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  1. technically you would say pansexual as he fell in love with people and developed emotional connections first before sexual relationships

  2. "Oh yeah, bro, I love it when your unconditional acceptance fills my existential trauma hole like, homo."

  3. Shinji’s gotta be the most pan man alive. He’d screw guys, girls, angels, and comatose bodies

  4. I don't think OP is saying Shinji can't be one thing or another, just that it is consistent with Shinji's characterization and development as a character to simply latch onto anything and everything that shows any amount of kindness. Hell, Shinji would probably try to fuck PenPen if he thought that PenPen would fulfill his neglected emotional needs.

  5. whatever the fuck he was feeling for kaworu shouldn’t matter.. my boy was absolutely devastated and those shenanigans in the end of ep 24 only drove him over the edge cause Kaworu made him feel comfortable and accepted for once.

  6. i would like to point out that when people call shinji gay it’s usually as an umbrella term they don’t actually mean he’s only into men

  7. If Shinji had legitimate sexual attraction towards men, I’d expect him to at least once have one of his imaginary sex mindscapes involve Kaworu. No men get a “would you like to become one with me” moment with him, just mild blushing when someone gets super into his personal space and speaks intimate language to his face, which I’d think most anyone would get frazzled by. Not saying he’s straight as an arrow, but probably my most controversial Eva belief is that Shinji’s attraction to men is largely overstated.

  8. The show was made in the 90s. Even in modern day if a male character is bisexual it is rarely more than alluded to. Sometimes it's even true for female characters.

  9. “Imaginary sex mindscapes” you mean the freudian nightmares during instrumentality? Because a reading of that whole thing more supports the idea that Shinji is abjectly terrified of women than he is attracted to them. (Nevermind that he only calms down when

  10. Bisexuality is a spectrum and doesn’t necessarily denote equal attraction to genders. There are bisexual people who heavily favor men and ones who heavily favor women. It’s not uncommon for bisexual people to represent their bisexuality as ratios, actually.

  11. Also consider the timeframe the show was made, Anno would've probably been bashed up and down Sesame Street for including something like that in the OG series

  12. He blushed when Kaworu was naked flirting with him. When Lilith-Rei wanted to take a form more comfortable for Shinji she chose Kaworu’s

  13. Funny how I only ever seen this logic used with queerness. I never see anyone say "Shinji isn't actually straight, he's just desperate for attention wrt Asuka."

  14. Pretty much my impression when I first saw it forever ago. Shinji reciprocated to the first person who actually showed him affection.

  15. Why do people care so much if he is gay or not. My man is desperate so I’m considering his sexuality as desperate because it’s accurate

  16. You know, you could label him as bi, but I really don't think Shinji even knows what he is. Poor dude is only a 14 year-old kid and is effectively a child-soldier fighting celestial beings beyond human comprehension. If he was asked what he looks for ideally in a partner I doubt he could give a real answer other than something along the lines of someone who loved him back.

  17. It’s purposefully ambiguous. He could be gay, bi, or straight- he doesn’t know and neither do we- that’s kinda the point. He acts almost exclusively out of a desperate desire for affection and approval, regardless of who he gets it from or how he gets it.

  18. I kinda hate the button ngl. Like yeah he’s bi i’m on that train but. A lot of bi people face the social expectation that being with someone of the opposite sex is “normal” and being with someone of the same sex is not, and i feel like the button at face value enforces that. It’s the implication that he’d be straight if he wasn’t mentally ill that just. rubs me the wrong way. Ignoring his Bi-ness in favour of gayness is shitty, sure, but i feel like there are better ways of putting it across

  19. Gay people often have straight experiences at that age. Being gay doesn't mean you've only ever had sexual experiences with males.

  20. No concrete evidence that Shinji or Kaworu are gay or loved each other. Also a reminder that Kaworu was an Angel who wanted to turn us all into orange juice, faked his affection for Shinji to lull him, and only changed his mind after learning empathy

  21. You’re confusing Kaworu with Karl. Nevermind that Kaworu is shinji’s alien double and shadow self, and that he doesn’t know as much about anything in a similar manner to shinji (at least depending on which version of Eva you’re talking about). He accepts death so calmly because he’s an alien and he sees that it’s the best way out of the situation Shinji is in.

  22. While I acknowledge that his sexuality has absolutely no bearing on the plot or themes. I can't have my bisexual polyamory fanfic golden endings if gender gets in the way.

  23. I like how everyone keeps trying to put Shinji in a label based on a point of his life when he was traumatized, carrying the responsibility of humanities survival on his soldier, had no self worth and felt used and unloved by everyone in his life.

  24. are eva fans so terminally online they can't comprehend that being accepting of anyone's love can mean.... bisexuality........ as in, not exclusively straight.............

  25. According to the raising sim game he's likely bi. He has a romance ending with most female characters but also one with Kaworu. So whether he's gay or straight or bi (my hc) it's up to the audience.

  26. Thats true but try to explain to this people 😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨, Even kaworu is not gay, just humans could be and kaworu is an angel, Even exist people who thinks that the rest of the animals could be gay 😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨, but well fantasies I think.

  27. He’s not even fully bisexual people just love putting their own opinions and shit onto this show

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