'Bros' star Billy Eichner blames box office flop on 'straight people'

  1. Yeah as a gay guy myself I just rolled my eyes every time I saw the trailer. It’s nice to have representation but not when that representation is a stereotype that’s been done to death.

  2. There is almost zero additional benefit to watching a romcom on the big screen. Straight up comedies benefit from community laughter and action films benefit from immersion. Romantic comedies are best watched on a sofa.

  3. Nope. No way am I spending that much money to see a comedy film of any sub genre in theaters. The theater is for large event film like an MCU or upcoming Avatar. Other than that streaming at home is it.

  4. yeah my house literally isn’t expected to have power for another month due to Ian. Fucking sorry about it mr movie man there’s bigger things happening

  5. What percentage of people are LGBTQ, like 10% or something like that? Even if the movie is amazing, and it might be as I haven't seen it, it was probably going to flop anyways. But yeah, don't blame people for not seeing your movie. That's not how entertainment works.

  6. He knows what he’s doing. The premier fell flat, and he’s trying to stir the pot for publicity. If not for playing the gay card, nobody would be talking about the film.

  7. Straight guy here. Fully agree regarding the telling people how to spend their money. Not a good look for Billy Eichner to be sure.

  8. It’s bizarre to me to blame it on straight people as if to indirectly say gay people were flocking to it. I mean what percentage of the population is gay/straight and how would he know who was showing up? For all he knows majority of viewers were straight, maybe barely any LGBTQIA+ went at all cuz the marketing sucked and every clip from the movie wasn’t even remotely funny and seemed to bash on straight people.

  9. Birdcage came out over 25 years ago and was a huuuge success and that was before homosexuality was so widely accepted as it is today. Maaaaybe just maybe it was a poorly put together trailer or marketing?

  10. Birdcage is about a gay couple dealing with a straight son in a straight world. It had something for everyone. Bro's seems like a movie made for a singular demographic inside a small singular market. Gay men.

  11. The marketing was cringe af. Not sure if you saw any of it, but what I saw was basically just Billy Eichner running around LA with Paul Rudd begging people to watch his movie.

  12. Totally that movie was way ahead of its time, and watching it again that really makes it even more of a masterpiece.

  13. Ironically, Billy's comment can actually hurt the industry and representation in Hollywood. Say a studio executive took Billy's comment seriously; what incentive do they have to invest money on 'gay' films now?

  14. I completely agree with this. Love simon didnt have trouble with its release. I think its more about that this movie has no actors that anyone cares about. Imagine if it had neil patrick harris.

  15. He’s definitely suffering from main character syndrome. The movie being gay isn’t the issue, the movie’s central star being known for screaming NAME A WOMAN however…

  16. His argument for making the movie when he did and how he did was that the director and producer were basically the only people left in Hollywood with a track record for creating box office successful comedy movies. He even said in the interview there was no way this movie makes money if straight people don’t go to watch it.

  17. Time to bust out the old VHS player from the attic that also contains my Walkman, Gameboy Color and my collection of 80's hair metal cassette tapes.

  18. Couldn't agree more. To add to that, tweeting "everyone who isn't a homophobic weirdo should go see Bros tonight" is definitely going to get me to go see Bros tonight. For sure. I love being antagonized.

  19. IIRC the first scene in the first trailer is literally Billy sexting a pic of his ass to some guy lol. Lotta ppl probably turned the trailer off and didn’t even make it to that last line

  20. Larry Wilmore did the same thing when his show got canceled. He spent so many segments talking shit about the very demographic that was keeping him on the air (

  21. Reminds me of when Elizabeth Banks blamed the failure of her Charlie’s Angels reboot on misogyny.

  22. Point #1 is the strongest argument on why it's a box office flop. It will likely gain a following and fans when it hits the streaming services. People want to "cuddle on the couch" to watch this stuff, not be in a theater around others. I only go to the theaters now for superhero movies.

  23. My favorite thing is when celebrities tell me how historic and ground breaking their own work is, and then lambaste the public when the public does not agree.

  24. Probably not because he is a billionaire because he found out what people of color love. Sounds like this guy couldnt motivate gay people to see a movie about gay people...

  25. Yeah, I’m surprised more people aren’t pointing to the fact that he is supremely unlikeable. And therefore I would never willingly subject myself to him.

  26. I’m a straight guy who saw this opening night in San Francisco where I sat in an empty theater with two other people. If you can’t draw more than three people in San Francisco for a gay rom com then you can’t blame straight people.

  27. Maybe try blaming the marketing department. I spend arguably too much time on the internet, and the first I heard about this movie was it’s bomb opening.

  28. I wonder if maybe it’s because Billy Eichner is a whiny little bitch and doesn’t have a big enough fan base to pull a leading man spot.

