Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen hire divorce lawyers

  1. I understand that the problem wasn't just that he played football, but also that during the off-season he would go golfing and do other things instead of being at home with her and the kids.

  2. I mean, he preferred football to her. She earns more money than he does and is sick of his frequent absences. Moreover, I believe Tom like men more.

  3. I side with Gisele. Retire Tom! Family first. I have two points. First, it's not about food clothing and shelter like most Americans. Not retiring is ego driven. They don't need income.. Secondly, Lee Iacocca wrote in his memoir he had a choice to attend an important Ford meeting or his daughter's basketball game. Reluctantly, he went to the basketball game. Years later, he stated he could not remember the purpose of the Ford meeting but still could recall the daughter's ball game with complete clarity.

  4. Does this mean he’s gonna play till he’s 50? Seemed the only reason he was retiring was because of her

  5. Until he isn’t contending year after year for MVP and Lombardi trophies he really shouldn’t. Granted, reach year from here on out is a serious risk of a bad hit being life altering.

  6. Big Jay Oakerson had a great joke about Pete, saying he needs to be tracked like a Hurricane on Doppler, “Pete’s currently hovering over the CW studios, just pure mayhem down there.”

  7. Falcons fan here. It's us. This could be either really bad for us or we surprise everyone and hand Tom his first 3 game losing streak. We're already beating expectations so I'm going to sit back and enjoy this wild ride.

  8. I still remember the high school track practice after my coach got his divorce papers. There were kids crying and vomiting left and right before the other coaches stepped in and were like “uhhh….you guys should just go home”

  9. Yeah when he unretired I said this was a guarantee. Anyone who heard that interview where he was like "yeah I spent 4 weeks home with my family and that was enough" had to know.

  10. Yeah, pretty sure her lifetime earnings come out to something like $400 mil while Tom’s are more like $250 mil. What a peasant, no wonder she wants a divorce.

  11. People outside the us think of Brady as a famous person’s husband. Like that soccer guy with the spice girl.

  12. Dude she has way more money then Tom Brady does. Lmfao have you seen there net worths? She blows Tom Brady out of the water in terms of finance. People out here think Tom Brady makes more money.

  13. I knew this was going to happen when, about a month or two ago, there was a story on People saying "Tom and Gisele are doing great!" out of nowhere. People who are doing great don't have to assure the world that they're doing great.

  14. I find it hilarious that in the USA it's always Tom Brady and Giselle Bundchen while outside of the USA it's Giselle Bundchen and her American husband.

  15. I genuinely thought this comment was referencing AB testing the two of them side-by-side since they look like two versions of the same thing

  16. Makes me wonder if he retired in an effort to save his marriage, realized it couldn’t be saved, and then decided to un-retire

  17. Nah, Brady is an insane football addict. You know how some people are alcoholics and break up their families because they can’t kick their addiction despite promising to quit and actually quitting multiple times?

  18. Anecdotal, but friends of my parents divorced shortly after retirement. Suddenly spending way more time together and the distraction of work was gone made them realize they had nothing in common and no real relationship anymore.

  19. I think it’s more the other way around. He promised to retire and they came to the decision together, now that he decided to be selfish and unretire and Gisele is at a breaking point and feeling betrayed

  20. Gotta think the Adam Schefter early retirement leak fucked with his head a little. He wanted to retire on his own terms. That made him rush to have a quick response.

  21. Actually, it sounds more like he retired because he didn't gel with the head coach, so the team got that coach to step aside, and convinced Tom to come back.

  22. My guess he realized that when he started spending a lot more time with her due to being retired he realized that they are not compatible when he isn’t working. I’ve seen this happen to other high achieving men who retire. All of a sudden now that they and their spouse are around each other all the time they’ve suddenly realized that they annoy each other and artist compatible as they thought.

  23. Although sources close to Bündchen have stressed that it is “sexist” to say the split is over the model’s issues with Brady reneging on his NFL retirement, the source in the know says, “As with many marriages, it’s not just one thing. Gisele has made it clear that she worried about Tom playing football and that they had had many talks about it.

  24. It is and it isn’t. Replace football with any other thing (video games, porn, food, etc.) and the main issue would be putting that thing before your spouse. Idk their life, but it sounds like they both agreed that he would retire to be with his family and he made the choice to put football before his family. She may have initiated the divorce (idk but a lot of people are blaming her), but he walked away first.

  25. People aren’t that black and white. I think Gisele just took a long hard look and realized that this guy who was the champion at one thing, would not be the champion at other aspects of his life. Talent is really infectious, but marrying a football robot has to be a drag.

