Bruce Lee Biopic Set at Sony: Ang Lee to Direct, Filmmaker’s Son to Play Martial Arts Icon

  1. Interesting choice casting your own son in a movie about a martial arts expert. Seems like the character would need to be able to move like him and what are the odds the filmmakers son just so happens to be the best guy for the job?

  2. It's cinema, you can make it look good without being a master martial artist. Especially cause the film I imagine is about his life? He isn't just doing martial arts all the time.

  3. That’s a pretty questionable choice casting your own son to play the lead while you direct. It already grosses me out how many famous last name actors there are in everything already, and it’s not like there aren’t loads of people with talent vying for a role like that.

  4. We're seeing a lot of this lately. Depp's daughter just replaced Anya Taylor-Joy as the star of Nosferatu, despite having very little experience.

  5. Nobody is saying he’s not qualified, he’s been an actor for a while. He looks the part, he’s the right age, and I imagine a few people will have heard of this movie because Bruce Lee’s son is playing him and go see it as a result. Besides, if you’re Ang Lee is there anything cooler than directing your son in a movie about his dad? Don’t be such a Scrooge.

  6. Was the first bio not good? I remember it. Am I missing something on why another bio? Most figures that receive the multi part the stories on from different life periods or different perspectives, writing sources, etc.

  7. I liked Dragon, and biopics tend to take liberties. If it wasn’t historically accurate enough, does the public really care?

  8. Grew up idolizing him and he truly was an amazing man but also very weird. Also the dying at your mistresses place is pretty bad

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