Human Urinal Fest

  1. This is 100% from the Folsom Street fair in San Francisco. I think it started today. Lived in the Bay Area 8 years. Attended the Folsom Street Fair 0 times.

  2. I went about 7 years ago lol ….. I had no idea what it was and my friend said we should get High and take a few shots and go….BRUH!! People were peeing out of apartments onto the guys below! Boners everywhere!!!……I was absolutely disgusted yet intrigued… SF pride made me absolutely despise the gay community, seriously these are like gross fucking people… naked around kids and shit.

  3. San Francisco…they may as well just purge themselves at this point, destroy each other and the civilized people of America can rebuild something that isn’t San Francisco.

  4. Idk why, probably a mix of caring for the elderly and having kids and a dog, but pee is literally so disgusting to me. But why the FUCK is their pee so brown and dark ew omg lol I can see a beheading, but FUCK THIS

  5. Could be because when you reach a certain age you don't really care anymore what others will think about you or your kinks. If you wanna be fat and covered in piss whan just go for it.

  6. Dude in the 3rd picture doesn't even have a hard on while participating in this... I don't understand how the accumulation of smells and a bunch of people pissing on you would seem fun when it doesn't make you hard. Same goes for genital torture.

  7. A few things: none of the participants in this look physically healthy, and in males that affects erections. Then there’s age; mental and physical arousal start to diverge when you get old, like when we’re young there’s some erections that have nothing to do with mental arousal, when we’re old there’s sometimes a lack of erection that doesn’t show the mental arousal. Then there’s performance anxiety, which most of us get to experience at least once at some point. Finally there’s porn-brain normalization of fetishes, indulging so frequently that it starts to not even bring physical arousal, while seeking it out becomes more of a compulsive habit than the taboo arousal seeking that it was earlier on.

  8. I was thinking the same thing. I've seen a lot of fetish content like that.. where they're getting their fantasies fulfilled and still just.. so flaccid. I don't understand it. Must be all mental and not very sexual, which is strange to me. All my kinks are linked straight to my pussy man

  9. The smell of fermented cider mixed with Guinness Farts and a dash of ammonia, all recycled in a paddling pool of sweaty arse cheeks and cheesy feet.

  10. Honestly... I probably would. I'd be drunk, and when I get drunk, I have no filter. I'd saunter my fat ass up there and take a leak on that old boys head.

  11. Not much on this twisted sub makes me want to vomit, but this? This is gag worthy. Don’t ask me why the dead bodies and puddles of shit don’t effect me like that, but this is just vile.

  12. Yep and they love it. Every year it's packed out. Lots of weird shit going on there. I seen a pic of a guy wearing a Urinal Gag. His mouth was literally the Urinal and strangers are walking around and pissing in his mouth.

  13. I mean if they wanna be pissed on okay whatever but the whole drinking pee thing is just too far, like how can you drink that?? SICK IN THE HEAD, don’t get me started on the scat people

  14. There is two people who appear to not be white in the first photo one doing the peeing and the other getting peed on so why say white people shit when there is obviously multi racial folk in the pic.

  15. I was with a black man who asked to piss on me.. (said no) this comes in all colours, I’m sorry to inform you.

  16. Why does buddy have a star over his face he shouldn’t be ashamed or maybe he’s the star of the whole thing I still don’t know

  17. Yo how is this allowed in a festival? They should just have this at one person's house with a tall fence. That's so unsanitary aren't they concerned about getting diseases?

  18. What in the 20 health code violation is going on here. People live for this shit (literally). Idk why but this grosses me out more than the other stuff posted like the cartel stuff and the basics. Kind of weird.

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