended up in prison, im defending the innocent bitches

  65. The USA needs to pivot to a service model for policing like every other reasonable fucking country.

  66. This video is very upsetting and wants you to teach those dudes a lesson they won’t forget. The biggest issue isn’t that such stuff happens because it’s a numbers game and with large enough population anything happens but the issue is the perpetrators, whoever hired them the whole chain of command don’t see any consequence. Once a police chief is booted over this the whole department will learn a lesson

  67. It’s not a matter of defunding, it’s a matter of actually hiring people with morals and training those people.

  68. The fucking grin she has on in the article about her winning $325K is such a beautiful fucking thing lmao

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