People Are Being Arrested in the UK for Protesting Against the Monarchy

  1. The guy that called the Nonce a Nonce, is going to face a stiffer penalty than the Nonce did for actually being a Nonce.

  2. Yet it is explicitly in UK law that you are allowed to protest the monarch without persecution, dating from 1689 (Declaration of Right), meaning it is protected speech and those arresting officers and/or their constabulary are opening themselves up to being sued.

  3. Laws are written poorly and vaguely on purpose, so they can be stretched and abused. None of these rats would want to be a politician if the laws were written like science books.

  4. I think you are ignoring that the laws being vague are not an issue (to the ones writing them), it's a feature. The laws are "poorly" written so that they can be "poorly" interpreted and enforced.

  5. Absolutely. In my lifetime there has never been a British government that expanded civil liberties and left the population freer than when it entered office.

  6. Yeah, sure, in Russia propaganda also love to say "protesters were blocking roads for ambulance" and "protesters ruined everyone's celebration". It's easy to cover up arrests by saying that people broke the law, not because they were against someone

  7. Public protests inevitably disrupt public peace. If those laws are intentionally written this way that they can be enforced when needed, this indeed has a lot to do with being anti-monarchist.

  8. Duuuude it's not our poorly worded laws that should be the focus here it's definitely how and when they are being interpreted we aren't pieces of software that needs to be programmed but I agree the laws need an update

  9. In Scotland we have something called "Breach of Peace", which is what the police charge you with if they can't prove you have committed an actual crime. The criteria are so vague that you can basically be arrested for being annoying – you merely have to, in the opinion of a police officer, "cause alarm to ordinary people and threaten serious disturbance to the community".

  10. There was a guy convicted of a hate crime because of a funny dog video he made for his girlfriend. In the video, his pug raised a paw when he said "seig heil". All of the millions of people who watched that viral video knew that it was intended to be funny, but British courts were so hell-bent on denying freedom of speech that they pretended that he was training a dog to be an actual nazi convicted him of a hate crime. The icing on the cake was when they denied his constitutional right to appeal, stating that the his case was "not arguable" due to the nature of the "deeply unpleasant offence".

  11. And disturbing a funeral procession with shouting and screaming at mourners is different from an organized protest on a town square, in my opinion. Im not for any monarchy, but come on, they are for the monarchy (or constitutional monarchy) and their queen died, have a little decency, right? You can throw eggs at the palace any other day, but its trashy to protest during a funeral.

  12. Just want to point out that in Scotland the nationalist (and often republican) government passed laws that specifically target “offensive language”, effectively curbing free speech. Now the same people are angry they can’t say fuck the monarchy during a funeral procession because it’s offensive.

  13. The SNP are officially pro-monarchy, even if many of their supporters want rid of it. Although I agree the offensive language rules are pretty stupid.

  14. Isn't the hate crime bill there to offer harsher punishment for people who commit an offence purely because of the other person race/gender/age/disability/sexuality etc? Its not making it illegal to hate something.

  15. The thing I wonder is how can there be kings and queens in 21'st century? How can anyone be proud of being a subject?

  16. So I live in the UK and have met people who proudly proclaimed that they LOVE the Queen and being her subject. I tried asking questions. Still don't get it.

  17. People get arrested for saying "there is nothing wrong with being white" and "that police horse is gay" under the exact same law.

  18. Our laws are poorly worded and open for abuse by law enforcement. What is strange here is that the police are behaving in this way? given that the police in the UK rarely do anything for real crime, why are they choosing, or being leant upon to do this?

  19. I hope all monarchies will be dissolved soon. I don’t understand why anyone in Europe cheers for monarchies. Like wth? Monarchs were the people ho made your ancestors slaves.

  20. This is for everyone explaining to me in this subreddits that “the UK is a monarchy but we invented the parliamentary democracy”.

  21. Yeah, this one is troubling. Used to be that you could call out anti-monarchist statements in the street and, you know, it was regarded as free speech. Also, such sentiments weren't regarded as extreme. There was a well understood anti-monarchist section of the public who regularly showed up at various events. The idea that these people merit arrest is both ludicrous and appalling. And the very icy tip of a slippery slope. For shame, UK police. For shame.

  22. If you were in Andrew's position, nobody would be shouting abuse at you at your grandma's funeral, because you simply would not be there. You would be serving time in prison, because you would not have the millions to settle out of Court.

  23. If you don't want someone to protest your presence, don't be a creepy nonce and parade down the high street of the capital. Andrew should not have been involved in that parade at all.

  24. When it comes to huge political figures who represent our country, I think it’s fair to protest. Some may say it’s disrespectful but law should not be involved at all

  25. Fair enough.. but if you were guilty in the public eye as being a paedo and that grandma covered it up, you might just have to deal with it

  26. Truth doesn't sell that well, and it's hypocrisy to pixel parts of the posters as illegal to publish, but perfectly justify it to protest during funeral...

  27. My grandma didn't participate in genocidal colonialism, and she didn't protect my nonce uncle. If I had one.

  28. I'm no fan of royalty or it's history However I think it's futile to stand there with a bit of cardboard with not my king on it surrounded by people who are grieving it's going to cause an argument so the police are going to remove the individuals 1 for their own safety and 2 to keep the peace. I'm sure they was taken to a station given a cup of tea and released a few hours later ?

