Stevie Nicks Pens Touching Tribute to Fleetwood Mac Bandmate and ‘Best Friend’ Christine McVie

  1. What an absolute bummer. Fleetwood Mac is hands down my favorite band. I missed the opportunity to see them all in one piece maybe 10-12 years ago before Christine stopped touring with them and I've never forgiven myself. RIP.

  2. Watching behind the album about Rumors, Christine and Stevie talk about how they leaned on each other through their splits w Lindsey and John. Seems like Stevie lost a big time friend here. We see them as these huge stars, but they’re just two friends that love each other very much.

  3. Think About Me is one of my all time favorite songs. She’s playing on repeat and I’m singing way too loud.

  4. I am sure Chevy will stop playing their commercial featuring everywhere but I love that song. I just listened to the ad and it brought tears. A great song. She will be missed!

  5. CTV news channel in Canada had an anchor and entertainment reporter talk about McVie, all the while showing footage of Stevie Nicks. Headshaking ignorance

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