I used to fart 150+ a day

  1. I like how <3 is a heart. I assume it's "less than 3" but it looks like "now I fart heart times a day" which is even better.

  2. And yet vegans like to say that meat rots in your colon. Uh no! It’s the exact opposite and all those room clearing farts that vegans produce are proof positive.

  3. Wind is laughed about and seen as acceptable, when it’s a really bad sign your gut is not happy and you need to change something. I was in constant pain with gas as a vegan, now never unless I eat too many vegetables. Which is why I avoid most veg.

  4. This only happened once but I got "sick" as a vegan. Basically I was super constipated but constantly farting. It got really bad where I had pain right below my belly button bad enough it hurt badly to walk. It felt bad to "stretch" that area while walking. Then I woke up one day and the pain was gone. I didn't feel nauseated or anything just pain and a slight "empty" feeling I my stomach. I'm not sure what happened but it's been years and it never happened again.

  5. Same here, when I was vegan I just couldn’t figure out why I had so much gas and pain from it too (almost daily gas pain). More fiber is definitely not what I needed!

  6. Lol I’m still vegan (just one that likes to see and hear all perspectives, hence my activity in this sub) and this made me giggle. Funnily though, my experience was exactly opposite when switching from omni to vegan. 💨 the microbiome is a funny thing!

  7. I'm no longer vegan and can confirm this. Probably has something to do with lactose intolerance I developed on vegan diet which bit me back upon returning to omni due to my fondness of cheese.

  8. Me too but that’s because I was gluten and lactose intolerant and that used to be my staple food.

  9. I still have some problems with gas because of dairy (keep in mind, I'm not intolerant to it or anything) being hard on my stomach sometimes. But when I started eating more protein (eggs, fish, some meats, Greek yogurt and such) and healthy fats instead of being a high carb low fat (HCLF) vegan, things improved. I think my gut biome was fucked because of veganism for a while. I did that diet for 5 YEARS, then transitioned to pescatarian and then finally started eating eggs, dairy, and chicken again.

  10. I went keto for two weeks and I never had to fart!! (meant to be longer but I couldn’t stick with it!) it was so great.

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