an important reminder of why you shouldn't feel bad about eating turkeys

  1. Other omnivorous animals don’t “feel bad” about eating their species-specific diet. The fact we push to raise animals ethically is already something we do and should continue to do.

  2. 2. No livestock animal is allowed to know that it's going to die, they don't see the animals in front of them getting killed, as they are stunned first, passing though a dark place where they don't see anything that's happening to the animal in front of them.

  3. That’s pretty normal in a slaughterhouse. But I would add this one caveat even when they see the slaughter and Butchering happen in front of them they don’t give a damn… literally they just keep eating,grazing and just keeping on with the day.

  4. Wild turkey is delicious and very much fun to hunt. During the spring breeding period, they will just charge in when you make a few coy hen calls. Then your shotgun goes BOOM!

  5. I was late to work once because a flock of five idiot turkeys decided that my street, a one-way in the middle of a densely populated city, was a great place to chill for over an hour. Could not leave on time.

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