Police K9 wronfully tore up my friends leg, who was trying to catch the actual bad guy

  1. See my comment, above, about my friend bear-hugging a bank robber so the cops could catch up. It’s a fucking crazy story. But the same thing happened to him with the police dog running up and biting him through misdirected/redirected aggression, and whatnot - and the two cops paid his medical bills out of their own personal salaries.

  2. Did they catch the bad guy? What even happens in this scenario? Surely they don’t put the dog down but at the same time it would never work again.

  3. The bad guy did get caught. He was a motorcycle rider who hit a bicyclist (who the police force gifted a new bike to) and ran after the accident. My friend led the cops to him and after at least 6 commands for the dog to let go as other officers were screaming "thats the wrong guy" the k9 did go get the bad guy.

  4. Likely won’t be put down, it’s a possibility. Depends on lawsuit outcome. Most likely retrained to avoid this if possible and if not retired. Likely this K9 won’t be working anytime soon if ever again.

  5. Potential surgery in a few days considering he can't move his knee or toes... then looking into legal action.

  6. This only happened yesterday but thus far they have failed to acknowledge the incident and I doubt they will.

  7. Ive been seeing alot of videos of K9 and their fellow officers just being reckless and stupid. K9's overly attacking and mauling already detained suspects.Cops these days, especially in the US, are getting worse. They can't control their guns nor their dogs.

  8. no offense but why was ur friend chasing someone anyway? aren’t regular people usually told to stay out of things like this

  9. If that was your child or brother or family member that got ran over, I’m sure you’d hope the first person there to stop them would try. Not just wait for the poultice to arrive. Some ppl jump into action when needed. Some don’t. No need to criticize those who try and do the right things. The real question one should ask is why did the cops allow the dog to knowingly attack the wrong person. And if they somehow unknowingly attacked the wrong person, why did they randomly let the dog go? That would be like firing his weapon blindly into a crowd

  10. Why was your friend still chasing the perp when the cops were already on scene? That just seems like a recipe for disaster, and evidently it was.

  11. He led the cops to the guy and was standing still when they released the dog, and the perp was still running

  12. Police dogs are cruel and unusual punishment. Should a person be mauled/handicapped just for running away?

  13. The dog is not too blame here. The dog was working off a scent . You never get in front of a dog who is tracking. Any sudden movements can also startle the dog. I’ve seen cops actually get bit by their own dogs. I’m sure the city is working with the person who was wrongfully bit

  14. Maybe, just maybe this is why you mind your business and don’t get involved, police dogs are trained to listen to their handler they don’t discriminate out side of that, maybe a little for police uniform but other than that anyone is fair game, I feel bad for your friend but he brought it on himself, imagine he chases the bad guy and gets shot? Stay in your lane folks!

  15. You better tell.your friend to.document any pain or discomfort related to this both mentally and physically. He might not feel some effects at this time but down the road he might.

  16. My friend got bit in the leg by a pit bull once although not nearly as bad as this but the mom came out and asked if he wanted a fuckin band aid while his leg was gushing blood

  17. No I haven't noticed that. Everytime I've seen a k9 dog attack its aways been on the distal portions of the limbs.

  18. Imagine if he did beat the dog and they fired their weapons. If they can’t control their dogs I’d hate to see how they shoot 😂

  19. Is there a scenario where this happens to someone other than the suspect and the police aren't negligent? Serious question

  20. He should start thinking about what area of the city he wants to buy his new house in. Also the car. Those would’ve been my exact thoughts.

  21. I heard about a Canadian woman who came across a woman who had just been severely beaten by three people, so she flagged down a cop, and pointed to where the assailants had run away. She said she would take care of the woman so the cop could chase him down, and the cop wound up beating up the Good Samaritan, breaking her thigh bone and putting her in spinal traction.

  22. It did happen 2 days ago. Idk how to prove it since it's being kept under wraps by I'll see what I can do.

  23. Wow that’s brutal. Hopefully there’s a mega silver lining where he wins a huge settlement and his leg fully recovers.

  24. I’m so sorry that happened to your mate. But this is why you don’t play the hero and you don’t get involved. Life won’t always work out like a movie. I can’t imagine what the recovery process will be like. I had a small bite that tore open my palm from a dog bite, it needed a few stitches and it got horribly infected. This one is pretty bad.

  25. They hadn't arrived when he was chasing them. When they did, he stopped and showed them which way he was going.

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