  26. I feel like if I was Tom Brady and had already reached the pinnacle of success for my profession, I would much rather go home to Giselle the rest of my life than to keep working for maybe another 1-2 seasons. But that’s just me.

  27. Normal people would but he’s an addict. He can’t live without football. And he’s willing to sacrifice everything.

  28. For real, once he is actually retired he's going to be alone in his giant mansion some night and regret not hanging it up for her. Either that or he just surrounds himself with the hottest hookers on the planet and has endless orgies.

  29. No matter how pretty you are, somebody is tired of your shit. And that probably goes both ways in this instance

  30. You have to understand Giselle is his mistress, he married football years before he met her. You don’t get to the pinnacle of the sport without having insane devotion to the sport, and to walk away from your career while still competitive. Mannings body gave up on him before he quit, she needs to understand that this is his one life, his legacy, I wouldn’t leave that for her either.

  31. She’s been trying to get him to retire for 5 years so that he could spend time with her and his kids (that’s the rumor anyways) and supposedly he’s promised each year that he’d hang it up. He had nothing left to prove and now is breaking up his family over football

  32. Guarantee you he’s a narcissist. It’d be almost impossible to not be narcissistic when the whole country praises you as the GOAT of the NFL.

  33. Agreed, him taking the Bucs to the SB and winning it first try was absolutely the perfect sendoff and it could never get any better.

  34. I said years ago to a friend that Tom seems like the kinda guy that doesn't know what to do with himself without football. It's like his entire identity. Can't see him retiring willingly.

  35. Tom even mentioned on a Howard Stern interview how they had serious marriage problems before because during the offseason he wanted to focus on his businesses and leaving her to raise the kids basically year round.

  36. This is it. As a fan, I 100% agree with you. I bet he regrets this down the line. I could see Gisele moving on pretty quick, she's always seems to be a nice and caring person. Tom Brady really doesn't have any personality outside football. It would have been okay if he has maybe 1 ring. But the man has 7?!!! It's mental at this point.

  37. This kind of explains Brady's funk a little, hes probably got a lot of shit going on and it's messing with him. Probably explains why he took some time off, trying to content her then showed back up for the season. She's been done with football for some time but Brady's an addict to the sport. I feel for the man and for her, they both want something and doesn't seem like any compromise comes from the Tom side. I mean she could always wait till the end of season for him to retire but I get it. My wife was that way to when I said I was finally leaving the army, and reenlisted 2 months later for another 4 years. Got past it and did it again ten years later I got hurt and med boarded from the army, and have no wife to show for it. She wasn't a bad person but she got tired of me always leaving or going to the field and leaving her alone, all because I loved the military and everything it entailed. I see both sides of this and it sucks for both sides involved.

  38. See same exact thing happen in oilfield. At first it’s easy justifying the work to feed the family etc but only too much time can be taken working in thr field before time with the parent is much more needed than $$. So glad i phased out of that work before my family life was impacted.

  39. That is a thoughtful take with a relevant analogy to your own life and absent of any blind vitriol or self-righteousness. Dude, get off Reddit.

  40. She was also extremely worried about his health and what it was doing to his brain, she wanted him to stop because it was endangering his life. CTE is a real thing, she didn’t want to deal with a husband who kept coming home concussed and not there (while he was there physically, he was basically not in it mentally). With how much time he’s away, he’s basically a stranger to his kids.

  41. Of course she wasn’t a bad person… who would read this and think that. She wanted to have her husband there, I wouldn’t be able to take it if either me or my husband traveled for work, let alone be gone for long stretches at a time. Poor woman! It’s hard.

  42. Omfg if Pete Davidson dates Gisele …. He has officially won Whatever the “dating” equivalent of an EGOT is.

  43. Pete Davidson isnt even in the realm of the women David Spade has dated... Pam Lee, Locklear and Carmen Electra to name a few... But if Davidson gets to Gisele... I mean... its ok.

  44. Hard to not side with Gisele. She put her career on hold. They had an agreement of when he’d retire and he broke that twice. And dude doesn’t seem to have the best relationship with his kids and they’re like halfway to being independent already. No matter how good you are at sports, that’s fucked

  45. Shit. I agree with you, but how nice would it be to be able to put your career on hold and still have a $400M net worth, which is nearly double his worth.

