Soldier’s neck gets broken with sledgehammer (Anyone know the context?)

  1. DAYYYYYum, that's fucked up! I don't understand what would make you do this, even to your worse enemy. I mean, I have wised bad luck on a couple of assholes in my life, but not to the brutal point of killing them like this. Santa MotherfuGGin' MARIA! :D

  2. That meme of "you are my enemy" on tik tok has gotten so wild. I saw way too many objects been put in a peen that shouldn't be there.

  3. This guy is called Yevgeny Nuzhin, he was imprisoned in Russia. The Mercenary group (PMC) called Wagner, started recruiting prisoners in Russia to fight for them (because there are so many casualties in the war). Nuzhin being one of those prisoners who signed up, because you could be completely free when the war is over (something like that). Naturally, you will most likely be used as cannon fodder and Nuzhin according to himself was planning to surrender right away and join up with the Ukrainians, which he did. Wagner were having none of it and apparently he got abducted while being in Kiev. Wagner has a history of brutality, few years back they sledgehammered a deserter in Syria as well, there is also video of that, he was less lucky as his limbs got smashed first.

  4. Oof man , always think twice before going against someone this brutal and think thrice before joining them.

  5. He never fought for Ukrainians. What a load of BS. He was a POW captured by Ukrainians. On video, he asked if he could join the ukranian side because he was done being russian. Video went viral on social media. Ofcourse, Ukrainians preffered exchanging him for one of their own in a prisoner swap that happens regularly in this war. When russians (Wagner, an off the book private militia run by putin and his elites) got him back, they executed him. If you are recruited by Wagner, you live and die by their code. If you don't follow their code, they execute you with a sledgehammer.

  6. Think it was a little more than a broken neck, this had to do with the guy getting sledgehammered was a defector from a Russian para military group known as the Wagner’s, group which they are named after hitlers favorite composer

  7. When you say Wagner was Hitler’s favorite composer… he is my favorite too. Does that mean i’m a sympathizer of Hitler?

  8. russian soldier who was taken prisoner by Ukrainians and while being in Ukrainian hands he was shitting on russia so when the prisoner exchange happened he was executed. Some bits might be off but it's generally what happened

  9. He was incarcerated in Russia until Wagner offered his release for fighting. He decided immediately to surrender the first change he could, planning to fight for the Freedom of Russia Legion. He surrendered day 3 in Ukraine, and was being treated well and doing interviews. That was the last I saw, until the full version of this video popped up a few days ago. Don't know how he fell back into Russian hands but it hurts watching this, his interview was pretty long and seeing this feels like someone I knew a bit. At least after that questionable life, he died standing up for what is right. Slava Ukraini

  10. Didn’t notice the cling wrap the first time - read that it’s something called the Hammer of Retribution - they sell merch in Russia about it.

  11. Bruv this is so sad but whoever zoomed in like that when he gets hit is sick in the head coz it made me laugh and they knew what they were doing

  12. What I read on here was he was a Russian prisoner in for murder. Then Putin offered all charges dropped if they would fight on the front lines. Traits of a psychopath and was just playing both sides for himself. Fucked around and found out.

  13. Obviously, I nor you want ww3... but Russia is an Obviously disgusting country... their unfounded war against Ukraine, is not only unjustified, it's brutal in a way the world shouldn't need to see.... These motherfuckers use food and energy as a weapon... destroy hospitals, schools, infrastructure, dams, nuclear plants, apartment buildings because the pussies can't win conventionally..... Putin won't stop till he's stopped. I have children like many of you.... NATO will reach a point before long where sanctions and arms sells won't help. It terrifies me, but you have to do what you have to do.... its on little man Putin on how this ends. The polish explosion might be from Ukraine trying to shoot down a Russian missle, but its still Russias fault... You can go into a liquor store to rob it, and shoot at the guy behind counter..... your bullet goes through wall and kills an unintended target...... its still your fault.

  14. A Russian criminal who has been in prison for 20 years. Signed up for Wagner to go over to the Ukrainian side and kill Russians. According to the Ukrainian authorities, he was exchanged and transferred to Russia. Executed by Wagner for treason.

  15. It was posted twice before a couple days ago, then posted twice today and it will be posted twice again tomorrow before it's posted twice more

  16. My guess is their intent was to Gallagher his head like a watermelon against that concrete block but the coward didn't have the strength and failed.

  17. I guess a broken leg doesn't get you out of conscription like it used to, google trending out of russia is probably "how to break a neck"

  18. FFFUUUCCKKKK. At least it doesn't seem like he saw it coming. And like the guy b4 me said, at least they didn't take the Hamer to every bone in his body??

