How do the people here feel about Coach Corey Wayne and what he teaches?

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  2. Same way I feel any time someone asks "how do you feel about X youtube presence?" You've got the freedom to decide for yourself whether they seem to be moving you or other people listening towards or away from hate - hatred of other people, or hatred of yourself.

  3. Wayne's older videos from over 5 years ago were more about building long term relationships and maintaining your purpose. Being congruent with who you are and do not be bitter. He also has some great early advice on heartbake on breakups.

  4. Seems like a clown. He's like in his 50s, looks like shit. A friend recommended me his book and it's the most generic garbage imaginable.

  5. Love his shit . This dude has saved me from so many mishaps , and he’s not into the cheesy , pickup bullshit . He’s straightforward

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