Swedish and Danish seismological stations confirm explosions at Nord Stream leaks

  1. "The gas leaks on Nord Stream 1 and 2 are being investigated by the German state as deliberate attacks. Now SVT can reveal that measuring stations in both Sweden and Denmark registered strong underwater explosions in the same area as the gas leaks on Monday.

  2. I'm assuming that based on their commentary, that the pressures involved between the pipe and the water outside it would mean a completely innocent explosion is not really possible. Like a weakening of the structure would cause an implosion, and register very differently.

  3. of course it happens when baltic pipeline is opened this week. russia trying to scare markets to keep gas prices high after few weeks of them lowering and also spread fear of sabotage to other gas infrastructure.

  4. Whoever that did, it was a bold move. An act of aggression towards Europe, no doubt. Even though it may result in nothing impactful, the message is clear. I’d bet my left leg on the Russians. They are the main player on the stage right now and they have a recent past of completely degenerate global moves. For me the obvious candidate until other information is published.

  5. In the video he also points out that seismic activity from explosions is different from seimic activity due to earthquakes, and he goes on to guess that approximately 100 kg dynamite/TNT was used.

  6. The US Navy just had a carrier in the area where this happened that coincidentally left the area recently...

  7. I’m confused who is sabotaging who? The pipeline blows but there wasn’t any gas going through it no? Honestly this puts Europe in a bad situation regarding energy but is good in that it essentially forces them to push for alternatives… it’s like blowing up the bridge behind you… there is no retreat and you would have to fight or die

  8. That is interesting and I think lends some credibility to the idea that this is intended as a threat to other pipelines.

  9. But that is not something special though. That Russia might sabotage pipelines to leverage negotiation power is a very obvious scenario that Germany had on the radar long ago. It’s just that you really can’t do anything to prevent it from happening, you would have to protect thousands of miles of (underwater) pipelines 24/7. A diver/guy with prepared C4 would be sufficient to destroy the pipeline, no way you would be able to detect the aggressor.

  10. Considering the size of the leak, tools would have been insanely dangerous for the persons or material involved (and likely to leave proofs). Explosion seemed more likely imho. But yeah definitive proof now. I am wondering why they would do that though. I mean, they have the control of the tap on their side so it's not just a question of stopping the gaz deliveries. It feels like that want to make sure they will be no gaz deliveries in the future.

  11. We should be carefull about our undersea internet cables, remember russia mapped them, he may be going for a total war... Maybe not but we should be prepared for it

  12. They have probably alreeady placed devices on them to explode them if they want, they have been entering Icelandic water with nuclear submarines for months before they invaded Ukraine. There was a suspicious damage of one of the sea-string close to Norway that happened during one of their secret expositions... News in icelandic about this but translatable in chrome.

  13. Some will say you’re paranoid, but yeah, they might want to leave Europe in cold, dark and information-less. Putin probably thinks that if he’s going down, he’s taking everybody with him.

  14. Yeah I remember the post that correlated the Russian sub exercises with the undersea cables between the British Isles and France. The Russians have been planning this geopolitical war for many years and we have no idea what lengths they’re prepared to go.

  15. The internet cables are next. Those are obvious provocations to drag Europe into Putin's impotent war so the looming defeat isn't as humiliating.

  16. But supplying or witholding gas to frozen Europe was Putin's trump card. This completely wrecks that. Why would EU lay off Russia now thst they can't even supply gas?

  17. Yeah it’s like Cortes burning his ships after they landed in Mexico. No going back. The referendums in Ukraine are the same thing.

  18. This makes a lot of sense. Especially if he is hell-bent on Ukraine, whatever he assumes he might get from there you could expect that Europe would never get gas from Russia until international borders are returned to their status quo.

  19. Also they came up with a lot of bullshit lies to not deliver gas even gas wasn't sanctioned. They just broke the contract by not delivering. Now they have a real "technical" issue so they don't have to pull out lies about it out of their fascist ass.

  20. I have a simpler explanation: when Putin decides something, there's nobody to say no to him. And his twisted mind might have decided that this would benefit him.

  21. I’ve mentioned it on a previous comment, but I feel that this need to be repeated: several of the mysterious oligarchs and businessmen deaths, were either Gazprom or Lukoil executives (source:

  22. You can also sell Russians the idea, that the West is deliberately harming Russia / attacking it, which has been the narrative all along. He’s not fighting Ukraine but the West as a whole etc

  23. Besides seismology I assume the area is closely monitored with sonar and the like. Does the data indicate these explosions were the result of munitions detonating, or explosion of gas in the pipeline, or possibly just localized over pressure bursting the pipes? In the last two, did these pipelines have digital components that may have been Weaponized through a cyber attack?

