Remember these guys? Karma really does come around.

  1. And people wonder why I have so much resentment against people. Although, they are also the same people who wonders why I bother with being so nitpicky about the specific definition of words.

  2. If anyone called either of my daughters that I’d rip their faces off… absolutely disgusting attitude to have.

  3. As an English person, I want to just say that the many, many, many good, normal people in this country hate these dickheads more than anyone. They’re disgusting, racist hooligans, and this is not representative of the (vast) majority of us.

  4. The unfortunate reality of the day is that the awful people get the spotlight. And the rest of us “pounce” on the negativity because it makes us feel better about our own awfulness. We all know that these scumbags aren’t representative of the whole, yet we act like they are.

  5. Don’t be ashamed to be English. The actions of a small group of arseholes are not your responsibility. It’s they who should be ashamed to be English.

  6. Being beaten by his fat white beer smelling father who's sad because some millionaires didnt kick the ball hard enough to improve his shit life.

  7. Got the same impression, came here to hopefully see it vindicated. I'm happy to see this. Thanks.

  8. I've just seen video of fans attacking other fans. A young lad took a punch to the head from an adult and 3 guys penalty kicking another guy in the head. I'm English and currently fucking disgusted. Most England fans are a facepalm, an hour ago players were heroes, now they'll be receiving death threats and other crap. England fans are one of our biggest national shames.

  9. Yeah I can't wait for the crap they're gonna spew about the players who missed. I'm sure they will be very.. civilised about it.

  10. Tbf look at Saka’s Instagram. It’s better than I thought, and is what I hope the majority of us English fans are

  11. I've heard a story of men in Chadwell heath going out and stabbing as many people as they could. It's so vile, why are people like this?

  12. The one thing I find more disturbing is how these people are absolutely rancid in not only behavior. But in pretty much everything they do. Generally speaking, these individuals who scream slurs, yell obnoxiously and act as if they have some privilege to just do whatever they feel is ok for them. They will at the same time do everything they can to take away the same rights they use when others criticize them.

  13. I don’t think anybody is mad at the England team, I think everyone is mad at their fans. The only people mad at the England team are idiots.

  14. The same people making fun of the kid are now the same people hurling racist slurs at their own players

  15. If they are this worried over it, they may have betted on the team, I guarantee it. But to take it to this level, my parents who adore sports don’t even get mad if they lose some money over it. They think it’s a game, I wish more people thought like them over these bets.

  16. And he even tweeted a picture of his face photoshopped in the little girl's place when England lost, solidifying the joke further.

  17. I'm an Englishman living in mainland Europe and when asked during the group phase whether I supported England, I replied no. I didn't want England to win because the fans don't deserve it. Football culture in England is a disgrace, and as long as it remains that way, let England lose every last bloody tournament.

  18. I always feel sorry for the losing team because they cry do darn much. It's like watching a sad movie with a tragic ending.

  19. I don't know but Jaack one seems to be taking a dig at English fans celebrating a little girl crying, but the rest are just typical English football fans, the worst creatures on the face of this planet.

  20. She’s at home with her feet kicked up, looks like she got the last laugh. She’ll always remember this moment.

  21. No she isn’t. Lets be honest here. That kid is going to need therapy or smth if she ever even saw a portion of what was said about her on the internet. If you had that many people hating you and saying those awful, horrid things about you, you certainly wouldn’t be feeling very good. Now imagine if you were a literal child who just wanted to watch a sports game. How fucked up would you be if you heard what everyone was saying?

  22. When you act this STUPIDLY over a game, you need to have someone to knock you down a few to put your ego in check.

  23. That's utterly despicable. No matter what. I have (had) a friend that's an L.A. Dodgers fan. When they lost in the World Series to Houston, he said he hopes every Houston fan dies in some way or another. Disgust ran through me.

  24. Honest question. Are you telling me if I went through Twitter and looked at fans comments from other nations I wouldn't find morons posting hateful shit?

  25. Imagine calling a 9 year old CHILD, "slut," as if that's something an adult human being would do. I shudder at that person's browser history.

  26. Hardcore football fans are honestly the most disgusting people... I have no problem with going on and on about each other's teams and stuff but calling a 10 year old a slut and laughing and being joyful because she cried is just too much.

  27. Im inclined to believe that Jaack uses very black humor, the Kind Germans appreciate but English usually can’t pull off.

  28. I mean the bottom right tweet wasn’t wrong “we don’t always get what we want” the England fans clearly didn’t get what they wanted.

  29. Does anyone know how the english players think about their own fans? I wouldnt have heard of the team acting out in the same manner, yet im pretty much everyone wanted them to lose because of them...

  30. Imagine being a grown ass man & bullying a 10 year old girl & calling her derogatory names. Imagine being as big a loser as these 2 clowns.

  31. England fans should be barred from attending any more matches. This is ridiculous. Anyone else remember Heyzel Stadium? Nothing has changed.

  32. They laughed at a girl whose grandfather was from a former fascist country and then got their asses handed to them by a former fascist country.

  33. ”Never in my life have I been prouder to be English” ”We don’t always get what we want 💪” They spoke way too soon.

  34. Nah, these people and the rest of the problem fans can fuck right off, totally understand the hate that has come England's way, just don't think we are all like that, most of us are pretty decent

  35. These are very stupid people. I think it's insane to compare these idiots to English people.

  36. And I though french people reacting to Switzerland's victory over their team was massively stupid...

  37. As an Englishman myself, those people are ***holes and do not represent us. The majority of us are not like that; some of us like sport, but it's the vocal minority which act like this. I honestly couldn't care less about football, but this is one of the 2 times I do. Thank you, Italy, for winning and making these idiot seem even stupider.

  38. Football is the sport that includes the most pieces of shit among its fans People calling a 10yo a slut deserve to suffer and I hope they’ll do

  39. Im not from europe, i wanted england to win cause i jist liked their team. But what some of their fans did was outraging and dumb. Like wth the kid was ten and the fact she cried shows that she loved germany. Like wth bro. The people who insulted the girl, FUCK U

  40. Ye, it should have been played in 2020, but was delayed due to covid. They still kept with 2020 despite it playing in 2021.

  41. If you don't know, the final was played at Wembley. I had the game on in the background as I'm not that interested. I was disgusted that I could tell which team had possession by the booing from the crowd.

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