UA:PBC offers Kalush Orchestra to represent Ukraine in Turin

  1. They claimed the voting was rigged. Kalush won the televote, so they have the right to be salty, if you ask me. What they did was the best choice - in Ukraine you don't make an official complaint and hope for the best. Doesn't work this way. Unless you make a shitstorm publicly, nothing is going to change.

  2. Well, it was the next logical step. I really like the song and don't have any doubts that it will be another great result. I imagine they'll accept the offer - they posted a poll on their Telegram channel, asking whether they should go or not and as of now 87% voted yes.

  3. They are extremely popular in Ukraine and their streaming power shows it. I wish other countries could send strong acts like this, acts that the young audience loves to listen to and they bring fresh music to the contest.

  4. Go_a was very popular too. Verka Serduchka was, and is, a legend all across ex-USSR, Eurovision didn't change anything here.

  5. They are offering it to the group that accused the broadcaster of being corrupt? I didn’t expect that.

  6. Makes sense. I hope they accept and we can still get a decent entry from Ukraine this year. I'm sad about Ancestors, to be sure.

  7. If it actually gets sent, it would be great song that can get good results sure,but it's truly tragic and terrible procedure of choosing it. .. Honestly kinda have mixed feelings about this news...

  8. I'll probably regret asking this, but what exactly did they do that got people so angry that they're even saying they wouldn't qualify?

  9. I'll probably regret answering, but some people are angry because they loved Alina's entry too much. There's no other reason. People in Ukraine are mostly pro-Kalush and they don't seem as angry as some redditors.

  10. Of all the people who participated in two(/three) consecutive years, Ihor Didenchuk would probably become my favorite. I hope they accept.

  11. Ngl I do wanna see the problematic member yelling at and demanding detailed results from Martin Österdahl at like 5 am on the day of the final

  12. funny how Yaroslav did not want this to represent Ukraine and there was clearly a preference for Alina's patriotic song but karma got him hard and Kalusho will do it!

  13. lol ofc their fans are going to tell them to go, and they know that. This vote is obviously a way for them to accept the invitation because they regret saying that they would decline it in the past. It's fine, but childish. I guess most people won't realize this, specially the casuals, so good for them.

  14. For westerners accusing them of 'throwing a fit for losing' or being sore losers and whatever: They did absolutely nothing wrong, and I'd do the exact same thing in this situation cause I'm from a corrupt country too. You have to fight for your rights even if it comes off as 'rude' for snowflakes like you, or people will stomp on you and take away what you deserve. "Waa waa they're so rude and toxic 😖 poor corrupt shitty juries UwU how dare they shout at them 🥺🥺 good vibes only peace ✌️ "

  15. We are supposed to be graceful when we lose, but I was watching the jury points live and the male juror seemed to be rather offesnive to Kalush. I have no idea about what was being said, but the tone was ruder and the length of his feedback was way longer than what other acts had received before Kalush, so I can understand the anger and it justifies some of the tantrum.

  16. I liked the Alina's song myself, but it's too stereotypical and unoriginal, in my opinion... sad tones, some kind of weird rap-thing about Shakespeare (why...), map of Ukraine, ancestors... just cliche. It's a song made specifically for Eurovision.

  17. I think it doesnt matter that much who they send, Roxolana and Kalush would probably be good enough to continue the finals streak. I personally had Kalush in first slightly above Alina so I would be totally fine with them representing Ukraine. The way all of this drama went down is really unfortunate though and I feel bad for both Kalush and Alina...

  18. The right thing for the broadcaster to do, despite Kalush Orchestra's behaviour. I can't imagine them turning the opportunity down now. It has to be them or Roxolana anyway, I don't think Wellboy's song will travel as well across borders.

  19. They didn't do anything wrong tho. The jury vote was looking suspicious, Alina did break the rules and the Ukrainian law. And if you want to achieve a justice in things like these in Ukraine, you have to make it public, the corruption is really bad in here.

  20. I hope they stay in the SF. Ukraine should’ve withdrawn. You either go with Alina or doesn’t participate at all.

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