  19. which is also reported by the Russian independent newspaper Meduza, a man who identifies himself as 55-year-old Yevgeny Nuzhin is seen. With his head taped to a brick wall, he says that he was abducted in Kyiv on 11 October, the newspaper writes.

  20. He was a Russian prison conscript who was given the option to sign up in exchange for freedom after 6 months service. If I remember he'd been convicted of murder or rape.

  21. I’m pretty sure He was a convict who was in Wagner. The he surrendered and joined Ukraine and then was captured by the Russians who decided to sledge hammer him. But don’t quote.l me

  22. People are all like why they kill him? And awww and boo hoo.... Time are really bad, I can imagine things being REALLY good in them parts. If you got traitors and cut throats running amuck you deal with it....And tape that shit cuz it's awesome!

  23. That, my fellow redditor, is a Russian soldier (I forget his actual placement/job/rank) that had defected to the Ukrainian forces. This is his punishment. Absolutely cruel…

  24. Backstory: he was a prison inmate that was jailed for murder in Russia, with russia being desperate for troops they inscripted many inmates. This guy was deployed with Wagner group and surrendered to Ukrainian troops hoping they’d take him on. Instead they gave him back to Russian troops and he was labeled a traitor and his execution was then ordered by Wagner group

  25. Oh shit I've been looking for this! This is the guy the Wagner group in Russia killed because he spoke to Ukraine about stuff when they arrested him. Then they let him go and Russia captured him again and did this to him. Wagner has been recruiting Russian prisoners offering pay and freedom after the war but also said they would execute them if they went against Russia.

  26. He was a member of the Wagner group that said he was going to surrender to the Ukrainian army and fight for them. This was originally posted I think two weeks ago here with more info

  27. The guy who’s neck was broken was a former Wagner operative who defected to the Ukrainian forces, some other Wagner operatives found this out and they captured him.

  28. He was part of the russian Wagner group he switched sides and when he was in Ukraine Kyiv he got knocked out. When he woke up he was starring at the camera. The rest well u see it in the video.

  29. This was a Russian who was in jail for murder. He was sent to Ukraine to fight in the war .Basically he went over to the Ukrainian side he was then captured by the Russians.Said he was a traitor and was executed by sledgehammer

  30. He was a soldier in Wagner group, got taken prisoner by UAF then released in a prisoner swap after publicly denouncing Russia/ Wagner group. This was a warning to any other soldiers wanting to do the same

  31. The context is he was a Russian Wagner soldier in Ukraine. He surrendered, Ukraine handed him back over in a prisoner exchange, and Wagner killed him surrendering.

  32. People are torturing,nasty,twisted wanker's,it's like it's a competition to see who can come up with the most brutal way of killing someone. It would be heart breaking if the family of this person getting killed seen this footage. I just hope they don't see it..what's it all for,what are they wining really??..I don't know what to say anymore.

  33. By all the ways you could be killed with a sledgehammer this looks fucking gross but hear me out , this might not be that bad. Especially the second blow was fast

  34. It’s almost comedic how sudden and random this attack seems. But i think there’s more to it obviously.

  35. Context:russian soilder, captured by ukrainians got back to russian. Afer the comming back soilder from PMC wagner killed him bc he wanted to desert from tge war

  36. Apparently it's a dude from Wagner group who defected to Ukraine and was recaptured by Wagner and they made an example of him. I heard they have tortured and killed traitors with sledgehammers before when they were in the middle east

  37. The Russians are... and always have been... total barbarians. I enjoy watching videos where Ukrainians drop grenades from drones into fox holes. Too bad these convicts were decieved by thier own government and treated like cannon fader in the meat grinder. Just goes to show you... our fight for demacracy is well worth the investment to get rid of all of all Russian barbarians by use of weapons or they do it to themselves.

  38. This is a Wagner Group soldier. Wagner Group is a Russian PMC group that is known for being vicious. Upon arriving to Ukraine to fight for Russia, he surrendered to Ukraine (as any sane person should). Wagner caught him, brought him back, and executed him like this and posted it online for others to see what desertion will cost if caught. It's absolutely fucking brutal. Hell im Russian and I'm rooting for Ukraine. I'm trying to get my family out of that shithole to get them asylum here in the states where I live now and have lived for the past decade. It's going well so far. Fucking sad NATO can't strike back as that would be the end of the world. You all have no idea how much I want to fight against the very country I was born in. I hate the government there. The country is fucking beautiful and a good chunk of the people are the nicest people ever. The government is massively fucked up.

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