  24. Well… the Swedish coastline next to it has had visitors from Russia/Soviet before. But the military might not want to tell more about it at the moment if they have data.

  25. Soon on every russia sponsored news media: “The nazi Ukrainian regime is responsible for that” Ukraine: we have 0 submarines…

  26. I mean blaming Poland would make much more sense since we're the country that would gain the most from this. ND was a giant splinter in Polands dick and Pis government were fuming at the mention of it

  27. The Russians loose the most out of this. They were clearly planning to use the prospect of turning the gas back on over winter as a way to push some EU countries to break rank and reverse sanctions. Now they have zero leverage over the EU. Very Strange if it was them, there must be more to the story.

  28. Wait a second... there's no emergency shut off valves between where the pipe ruptured and the well head? That seems extremely foolish.

  29. This is what worries me. Seems to indicate Putin really is all in. If he is willing to sacrifice Russian oil/gas infrastructure, he must really believe there is no end to the war in sight. His next move could be quite aggressive.

  30. How bad these explosions might be? Like it would go back through all the pipeline and explode in random places in Russia? Will it affect the European part of the pipelines? (Not that I want it to happen). Just want to know the magnitude of what could happen.

  31. They've been burning millions and millions of dollars' worth for months at the north end, nonstop. They're not quite as incompetent as we'd like.

  32. Think that’s because we don’t yet have a rational reason why Russia would blow up their only leverage over Europe. Their whole strategy was to hope there’s a harsh winter in Europe, and use turning the pipes on as a means to get some nations to reverse sanctions. I mean they probably did it.. but we don’t yet know why.

  33. Jfc, can you realize for a fucking second that not everyone who has the minimal doubt has to be paid by Russia itself, is it that hard to even imagine?

  34. Russia wins nothing with a false attack here, no? They cannot strong arm europe anymore if there is no viable way to actually ship the gas, and not a single international country will go "Oh no, poor Russia lets help them!"

  35. Agreed. I also can not imagine that this is a sabotage act from Russia because it would sabotage them more than us. Yes, they are incredibly stupid with their decisions lately but I don‘t think they are this stupid. This whole thing is really odd and mysterious to me because nobody really profits of it. There is not even gas flowing for weeks now and it won't certainly flow again in the future. I hope we will get answers rather sooner than later

  36. Perhaps because it shuts down the oligarchs who want to open the gas lines, many influential Russians are dependent on that gas money and they want this war to end. Also, I'm not sure about what type of contract they have with Germany, it could be that they cannot just shut them off as "sanctions" without breaking the contract, hence previously they claimed "technical difficulties" and maybe now they went all the way.

  37. Could be the response to the forced nationalization of Russian-owned oil refineries in Germany. Don’t forget that many decisions are made by putin, which could be an emotional response. It looks like he has some mental issues and complexes, and the more “special operation” is going wrong, the more impulsive his decisions are.

  38. What they gain is a valid argument for not delivering any gas and the opportunity to blame someone else in order to justify any actions they do next.

  39. They just started a really unpopular military mobilization. What better way to pump some nationalism than to simulate an attack on yourself?

  40. Thank you for trying not to follow the main trend. If this war is showing me something, is how wrong I was about

  41. The same "they have no reasons for it" was thrown around before 24.02, when multiple countries said it looked like russia would attack.

  42. Alright Mr conspiracy theorist. Who did it then? Just don't pull out USA like the rest of the bots on twitter please, because that sounds even more absurd.

  43. Because there's so much more Germany could do? That Pipeline hasn't been carrying Gas to Germany for nearly a month now and the Nordstream 2 project was suspended indefinitely earlier this year.

  44. Clearly sabotage. Would not be surprised if this was Russia, considering Gazprom executives are conveniently dying by “suicide” or “accident”.

  45. They probably didn't. If a hamster farts, it's probably because russians deliberately fed him beans the first theory on this sub

  46. The new pipeline between Norway and Poland opened today. Coincidence? Or a warning from Russia: “Nice pipeline you built there, but look how vulnerable these pipes are…”

  47. Blowing Nord Streams makes the least sense for Russia.The entire idea behind them was to avoid using Ukrainian transit, yet now it's the only chance putin has to continue his gas supplies to Europe(in case of his hypothetical victory). If anything, destroying the Ukrainian pipelines would make much more sense, as it would force Europe to either open up NS or be left without any gas supplies from Russia(and it'd be easier to execute as well, the place's a warzone after all). So I really doubt it was putin

  48. Gazprom is under contractual obligation to provide gas with stiff penalties for breaking the contract. That's why they've been using the lame repair excuse for the past two months instead of simply shutting down the valves.

