Headless body of a missing woman washes up on a beach

  1. Penha, Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil, January 2021. 24-year-old Bianca L. was murdered either by, or on the orders of, her ex-boyfriend,

  2. And this is why it’s not always as easy as people make it out to be to “just leave!” a bad relationship. Obviously this case is extreme, and most DV relationships aren’t going to end up with someone decapitated, but seriously- the most dangerous time for a victim of an abuser is right after leaving the relationship.

  3. How this should have gone. B:Hi! I'm Bianca, D:Hi Bianca, I'm Dalton B: What a lovely name! What do you do for a living Dalton? D: Sell meth! B: OK Cool, bye.

  4. The leg tattoos didn't match, maybe she's still alive and the dead woman is another woman with the planning to distract the kidnapping of bianca

  5. The 2nd photo was the day she got taken and murdered? I wonder what ordeal she went thru. Her arms and legs cut off too. I take the animal who did this is on drugs and tortured her before going to the head.

  6. Omg......these kind of post always gets to me. Especially the one she's holding the birthday cake than the next pics are of her gone 😔

  7. Okay I know it ain’t technically UNTRUE that the body was headless, but I feel like saying headless implies it’s more than just the torso. Yeah yeah it’s semantics, but she’s missing a lot more than her head.

  8. The water opens up the wounds and it looks like something exploded or the person was mauled by something.

  9. It's even more horrifying realising she's wearing the same on there where that she just posed in. Life ended in a split second

  10. You know this stuff triggers my anger so much that person would just kill because of an ego then they are still mentally a child it's really sad.

  11. I’m sorry but to all of the people saying “ here’s a thought don’t date drug lords” and all that , have any of you ever stopped to watch the news?! So many of these women are not even given the option of saying no when we do we end up dead either fucking way. It’s shit period. Yes some women choose to be in that life style but many don’t it’s not always a choice freely made. Often it’s done because if they don’t then family and loved ones get harmed.

  12. Yeah I’m old but damn. This is a girl to me. Not to quote uh Britany Spears here…not a girl not quite a woman. Twenty two years old and killed when she’s barely getting to experience the world. I imagine when she purchased that bikini, if she purchased it online—she had a sense of fashion (or her own tastes like all of us do) she never thought this is a beautiful bikini. It will be the last thing I ever put on.

  13. It’s annoying these beautiful women get murdered and we’re stuck w their shitty low iq drug trafficking ex bfs.

  14. Reddit cracks me up, what you said is true, but they can’t handle it lol. She tried to publicly humiliate a drug leader, ofc it wasn’t going to end well.

  15. Women being narcissistic and also throwing shade online? No way…how “uncomon”…. That said, not her fault to lose her life like that. Man babies have tantrums when women say no

  16. So usually the cartel does this to send a message.... but this guy does it for what? A punishment to basically a young adult wrapped up in the wrong crowd. Literally no reason for this....

  17. Why the fuck do women get in to relationships with these types of people? They don’t love you. They’re not capable of love. They’re literally killers

  18. Most definitely cheated on someone,it usually always ends like that. Either that or these girls think it's sooooo cool to be in a gang. But when you fuck up, sometimes even just a little bit.

  19. OP actually posted in a comment that her drug lord ex boyfriend killed (or had her killed) basically because she broke up with him and would not get back with him.

  20. Yea geez why wouldnt she think about getting decapitated and mutilated before wearing a bikini smh my head

  21. wow to think that meat bag was once alive. A pretty girl with thoughts and aspirations but now she is a sack of meat washed up on the beach... huh kinda strange to know that that could be any of us anytime now. i wonder where her heads at

  22. I always wonder now if their braces are real after i read an article that said its more like a fashion accessory down there now. They serve no purpose except to make them look like can afford orthodontics.

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