What's next? Eating?

  1. Sorta unrelated, but I just discovered soft boiled eggs. The best version of boiled eggs aside from deviled, I love the runny yolk :)

  2. Ahh .sounds like a messed up lunch at least you brought some thing for the other guys. I would LMAO to see a construction guy just bite into a raw eggplant. That awesomeness would be good for years of memes

  3. I’ve literally read here on Reddit that some people think it’s gay to wash your own ass in the shower …. 😟

  4. I shared a room with my younger brother all throughout our childhood. He was and still is a slob and so our room was always a mess. When I moved away into a house with some roommates, I kept my room super clean and tidy. The first time my brother came over, I showed him my room, he looked around for a second, and then seriously asked me if I was gay. I’m straight but I don’t give a shit. That’s when I realized that some straight guys are so insecure with their sexuality that they overcompensate by intentionally distancing themselves from things that they associate homosexuality with, like cleanliness. Not sure why being clean seems gay to some guys but it was an eye opener.

  5. “Where does all this toxic masculinity come from?” In middle school I had someone call me a f****t and punch me in the head for saying I loved my girlfriend.

  6. Be very careful, i once did that and got saved by a colleague who called me before i went out. I told him that i think he's cute, he screamed and told me to throw the lunch i packed. I immediately felt masculine again. Only god knows what would have happened if not for that call.

  7. Anybody who calls u gay for that probably has their own issues with being gay or low self esteem. Who cares? U do u.

  8. Only of you as a man are making lunch for your husband or male partner who you have a non platonic relationship with.

  9. Fellas, is it gay to be financially responsible and pack your own lunch instead of buying lunch?

  10. Funny how they are in such a toxic environment that they don't even see that the thing which is considered "unmanly" is not to have your own opinion...

  11. Idk, straight men getting pegged by their girlfriend is all the rage. The straight mens butt is no longer a fortress. I think it can be perfectly straight using gods purse to pack your lunch

  12. Yes it is, as a man you should go out hunting during your lunch break and then wrestling down the prey and eating it raw.

  13. Gay men at work when they pull out the gay lunch box with a gay sandwich, gay carrot sticks, gay juice box, gay crackers, and gay orange slices for lunch:

  14. Gay man here. I pack my lunch all the time. Sometimes right after a taking a firm pounding in my butt. Can confirm, packing your lunch is gay.

  15. Yes infact I had to make the hard choice long ago. I tried to resist but long hours with no food was to much to bare. I finally accepted that I had no other option and apon returning home from a hard day at work I told my wife we were through. I left her the very next morning but before I left I packed myself some sandwiches, mini cheddars and a snickers bar and went to work. Its good to be a homosexual

  16. It's totally gay. And if you're a guy you shouldn't drink from a straw. That is the most gay thing you can do. You will for sure get jumped in the employee bathroom. /s

  17. I got into a routine habit of grabbing coffee on the way in to work and getting my lunch from the same place every day. I eventually realized that I was spending roughly $200-250/month on lunches and coffee so I switched to making my own lunch or just eating when I got home in the event I forgot to make myself a lunch (which happens more than I'd like to admit).

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