The letter I send to new converts in my ward

  1. The only way this could be sent to people before getting baptized would be if one was so close with the missionaries as to know their schedule ahead of time.

  2. Thanks for the compliment. After writing this post, I had the thought of keeping a better eye on the missionaries in sacrament meeting to see who's sitting with them, because they chaperone the investigators the whole time they're at church. With a simple conversation to get the investigator's name and town where they live, along with a little detective work, I could send these before baptism every time.

  3. This is really well-written, thorough and compassionate. Is it available for people to appropriate and send to their own friends?

  4. You and everyone else have my 100% permission to use it as-is or adapt to your own use. Good luck, and happy de-converting!

  5. Very well written! I do have one nitpick. Technically Jeremy was never excommunicated, he handed in his resignation before the church could do that. I do think your letter does a good job of highlighting major issues of the church.

  6. Good point, and I had forgotten that he quit before they absolutely were going to excommunicate him.

  7. Thanks, that's exactly what I was going for. It's tough to say it's anti-Mormon if it's on the church website.

  8. Well done. All those issues were mine for many years but I kept plugging away. Then I thought I’m gonna research church history and be able to recant the naysayers. I bought every book I could on the history and doctrine. Needless to say… my eyes have been opened.

  9. I think it was the internet that set me free, because I didn't even know the books were available until I read about them on the internet. Glad you're out.

  10. This is a good letter. I would have left the church the church as a fully active member had I received it at the time.

  11. I appreciate the compliment. I'm not sure if I would have left as a believing member after reading this, but I like to think it would have helped.

  12. You should add the Book of Abraham facts. Joseph Smith made up a phony translation of an Egyptian papyrus. Currently called the Pearl of Great Price . In the 1950’s when Egyptologists translated the papyrus it was found to be a routine funeral document to help the deceased navigate the Egyptian afterlife. Joseph’s Pearl of Great Price translation was just an imaginary story Joseph made up.

  13. Same here, except that my exposure to much of the info was through the old boards. At that time, the Exmo reddit was too "spicy" for me, with a lot more cussing than I was used to, even though it was a fantastic resource.

  14. Thank you for sharing. This is a kindness to give this information to people at the start of their mormon journey. Hopefully it will spare all of them years of wasted time and money.

  15. Add in a 150 billion dollar slush fund and you nailed all my wtf moments lol. Wonderful job. You are doing God's work my friend, or Satan's, or zeus', or odin's, or vishnu's, or....

  16. Thanks, I appreciate the suggestion. I think the greed of the church is a sticking point for a lot of people.

  17. I fully agree. Unfortunately, most of the time I haven't had much advance notice of their baptism. The most recent convert baptism I only heard about the Sunday after she was baptized.

  18. This is excellent. Truly a great service you are doing. You are saving mental, emotional and spiritual health for many people.

  19. Something about this seems like it would have the opposite effect. They will show it to their missionaries and this will only prove that Satan is trying to discourage them, just as they warned he would. These people have free agency. And unlike years ago when I joined the church, they have tools easily available to throughly research the church. Plus, at this point in their spiritual journey they are not of a mindset to listen anyway. The truth? They can’t handle the truth. I’d let them be.

  20. You’re my fucking hero. For one thing what a good guy for going to church to help your wife. Second, god damn what a great letter.

  21. Thanks! I'm just an okay guy with a good wife and great kids. I can't imagine my life without them, so we compromise.

  22. That's a good point - so many of us didn't know what we were consenting to when we went through the temple, or even when we signed up to be Mormons.

  23. Congratulations. You passed the real test of mortality. God, at least a perfectly true and just God, would be proud that you are working against pharisees just like Jesus did.

  24. This made me smile so much! I've often had the thought myself that if there's really a God who is good, his "test" of mortality would be to see whether you can do the right thing and treat others well, regardless of what you're told to do. A good God wouldn't give a damn about "obedience", because obedience isn't righteousness - it's just following orders, and robots aren't righteous.

  25. There's a lot of good topics, but I'm trying to keep it to five pages so it will mail with a first class stamp and be easily readable. I'm hoping to spark curiosity in the recipients where they will seek further knowledge on their own.

  26. Snail mail has been my method of choice. One of them I dropped off on their front door since they lived nearby.

  27. Get a divorce. If you believe this so strongly why on earth do you attend church? Send this anonymous letter, signed, to your wife.

  28. Dude, not cool. I believe what I believe, and I let my wife do the same. I love her, and I support her, even if I think she's misinformed. I have had heated discussions in the past with her about this stuff, and it didn't leave either of us happy or change anyone's mind. I don't want a divorce, and sending my wife this letter would be transparently obvious and disrespectful to her because we have reached an agreement that suits us both. Not open for further discussion with you on this topic.

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