Soo my entp fellas, whats the saddest movie you’ve ever watched/would recommend?

  1. I’m so sorry that movie just couldn’t do it for me. All love but it felt too fake. I also feel the same way about the movie Beautiful Boy. Something about the way the characters acted made me not feel very connected to them. If I watch it again I can get into more detail probably. Movies like Perfect Blue, A Woman Under The Influence, and Dead Poets Society hit me really deep. There was just something so raw about them and I can’t put my finger on exactly why I thought they were better.

  2. Literally just commented this. It’s also the only movie I cried to. That scene where he just wishes and wishes to that fairy and waits for years,,,,,,, :,,,)

  3. Her (2013) , I wouldn't say it's a sad movie, but it was able to make such a strom inside my mind, idk which emotion it made me feel but it was the most powerful emotion I've ever felt

  4. Lilja-4-ever, My Life Without Me (2003), Hachiko, Ben X (2007), Grave Of The Fireflies, Léon, Watership Down (1978), Requiem for a Dream, The Lovely Bones (a little bit over the top, but still well done and very sad), The Notebook, I Origins, The Butterfly Effect and Donnie Darko,

  5. I chose Lilya 4-ever too. So memorable I had to own it. The Notebook, that's another good emotion provoking choice. It's one of only a handful of romance themed movies I can stomach, because it is done well.

  6. If you are okay with animated movies: try "grave of the fireflies". Probably the saddest animated movie out there.

  7. Came here to say this. Not just saddest movie animated but saddest movie period. I was genuinely depressed for a week after this film. Haven't be able to watch it again.

  8. Monsters inc…… everytime when she says kitty for the last time and he’s not there when she opens the closet…… I can’t with that scene

  9. Boys Don't Cry, Jude, Grave of the Fireflies, Dear Zachary, The Wind Rises, My Brother Jordan, Johnny'S Got His Gun

  10. also "everything, everywhere all at once" is just crazy good, there were some lines here and there that hits u like a truck

  11. Everything is Illuminated. Its a movie about a jewish guy trying to find out more about his deceased relatives and the town thye lived in. I saw rhis movie a few years ago, so i dont remember much. What I do remember is that this movie was very emotional. It waa funny at times. But also heart wrenching neae the end. I dint have the vocabulary right now to describe the movie as I am sleep deprived and sick. But I definitely recommend this one to anyone whi wants to sob.

  12. Two recommendations: Marley and me - 100% tears and Jennifer Aniston half chub Green mile - last film I watched with my ma before she passed away, no half chub

  13. There's a Persian movie called Children of Heaven which was just so damn depressing. It was filmed in some of the poor areas of Tehran.

  14. Not a movie, but when I was really in to anime I watched one called Banana Fish. Could barely eat for 3 days and just felt numb after crying so much. I dunno, I’ve watched lots of movies and shows that weren’t animated but nothing has left me more broken than that one. If you do watch it, remember to watch the after credits scene on the last episode. Or don’t, it’ll probably hurt less.

  15. Hachi and I say this because I know this shit is so fucking sad based entirely on the fucking premise that I refuse to watch it. I'll break like a baby back bitch. I love my dog! Never!

  16. cap. i feel angry when i watch rose’s fat ass kill jack. clearly there was more space on the wooden thingy. the saddest movie in my opinion is if i stay IfIStay

  17. One of them was "Your Name" its an anime movie that made me cry so much because they were ment to be together but they're have gone different paths where they're unhappy and i hate that.

  18. Lmfao 🤣 an old woman on her deathbed talking about how she got fucked by some random dude miss me with that cringe . I got more sad with the kid that had cancer and runned a marathon and died than this also it's real story too

  19. if you want a surprising depression episode, the 3rd Kings Man movie has the entire first part being about the tragedy of 5 million young men dying in world war 1 for no fucking reason.

  20. BROOO there is one movie that fucks me up to this day. it’s called A.I. artificial intelligence w this robot boy david,,,, i’d cry as a kid and i still cry seeing it. it’s just… so sad idk. that scene where he just waits for years, wishing and wishing,,,,,,, (for the record, I have not cried to any other movie except this one)

  21. Hacksaw Ridge was surprisingly touching even for me, even my family see me as cold and calculated, and sometimes stupid because of my weird logic (probably Ne)

  22. When it comes to a more "obvious" sort of sadness, either BPM or Grave of the Fireflies. Manchester by the Sea was also brutal but didn't make me cry which I think might be somehow worse.

  23. Not a movie, but I definitely did not feel pangs of emotion during episode 3 of "Arcane" I definitely did not tear up during episode 9, I definitely did not use my sleeve to hide any evidence and I definitely would not recommend other ENTPs to watch if they're not trying to channel their inner xNFJ. Jinx just needs a hug, fight me!

  24. Animals dying always turns on the waterworks for me. Marley and Me got me crying And strangely the movie Brooklyn (hormonally induced) 😝

  25. Not a movie, but a scene in a movie. In the movie Click with Adam Sandler, the scene where his father desperately tries to get his attention and he's so busy he doesn't have time for his father and his father dies. I think this was because his father never had time for him. Don't recall exactly, but it wrecked me because my father never had time for me when I was growing up.

  26. I remember crying to "I,Tonya" idk why. I guess I just felt so sad after seeing everything she went through and was trying to build fall down because of other people. I actually have the fear of that happening to me so I probably just took it to heart. And I guess this is more relevant to my enneagram 3 but still.

  27. TV: Pretty sure I shed a tear to Futurama's "Jurassic Bark" episode, AKA Fry's dog. But if you don't get any feelings of this episode you are a psychopath.

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