Today's villains are bad guys, but originally they were simply rural peasants.

  1. In Italian “Villano” is someone who is very rude, it also comes from “villains” a person that lived in country villages

  2. Yes, because the heroes were always "noble" and the antagonists were those trying to upset the order and rise above their low station.

  3. That's a very marxist influenced interpretation. I'm sure that's not the only explanation (though it may have a hint of truth).

  4. Kind of like how pagan comes from pagus, a Latin word for country/rural person. Christianity caught on early in urban centers and the old religion country bumpkins were derisively called pagans.

  5. Yeah. A villager who worked the fields or...and would not have had enough food, shade, water, creams and lotions so their skin was rough, dark, wrinkled younger and would not have had the tutoring for manners, let alone reading writing maths skills so they were considered brutish and unattractive. And they wanted all those things stated above and some fought for them. The OP was alluding to these things. The discussion on here got a little bizarre. This here is the simple version. Haha

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