Just an ordinary day in Compton

  1. Such ignorance on the cops in all of the situation. Poor dog. The guy should have just gave the gun up in a timely manner and it probably would have went without him and the dog dying.

  2. Well, how do we know when he pulls it out to “surrender” it, he doesnt just point at cops and starts shooting. The police did a good job, but the problem was the k9 officer. They released the dog too early. Or maybe it was released and thats when he pulled the gun. But its hard to tell because of one angle. I dont mean to sound like an ass, but maybe put it in perspective another way. Also it says he is a crip. A gang member. Gang members usually keep firearms on them. So its dangerous for them to go in, even if he did surrender his gun. Sorry if i sound like an ass lol

  3. Cops did a great job, your last statement about the guy needing to give up the gun sooner is absolutely true

  4. The idiots killed their own dog. I mean 2, 3 bullets, wait... you have plenty of back up, of he decides to keep being combative to give him a few more doses of lead... but Not 40-50, thats how you kill your own police dog...

  5. As sad as it is. It really shows how fast the polices reflexes were as soon as they saw movement of the gun from the suspect.

  6. Crazy how people are more concerned about the dog than the human being they just killed, aren't you suppose to call EMT to come in after shooting? Maybe it was different back then, but still 😂

  7. Animals rarely do evil, yet people do ever second of every day. He chose that route, so no, no sympathy for him... Rip the dog though, it didn't deserve that

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