Ever wonder what creates traffic? This guy....

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  2. I’m not typically someone who gets road rage, but I’m with you — just watching this made my blood boil.

  3. I mean. Going to the police with dashcam footage of some idiot doing clearly illegal and stupid things on the road should be a thing. Like they should get mailed a ticket if u have dashcam footage of somebody breaking the law and their registration. The only argument against it is deepfaking a registration to spite someone

  4. And these people are what cause road rage shootings. Not that it is right but man, I can understand.

  5. Guaranteed on their phone too. I've often wondered the legalities of having a second, much louder horn on my truck just to scare the hell out of people like that.

  6. He then went on the Next Door app and explained how he saved lives by brilliantly keeping everyone driving at a pace that was safe. He ended his post with “be safe out there” and the peace sign emoji.

  7. The vein on my forehead visibly protruded just seeing this, whilst my right foot pressed into the ground.

  8. I don’t even understand how and where people get the time and energy from to be such a dick. What do they gain that makes them think it’s worth their time to frustrate literally everything around you by doing stuff like this?

  9. I knew this was bad and my dads respone when I showed him was "I think I need to install a reinforced bumber for this kind of people specifically"

  10. This has to be illegal, I wonder if this guy can be given a ticket, or even better arrested. People like this guy cause accidents.

  11. I know right? I'd be contemplating how much I'd be willing to pay for the damages from pulling a pit maneuver

  12. This is the kind of driver that you follow to their destination, pull out your emergency window breaker, break into their car. Pull the emergency break up, grab your trusty angle grinder and saw off through their e-brake. So they could never get it unstuck again. Doing the world a fucking favor.

  13. I drive on quiet country roads 99.9 percent of my driving unless something forces me into the city. And I still wouldn't do this shit.

  14. Usually I think "just stay it's not worth it" but this time I would totally understand if the camera man just fucking rammed this idiot.

  15. I'm a really, really chilled person. I've literally had one fist fight in the past 25 years (and that was because of an unprovoked attack by a crazy on my mum).

  16. Korea has an app that you can use to submit a time stamped dash cam video of traffic violations and they will send a violation notice and a fine to the offending drivers. Gives people another avenue to vent aside from road rage.

  17. I call 911 and tell them I suspect the driver is drunk. I give them make, model, color, mile marker, and direction. If there's a cop nearby they pull them over.

  18. My state in India also has this system. Works well. Tweet a photo/video of drivers committing offences with their tag numbers, tag the Twitter handle of the concerned authority and they'll get violation notice asap.

  19. I'm thinking drugs. Drunk makes ya swerve, being absolutely fucked up on opiates will make you slowly drift like that.

  20. Chicago cops won't do anything. Hell, Illinois cops won't do anything. This is just the Chicago driving experience. It's best to try and avoid it...

  21. I hope he gets a cop who will give him a hard to perform sobriety test, and fails him just so he can drag the POS back to the police station. If anyone deserves police tyranny, it's these assholes.

  22. This looks like Chicago. Probably not a great place to pick a fight with a stranger. It’s stressful enough driving around on a good day.

  23. Exactly my feelings. Lots of people in here want to fight him. Not me. I want him dead. We live in a society.

  24. People would say you did a public service and are owed keys to the city. I would not convict after seeing this video.

  25. Just why.. did they wake up and think, I'm going to be a right Wanker today!! Mmm now where shall I be a Wanker? I know, I'll use my 🤡 car .

  26. Someone that drives like that seems so self-absorbed and self entitled it would never cross their mind that anyone might think they were a wanker instead of a hero

  27. A while ago on this site it was common to see posts explaining that highway traffic typically moves in waves and that the best way to eliminate this traffic on a given road is to "reset" it by allowing a gap to open by bringing all lanes to a stop and then then slowly accelerating through the gap.

  28. The only acceptable reason would be a medical emergency. Hopefully the driver is OK. Other than that... Yes, they are being a wanker.

  29. Incredibly conservative with the horn in my opinion. Would have held it down the whole time and laughing my ass off because using the horn 100% for something like that makes it even better.

  30. Hell yeah, I love laying on the horn when people are stupid. I did it to a lady who got in the intersection when there was nowhere to go and blocked a lane for an entire green light. She flipped me off. It was great.

  31. I happened to experience something almost exactly the same and i just held the horn for probably 15-20 minutes and the driver only seemed to slow more down, we were driving in a single lane road near the mountain Esja in Iceland and there was so much traffic the other way that nobody could get passed, when i finally got passed i saw 4 teenagers all looking baked as fuck.

  32. I assume the person driving does not have the ability to hear the horn. Also they do not have the ability to drive a vehicle.

  33. My first thought, my horn would have been blasting the entire time, brights on as well. Hoping to piss him off enough into doing something stupid.

  34. Video cam is a from a semi. Weighing 20x that car. We can blast through that car like butter but we get ass blasted for tax dollars.

  35. Good thing he didn’t turn right. If he took the exit to Southside Chicago/Gary, he’d definitely run into “the wrong person.”

  36. 100% that's chicago if the train doesn't give it away the endless construction should have been the biggest clue.

