Joe Jonas says he felt 'destroyed' when he lost 'Amazing Spider-Man' role to Andrew Garfield

  1. Definitely there's something to say about people who want to prove they're right for the role, it takes hard work and dedication. But also, it's a great opportunity to meet the cast and directors who you could potentially be spending a lot of time with for the next several weeks.

  2. This is like drag queen Trixie Mattel saying “losing season 7 was one of the biggest disappointments of my life” and everyone else is Katya responding with “Oh, you were never gonna win though” cruel but the truth lol

  3. “Queen of the Rodeo” by Orville Peck is about her loosing that. I’d rather Orville Peck write a song about me than win drag race any day.

  4. I dunno. I feel like that’s kinda how all competitions work. If he auditioned but didn’t get it, he lost and someone else won. Ya?

  5. Gotta love clickbait titles. Jonas said that he was devastated in the moment when he didn't get the part but also knew and accepted that Garfield was the right choice.

  6. Roles are honestly subjective because there have been so many times where I think someone wasn’t the right choice for the role but then they do an outstanding job but then there are times where I think an actor did okay or bad but regardless another actor should’ve played the part.

  7. I hear you but the difference is actors like Heath, even though people had a hard time seeing him as the joker, are good actors. Everyone knew Heath was a good actor before The Dark Knight.

  8. I agree with you, but it’s a “what if” I won’t think much about because Garfield did such a fantastic job.

  9. But the whole point is that Jonas isn't actually an actor. This isn't just someone not feeling right for the job it's someone being completely unqualified for it altogether. Ledger was an acclaimed actor by that point. Joe Jonas is a Disney channel movie star. To co.lare the two is an insult to ledgers ability.

  10. He was also upset when Andrew opened up a Halloween store that’s only open In January. Joe had been working on his own for a while, he just got beat to the punch. Shame,

  11. He's a better actor and you're just a washed boy band member that's only still relevant because you're banging another better actor

  12. Yeah I feel like Sony made the right call. I remember seeing Garfield in Social Network and being so excited that he would be the next Spider-Man.

  13. Film/TV actor here, one of the things that comes with experience, is how to deal with failure and rejection. It is a spirit crushing business, to put your heart and soul and days or weeks of work into an audition, really put your heart out there, get the callback, production asks about your availability, agent tells you to block off the shoot dates, it’s between you and another guy… it’s hard not to get your hopes up, but then your agent/production tells you that you didn’t get it(If your lucky. Often they don’t tell you at all). The process can take weeks. It is truly soul crushing and the rejection feels personal, like you suck at this. You really question your choices. Thick skin comes with lots of rejection and finding coping mechanisms. As an artist, Joe puts himself out there every time he releases a new song. It’s risky to do that, but he’s experienced a lot of success. I would imagine Joe Jonas doesn’t often experience rejection.

  14. Dude looks like he’s gonna ask me to flip a coin to see if I live or die then walk away with a limp

  15. Not all musicians should be actors. I’ve seen Camp Rock and Camp Rock 2 as a kid and his acting was bad. They made the right decision not to cast him.

  16. Not hating on Joe Jonas here but why do celebrities come out and say these things years after the event happened? Like if you’re mad, speak out when it happened or let it go. These types of things just scream desperation to stay relevant. Like that guy from Glee a couple months ago complaining.

  17. He was specifically asked "Do you remember a role you went up for that destroyed you when you didn’t get it?"

  18. My god these might have been the worst movies in human history if it was Joe freaking Jonas instead of Garfield.

  19. I wouldn’t have attempted to see if they made spider man good that time if it’d been Joe Jonas. I would have known they were lying to me

  20. TBH the only problem with Garfield’s time as Spider-Man was that they used the Gwen Stacy storyline ~ you can’t build a live action superhero trilogy where the audience knows that one of the primary characters, whom everyone really loves, is going to die.

  21. Is this one of those “just out of school and applied to be CEO of a company and I’m so upset I didn’t get the job” things?

  22. Hahahahahaha whaaat?? JJ did WHAT?! Nooo way! ....and then he told the whole world about it after all this time?! Why?

  23. Finally, a celebrity multi millionaire who understands true hardship. I too was destroyed when I did not become a super model and was not named as the starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. Joe Jonas , man of the people, he feels our pain!

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