  49. I'm guessing it's the only act of aggression towards the rest of Europe that Russia can make which they won't suffer reprisals from right now. They can assure themselves that they are strong, but since it's on the bottom of the Baltic sea in international waters (it's right outside of Denmarks territorial waters) there is nothing that can really justify any country in Europe or in NATO to retaliate.

  50. Could this be an actor trying to stoke flames on both sides? This dosent seem to make sense if russia can shut them off whenever

  51. Based on an unconfirmed information all Nord Stream 1 pipes are out of order, and at least one Nord Stream 2 pipe wasn't damaged. Cannot find a solid confirmation but if it is true, than it means that someone wants to lift NS2 sanctions.

  52. People's only arguments as to why it is Russia are "D-duh because it's a dictatorship and dictators are crazy!!" Can't tell if these people are naive teenagers or just incredibly stupid.

  53. thread is full with accounts that spam oneliners pointing at russia. written at a very stupid level. and you wanna blame russian bots? are you serious? do you guys even think that the real people here can think by themself?

  54. Tell me what Russia has to win by throwing away their biggest trump card. God you drones are ridiculous. I bet you'd blame Russia if you slipped on a banana peel.

  55. It's clearly a threat. They want us to know that russia can cut our gas pipelines from norway, africa and the caucasus at any point.

  56. The whole thing is weird, and I doubt Russia is behind it. Why would Russia destroy their own pipeline? Russia's strategy is to the energy shortage in Europe as a bargaining chip this winter and force Europe to stop sending weapons to Ukraine. Destroying the pipeline removes even the possibility (regardless of how unlikely it is of working) of such a strategy.

  57. Someone making sure Germany doesn't have any incentives left to strike a bargain with Russia ? Because 100% this isn't the Russians.

  58. Why would they want to fake an accident? They would want everybody to know it was purposeful for it to be a threat, while having enough plausible deniability to plant uncertainty and publicly deny and feign outrage.

  59. A Polish MEP just thanked America for blowing it up, I don't know if it means anything but still that's crazy

  60. But Putin already shut down the gas and Germany already shut down even the option of opening up NordStream2. I don't see who gains from this. I fail to see how this would be in anyone's interest.

  61. Biden promised he would fuck up the pipeline if Russia invaded. He did it in February I remember it clear as a day. Got damnit, gotta find the news.

  62. Ns2 was never in service, and ns1 didn't deliver any gas since end of August. The russians tried to blame it on a defect turbine, but thanks to canada germany could call russias bluff.

  63. Russia was going full Chaos and sending troops through the pipeline to emerge in Germany in a surprise attack feint. Dark Brandon caught wind of it and shut it down.

  64. President Joe Biden, Feb. 7, 2022: "If Russia invades, that means tanks or troops crossing the -- the border of Ukraine again, then there will be -- there will be no longer a Nord Stream 2," Biden said during the press conference with Scholz, who did not go as far as Biden, but insisted the U.S. and Germany remain "absolutely united."

  65. Y'all realise that, if this doesn't get resolved, then it's not Russia. And the fact that major countries and their officials are still silent on this matter, points even further to the possibility that Russia had nothing to do with this.

  66. Russia Just decide to blow up 10 billions of it's own pipelines to stop the gas ,from which Is still making Money (,not a bad thing when you are at war), instead of using the bullshit excuse of "technical problem" that they Always use, to raise the price.

  67. What do Russia get out of this? They do send a signal that if western countries intervene in Ukraine they risk getting burned.

  68. Been reading comments on this thread for an hour and not one mention yet of Biden in February telling reporters that Nord Stream will be stopped if Russia invades. A potential act of war on Europe and nobody on here seems open to even entertaining that possibility 🤔

  69. Russia technically owns the pipelines, so if anything, it's an attack on Russia. If it was Russia that did it, they could use it as an excuse, but if they were doing that, I think they would have already said something.

  70. "If Russia invades, that means tanks or troops crossing the border of Ukraine again, there will no longer be a Nord Stream 2," Biden said. "We will bring an end to it."

  71. Most likely Biden . Russian intelligence states there were US paratroop vessel in 30 km from that spot .

  72. You know there is a US Navy post in Gdank right with vessels? So maybe they saw it....and so what? Gtfo out of here with ur BS. Russian Intelligence also said Ukraine was conducting genocide.

  73. I'm slightly confused if this is good or bad. Is it good or bad for Russia or Europe..Who owns it and who is set to to lose the most because of this?

  74. As an outsider, seems more likely this was done by US. Why would Rus, blow its own infrastructure and bargaining chips?

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