Netherlands to apologise for role in slave trade

  1. I understand the need to voice an opinion on the slave trade as a country that 150 years ago was involved in that but I think a better approach is to simply acknowledge that the slave trade was a bad thing rather than apologize for it.

  2. They may not be guilty, but as long as they benefit off the foundations that were laid back then, they do have a responsibility with respect to how they use that wealth.

  3. Less true in America, were they suffered from the hand of gov and the people. With at least two genocides, one of witch in the 20th history.

  4. So people who never owned slaves are apologizing to people who never were slaves? How does that make any sense at all?

  5. Welcome to the club. Funny thing is, though British, I'm also an Arab, but the people who bang on about historical slavery never seem to want to talk about the Arab slave trade.

  6. It makes sense because the effects of that period are still defining modern day life and the power balance of globalization. Wealth, influence and the structures built don’t die with a person, they get passed down generations.

  7. Nobody stopped the dutch (government) from doing it sooner while culprits and victims were still alive. Maybe ask yourself why it took 150 years..

  8. And where will it end? 150 years from now will it be "no one alive today was around for the 2022 apology, so it's still an unfinished chapter"?

  9. Think we should always consider stuff like this "finished" when everyone that was involved no longer is alive. Everything else is stupid because if we want to play this game then absolutely everyone has blood on their hands.

  10. You can consider it finished when all the unjust advantages earned through exploitation and passed down as generational wealth have been fully levelled between the exploiters and their victims. You can consider it finished when the racism that was employed to justify this exploitation has vanished off the face of the earth. We have a very long way to go until all this has been accounted for, and we‘re just at the start. Asking when it will finish at this point is silly.

  11. Where exactly is that €200m comming from considering it was "completely impossible" to find any more money to help people who can't afford their electricity bill anymore?

  12. Man you could really use some education on the history of European trade, foundations of wealth, generational trauma and a whole bunch of other topics.

  13. I am waiting for all the African nations to apologize. Their ancestors captured and sold the bulk of slaves that were then transported to the new world.

  14. As a slavery scholar, I welcome this kind of stuff. But then when I read that Rutte made up his mind because of BLM, I start to have doubts regarding the whole thing. Dutch slave colonies have very little to do with BLM, and the conflation in his mind is worrying. In a sense, it shows he is right that education is needed though. But then I am afraid the entire project is already launched towards a scientifically weak but politically charged path.

  15. I have seen a few videos in YouTube and at least one really horrific picture in Reddit about this topic. I hope that this new visibility of the atrocities done in the past help to do amendments and recognize their cruelty.

  16. Many citizens of ex colonial powers in this sub have a mental breakdown every time the topic of colonialism and news of countries of who acknowledge their role in slave trade is brought up. It might not have happened because there were no cameras back then, who cares because everyone did it, it makes Europe look weak, we gave some aid to colonies so it doesn't count now are all arguments that I have read here.

  17. ^ Thank you for proving my point with a real time demonstration of aforementioned mental breakdown.

  18. Apologies are made to show your country recognises the atrocities committed in the past. It's not an apology of personal guilt, nor one to the direct victims of those atrocities.

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