  46. Nelson Mandela spent more time with his wife after getting out of prison of 25 years than Tom spending the holidays with Giselle and immediately asking TB for his job back

  47. Dude came out of retirement when it was obvious the Buccs weren’t ready to go for a ring. Dude destroyed his marriage just to go one and done in the playoffs

  48. I mean home girl sorta took a back seat to his career for a good minute and when he retired, the plan seemed sound to let her do her thing. Then he’s like JK, and goes back to football.

  49. She also put her own career on the back burner to raise their kids. She still does a little bit of ads and short model contracts but him retiring meant that she could actually get back into her career as well.

  50. From what I gather the issue wasn't just him playing football, it was when he was in the off-season he would go out and golf and do anything but be at home with her and the kids.

  51. I became a Tom Brady fan but putting football ahead of his family when he is already wealthy and has more rings than any NFL franchise seems like a selfish move, especially with young kids involved .

  52. The problem for Tom Brady is that he’s a one trick pony. He literally doesn’t know how to function off the football field. TBQH he probably should just go back and try to work things out with his beautiful wife. People are literally throwing money at him. He wont take it because he wants to play a super dangerous sport for comparatively peanuts at 4ty fucking 5 years old. He needs help. 375million dollars from Fox Sports is far more than whatever the NFL can pay him for a season. Fox news is going to set him up to be successful.

  53. Brady is a dick. Who gives up their family for an ego trip? IIRC, she gave up her modeling career to have & be with her children and fucking followed him around to be his cheerleader. Like I said, he’s a total fucking dick

  54. That is the assumption but he probably had issues beyond that. They both probably have issues. It's only right to get it right for the kids.

  55. What a moron. Ruined his marriage for what? You’ve already won many super bowls, you proved you could do it outside the patriots. And yet….

  56. We can only guess what’s going on in the inside. General rule of thumb for me is the more perfect their family pic looks the more likely shit is bad.

  57. Sorry to be negative but someone needs to have a talk with Tom. When you're richer than god, you can afford to stop playing and focus on your family. Nobody in the NFL is going to miss you. That should tell you all you need to know. Your great days are behind you even if you are still pretty good, there's nothing left to prove, there is no reason to keep going and now there are even real-life reasons you should have already retired. It reminds me of someone who won't quit smoking even though they know it's harmful. You have every reason to stop.

  58. Not much information other than it's obvious she's the reason he retired on the first go around, but unknown why he came back and it seems the coming back part is what has damaged the marriage.

  59. Very sad sorry to hear that. I think Tom going back on the promise to retire must have done the relationship in — it would be one thing to just have continued to play, but to announce retirement and then go back on it is a slap in the face to Gisele and the family! Tom should have retired after his last SB win and went out on top — he’ll be sorry in the end if this costs him his family and for what good reason?

  60. I don’t want to be a jerk but honestly she’s approaching 50 as well, she has 3-4 kids that will keep her busy, she’s got her life going on professionally, she’s not 25 anymore, etc. I don’t see any high profile successful multimillionaire guy lined up to date her. Her pool has zero guys in it. Think about it this way, she will only date a hot looking multimillionaire in his 50s or older, she won’t go for average Joe Sixpack and she won’t date a young hot 30-something because she won’t stand an immature guy relative to her. So if you’re a hot looking multimillionaire man, you are going for the hot young babe in her 20s-30s without kids, not with a MILF. Guys look for beauty which means younger. Women look for success and Gisele’s bar is too high unless she settles for a guy in his 70s. So for Gisele, Tom is the best she can get. The next best thing is being alone and maybe that’s what she wants. You can hate all you want but if you work out the cost/benefit analysis for an eligible successful multimillionaire man, they will all pass because they can get something else they much prefer. I think Gisele should stick with Tom and negotiate with him something less than all she wants. Everyone has to settle for less than everything on the wish list. Welcome to the real world.

  61. She’s also stated she gave up her career to raise their kids and be with her family more. He actively refused to do the same. So I can see where the frustration is coming from.

  62. Have you ever played organized sport at the competitive level? Hell, I only played college ball, and it was hard enough saying goodbye to it. Brady's life has been football. It's all he knows. Retirement is a death sentence to some people.

  63. This is the entertainment subreddit. So naturally it's going to have news about celebrities and high-profile people. Not really sure what you expected to be honest

  64. I want to throw a ball around rather than have a wife and children at home. Yes I already have more than enough money for generations of my family to never worry about a thing financially speaking. But still FOOTBALL!!!!!

  65. I mean the dude chose football over her. She makes more money than him and is tired of him being gone a lot. Also I think tom likes dudes more

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