  29. More likely they are being arrested for breach of the peace. Actually it's not even that, it just seems they have been told to leave by the police and that's understandable to do that.

  30. They have been charged with breach of the peace which is a criminal offense in Scotland that can lead to imprisonment:

  31. no such thing as peace or breach or etc, doesnt matter. "handcuffed to be sent to a police station with pending criminal charges" is "understandable told to leave" now, what bs. cepuxuax, outx, sayx any nmw and any s perfect

  32. I'm British and anti-Monarchy. But timing your protest to the Queen's coffin procession seems kind of crass. Certainly doesn't help the Republican cause.

  33. Are we really acting like she had a hard life with an utterly unpredictable death? She was a literal Queen and a fucking fossil who was bound to kick the bucket at some point.

  34. About time they end this stuff. All the money, gold and other stuff for some people who are glorified for nothing while all they own could be used to actually help the country and it's people.

  35. You do realize a president is about as expensive as a king, without the glamour and money-bringing touristic part.

  36. All the palaces, Crown Jewels, etc are not owned by the Monarch. They, and any funds they raise, are the property of the UK Government. The monarch and Prince of Wales own Dutchies (spelling??). In return for passing ownership to the State, the Royal Family is paid a set fee. It’s complicated, but the stuff you are thinking about is not owned by the Crown. The tourism generated by the Monarchy is worth far more than their "drain" on the State.

  37. Just so it's said, it looks bad when they arrest protestors, and I do not understand or agree that decition.

  38. Monarchies in this day and age, even if they're just "expensive figure heads", are idiotic. The monarchs are allowed to represent a history of brutal imperialism proudly, or just the concept of monarchies in general, but if you're denouncing them "you're a bad meanie who needs to be put away". UK citizens deserve their big brother type of government who jails people for being offensive. This type of government is heavily supported by its citizens (and most of reddit's userbase). Reap what you sow, brothers.

  39. I promote protesting against the monarchy, but do that around King Charlie ceremonies and not where his dead mum is carried around, that's just uncivil......

  40. No, it's the best time to do it. The rare time all the media is watching. If charles wanted a private ceremony away from the british public, he could have had one. Instead her dead body is paraded around for a week and full eye of the british public. Hopefully once the sympathy erection has died down, everyone will see sense.

  41. If you go to any funeral and start shouting insults at the deceased or at the mourning family members, you can't then be surprised if you end up with your teeth smashed in, getting arrested, or both.

  42. They are being 'arrested' for 'breach of the peace', 9/10 the police extract them from potentially dangerous situations, take them round the corner and 'de-arrest' them.

  43. and yet the pedophile walks free because he is part of the Monarchy... Great that UK left European Union. Now send that pedophile to USA as FBI requested...

  44. He's not a paedophile by British standards even if he did sleep with VG when she was 17, and that has not been proven. He kept dodgy company and lied but you don't have a basis to call him a paedophile.

  45. ...Am I actually seeing Redditors acknowledge the fact that free speech is supposed to be absolute, here? It's a fucking miracle...

  46. they have been arresting people for things they post on facebook for a couple years now. because, you know, hurt feelings.

  47. We've had 5 or 10 years of left wing people supporting "If anyone says anything which anyone else might find offensive, they should be arrested". I wonder if they're starting realise that these rules might apply to them too.

  48. Let’s see where anyone has ever said that? And given you take issue with things like deplatforming, I’m sure you’ll have plenty of things to say about people getting literally getting arrested for protesting

  49. Correction - people are being arrested in the UK for disrupting events of national importance - I'm not sure what they were expecting.

  50. A lot of bootlickers in this thread. If they don't want people protesting at their funerals, they can abolish the monarchy and return all their stolen wealth.

  51. The British government passed a law (I thunk even this year?) that made it very easy to arrest people for "public dissorder" and such.

  52. No they are not, they are being arrested for Breach of the Peace. Standing in the middle of 10k mourners shouting "not my King" etc is likely to start a row and cause trouble. they are arrested removed and released. Lets not get over excited when there isnt a real story. This is about public order.

  53. And rightfully so. It’s disgraceful to think that some wombat’s think it’s cool or even okay to do this at the moment and still receive social welfare

  54. People have been warning about this insane speech control in the UK for a while now. It was inevitable that unchecked it would eventually reach groups that were previously ok with it.

  55. Misleading title, makes it seam like hundreds, Article cites 4 over the last 3 days of which one was discharged. Two awaiting to see if charged and one formally charged. The charged one seeming to be the one that protested near the queens corpse which is absolutely a breach of peace. If your Nan was dead you’d be pretty pissed if I put a notice up outside insulting her. Any where else is fine. But the place of rest specifically whilst folk are mourning is too much. Common sense would say do it somewhere else.

  56. They are being arrested for being a disturbance, it’s not same thing. Yelling at the passing coffin of the late queen is practically begging to be arrested. Democracy doesn’t mean you get to do whatever you want despite what the weirdos of Reddit think.

  57. Can we just take a moment to comprehend that in a gathering of tens of thousands that were there to mourn for their queen, tens "protested" against the monarchy and all of a sudden the internet says "the citizens are angry and protest against the King and Queen"?I mean, isnt it a bit ironic that .001% and they make it sound like nobody wants the King?

  58. The king of pedophilia doesn’t like being talked down to by mere peasants. His family hasn’t survived over 1000 years of German bloodlines just to be told what to do by some common plebs.

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