  37. This situation may not have started with someone getting fucked but that would be how it ends, for sure.

  38. I used to live near the west loop and would see this exact car weekly on my commute from work. What people here don’t know is that they’re like the ice cream man. I would see them pull up to the bus stop at Damen and Van Buren and make a few quick sales. There would be a hand full of tweakers waiting for the bus, car pulls up, tweakers buy from the guy in the back seat, car drives off and most of the tweakers jump on the north bound bus. They used that Infiniti and also a black Cadillac. I moved out of Chicago a few years ago and know this is an older video cause of the barriers on the interstate. I would assume they’re still making their rounds.

  39. I recognize this drive - it's in Chicago. Cops got enough to do around here and won't do anything for this, other than berate the poster for wasting their time.

  40. Give em.a little love tap. Fuck around and find out. Hes endangering all drivers around him with this shit. Thats reportable to non crisis line

  41. Yep. I would’ve kept driving straight ahead once I’d switched to the left lane and he’d have hit me when he drifted. All his fault.

  42. The ironic thing is this guy thinks he’s a better driver than everyone else and wants to enforce his ideas on other drivers through the medium of being a dick. As others have said, it probably won’t end well for him.

  43. I honked at a guy not giving me enough space one dark night - refused to pass me but kept less than 30 cm away from my back bumper - he was so mad to get honked at, HE TURNED HIS BRIGHTS ON lmao. Never seen shit like that. I was going 10 over the speed limit, at first, but he was eating my ass so I went the speed limit after that. Imagine being so soft, going the speed limit is enough to trigger road rage.

  44. That’s exactly why I love having a beater. However I’m Canadian and don’t generally have a worry about being shot in a bout of road rage, this being Chicago I’d probably keep my distance. Maybe just call police but from the comments here doesn’t sound like they’d even respond to a drunk driver lol

  45. It is a crime in Germany, it’s called “Nötigung im Straßenverkehr” and can be sanctioned with up to three years (!) in jail. As soon as you are enforcing your will onto others (pushing from behind or acting like this guy) one just needs to film and present the video to police. It should be added that in most cases only a (hefty) fine is given, you have to push it pretty hard to end up in jail for three years. Nevertheless, I really like this rule.

  46. Intentionally impeding traffic is illegal so is going massively under the speed limit without cause.

  47. I live in Chicago but have spent months working in Atlanta. Driving in Atlanta makes me hate myself and everyone around me, holy shit. Drivers in Chicago are aggressive assholes but they're so, so much more predictable on average than the drivers in ATL. And I couldn't avoid driving in ATL like I can in Chicago nearly as easily.

  48. Fuckers like this are the reason I'm so glad to have access to mass transit. I love driving cars, but fucking hate with a furious passion other drivers. And enough of them are terrible enough to make it miserable.

  49. When I got a motorcycle and started cutting through traffic I found out that there are a bunch of these people out there. Sometimes I would work my way out and look back and wonder if it was some sort of conspiracy.

  50. Same. Being small and agile enough to weave through these assholes has given a much clearer picture on the causes of normal everyday traffic. It's usually one of these guys, or some prick who decides that he absolutely cannot miss his exit, and he will stop completely in the middle of the highway with his blinker on and wait for people to let him over.

  51. Should have called up 911 for a drink or possibly impaired driver. When I was a military cop we had instance like this, everyone was just speeding around him and flipping shit but it turned out once we got the guy pulled over he was having a stroke. Lol

  52. Honestly I would be tempted to call the police. They are either complete assholes, or there’re drunk or high. Slowing down and hitting your brakes like that is a big no no on the freeway. They can cause an accident and kill someone. This is why driving is a privilege and not a right.

  53. I need to see what they look like... It is a desperate need to look at people like this with a stern look of disapproval and see if they look as stupid as they drive.

  54. Bold of you to assume they weren't too intimidated by the complexity of a $10 LEGO set to have one in the first place.

  55. Call 911 and report a drunk driver. Location and license plate and car info. Get them pulled over and off the road. They are a danger to everyone.

  56. In some cities and states they have minimum speed limits. Also Some states it's illegal to go the speed limit in bad weather.

  57. There are usually laws against obstructing traffic and have rules where you have to pull over and let a line of cars pass if you’re going slower than the normal flow of traffic. In Washington it’s 5 or more cars. Don’t know what it is where this was filmed but I imagine most places have a similar law.

  58. I think the rims on this car are very telling. That said, should have quickly seized the gap and forced him into a lane, and then kept speed.

  59. The police need to enforce ticketing on slow drivers in the left lane. They cause accidents. This guy just needs to be arrested for being a moron.

  60. I hate inconsiderate fucks like this. The absolute worst part about it is highway patrol is NEVER around to catch them.

  61. It's 290 east going to downtown Chicago. This area of the highway induces more road rage for me than anywhere else combined. If a live stream video was set up at this intersection you would lose faith in humanity. So many assholes making illegal moves.

  62. I assumed traffic vigilante who wants to make certain absolutely everyone drives slowly through the construction zone. But insurance scam could work too.

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