More ENTP's as teachers!

  1. you have no idea how grateful i am for this. I’m planning to go to uni to study education and I was worried my personality would clash with how schools/classrooms operate so i feel reassured lol

  2. “Study education” sounds like a redundant sentence. I know it’s right, it just sounds hilarious to me lol

  3. You can make okay money as a professor, but you typically need an advanced degree and you could definitely make more in industry....well unless your degree doesn't have an industry I suppose.( Speaking from STEM experience here.)

  4. Yes!! I suspect I have ENTP teacher and she is fabulous and exactly how you defined! At times she genuinely cares like a serious hooman... Like a mother? And understand when we need a break and that always motivated me to dedicate myself for the subject!

  5. I retired from private practice - lasted six weeks LOL. Now I’m an engineering lecturer - super fun and class enrollment doubled in one year since I took over and rewrote the curriculum….😎🤓

  6. I was working as a travel guide, loved the excursions which are basically edutainment. Customers gave me very good feedback and got a lot of tips as well.

  7. As long as we can make up new ways of teaching the material. I'm horrible at teaching. I can hardly even think about something I've thought about before. When I've reached understanding of something, I'm so bored by it, I'm more interested in speculations about things I don't know.

  8. I did a program once through my company where we became volunteer teachers. So 2x a week for about four years I taught computer science to highschoolers. It was super cool! Some of my old students even work at my company now! (If anyone is curious its called TEALS)

  9. One of my coworkers got fired recently. She was either ENTP or INTP. Anyway, her house was messy. But that being said, she left three classes of college students without their grades. The moral of this story is: Fire the ENTP/INTP after they have submitted the students' final grades, not before.

  10. I am ENTP who’s a substitute teacher, and it’s definitely one of the most fun engaging jobs Ive had Students love the sarcastic or witty jokes that adults feel offended or threatened by haha.

  11. Yeah my favourite HS teacher was an extremely playful but crazy witty and smart biology teacher. Was so wierd in the first year, it was literaly like i was teaching myself: any joke that i would think of but did not say cause school he said, recommended obscure books i read a few months ago... Literaly like talking to my 30 years older self.

  12. Odd, I just said something similar and left class to go tell the year coordinator that i quit. My infj students didn't give a shit tho lol.

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