'An Unmitigated Disaster!' Bill Cosby's Worried Wife Warns Comedian Against Stepping Back Into The Spotlight.

  1. He should straight up be in hell. He is utterly unrepentant of the dozens and dozens of people he scarred. Who knows how many never came forward.

  2. I don’t know about this case personally but I know that it is possible to find out something truly despicable about someone you really love and not be able to just stop loving them.

  3. All the women who think he's innocent - would they want to be alone in a room with him tho? I guess he's not an imminent danger anymore, but come on now. No one can actually believe he's innocent.

  4. Major News agencies assign reporters to document the lives of old influential/famous old people. The reason being is they need a payload of well manicured data on-hand, ready to go when the person dies.

  5. He’s definitely got not going to get the wholesome American dad image ever again. Walking around in his rapist sweaters

  6. Calling it now he’s going ultra maga they’ll take him and call everyone shunning him “tHe ReAL rAciSTs” I wish the world hadn’t lost his legacy but I also wish he wasn’t a fucking rapist thanks for nothing asshole.

  7. What legacy, though? A show that ended 30 years ago? Any impact he had on comedy was long forgotten or indistinguishable to the average person at least 15 years ago. Going to jail is the most notable thing he’s done in 30 years

  8. No, the prosecution fucked up BIG TIME. Like might lose their license type of screw up. At least he spent some time in jail for his atrocities but the conviction was not legit. Sucks big time but you can’t do what they did in his case.

  9. I had a friend that did tour promotions. He once spoke of touring Bill Cosby and I was interested as yeah I listened to all his comedy as an impressionable youth.

  10. He's been out for awhile. Essentially there wasn't any real proof he'd done anything, but in order to get anything there was a deal that anything he said in a civil case wouldn't be used to prosecute him for any crimes. So he admitted to drugging & raping a woman. Then they went back & prosecuted him criminally anyway.

  11. Damn, if you asked me 5 years ago if I could ever morally swing on an 85 year old man, I would say no way. Fast forward, if I ever see this MFer, it’s on sight.

  12. This jerk needs to sit in an old brown chair and die of old age slowly and quietly. Nobody cares.

  13. The man is guilty as sin, he got out on a technicality he should just stay out of the limelight, and hopefully live a miserable late life.

  14. The technicality being a legal agreement he had that caused most of his troubles to begin with? I mean fuck this guy but also let’s not pretend prosecutors should be allowed to backtrack on agreements they made. That’s some fascist shit

  15. I would like to see a Cosby stand-up routine that addressed his side of the controversy and prison life. But I don’t think he could get away with more “going to the dentist” and “making breakfast for my kids” routines.

  16. idk, I think Elon Musk would promote Cosby and provide him a platform, right? Isn't that Musk's new gimmick-- If a public figure is bigoted or predatory, he'll use his billions to allow them to instigate mass eye-rolling? (So long as they don't insult him in any way directly-- a huge no-no! Rich-kids hate criticism, just ask the deluded bitch currently known as Ye.)

  17. The only hope Bill has of "stepping back into the spotlight" is if he joins the Republican party and runs for some kind of office! They would love having a man of his caliber on their team!

  18. I just had a horrible thought. If Cosby steps out into the spotlight again he’s gonna become twisted up with Kanye West.

  19. Like, just go away Bill. There is zero reason for you to do anything but be retired, sit at home and just away

  20. I can't fathom what kinda fucked up in the head you gotta be to be married to a piece of shit like cosby. She must truly be a unique specimen

  21. Wait…his wife stayed with him? Then maybe who cares what she has to say? Go ahead Bill…step in the spotlight and see how people feel about ya

  22. Bill is a complete narcissist. He was sentenced to live his final years in prison before a technicality got him off the hook.

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