  29. I don't even think it's about appeal, I'm in the target demographic and have never heard of the film. Their marketing probably isn't reaching their target audience through the channels they're engaged in, which makes me think they probably bought facebook and cable tv ads instead of pushing through instagram or hulu.

  30. Maybe audiences don't want to see a rom-com starring an annoying, unfunny prick. Sorry Billy, The Bird Cage did just fine, blaming homophobes isn't going to work.

  31. I don't give a fuck if your house was swept into the Atlantic Ocean or your dog was impaled on a tree and your cat was eaten by an alligator in your second floor bedroom, YOU GO WATCH THE GAY MOVIE NOW.

  32. I thought it seemed entertaining enough from the trailer. But it just looks like an elder-millennial style comedy that would have come out in the early aughts.

  33. There are over 30 million LGBT people in the US, a $4 million box office means that gay people didn't show up either. It's not straight peoples fault that Billy Eichner is unlikable and one note.

  34. I think this could have been successful on a streaming platform. Despite the good reviews and cinemascore, people are still being picky about what they see at the theater. People want bang for their buck. Action flicks are entertaining, even the bad ones. A bad comedy doesn't have the same leeway, so people aren't taking chances with their money on comedies like they used to.

  35. I guess as a straight white male I’ll take the blame. Even though the truth is I haven’t gone to see a non marvel movie in like 5 years. Except the Chucky reboot.

  36. As a gay man if I wanted to watch two stereotypical white gay man hit it off each other I’d go to a gay bar in Denver.

  37. If you want a large percentage of the population to watch your movie, perhaps you should make a movie that appeals to a large percentage of the population.

  38. It’s kinda true I mean most dudes probably don’t wanna go see a romantic comedy and especially a gay rom com. It’s a girls market and they drag their boyfriends too it. And take the girl out they probably don’t wanna see it either. I’ll watch it when it comes to streaming.

  39. Gay people make up around 10% of the population, and this movie is pretty obviously for gay men so 5%. But only certain gay men (and I’m not sure it’s any more than the whole population by percentage) actually like romcoms. Turns out when your target audience is a sliver of a sliver the movie doesn’t do well. Seriously what did they expect?

  40. You wanna break the demographics? Make a good movie. I’ve seen every Jordan peele movie he’s made so far in theaters. As a straight white man, I’m not the core demo of those movies, in fact I’m usually the villain in those stories, but he makes a great story that’s impossible to ignore.

  41. As a semi straight person I apologize for never hearing about this movie to begin with. Must have been some top notch marketing. The last rom com I watched in the theater was Benny and Joon. When was that 1993?

  42. I’m a straight guy and I wanted to see it but now that I’m being blamed for it flopping I don’t think I will

  43. Loved the movie, but don’t think it’s fair to put blame on straight people for the low box office numbers. Less and less people go to the movies post pandemic. On top of that you have a niche group who can relate to this movie. Most straight men don’t want to go see a rom com to begin with let alone a gay rom com. I will say as a gay male, the move was hysterical and very relatable. I think once word spreads throughout the community more and more people will go see it. It will be a grower not a shower

  44. He's right. As a straight male, I have no interest in seeing this movie. Does the fact that its a bunch of gay dudes doing gay dude stuff have anything to do with it? Yes. As a matter of fact, it's the main reason I don't want to see it. I don't watch reality tv, wizard shit, or historical dramas either. Doesn't make me a bad person. Nobody cares your little movie flopped. Try again. Do better.

  45. I'm straight i have no interest in watching gay people talk about how they banged some old Santa clause guy lol. Sorry thats just the way it is. Maybe he should be upset with gay people for not supporting their own movie.

  46. So I’m racist because I didn’t like Rings of Power, I’m sexist because I didn’t like the Star Wars sequels and I’m a homophone because I don’t have any interest in seeing “bros”? Why don’t these people stop trying to shame us and just make good content.

  47. I was repeatedly told this movie was not for straight people when I asked why anyone would want a whole movie about just being gay (a movie about just being straight sounds equally as boring). Now straight people are the bad guys for not seeing the movie?

  48. Obviously the best way to increase sales is insulting his potential audience. Brilliant marketing strategy.

  49. Why would I go? I'm not represented. From what I've heard over the past five years, if you're not specifically represented, you can't enjoy the work.

  50. I have no problem watching a movie about gay people if it looked entertaining, but the jokes in the trailer just weren’t funny and it looked dumb

  51. Studio overshot their woke wad and made a niche movie in a niche genre with “bro” in the tile, starring actors no one knows, that only a fraction of the population might want to see. Did anyone at any moment think this thing would be a blockbuster?

  52. Straight people are the problem? Well yes, no shit why would people watch something they don’t want to. Something they have no interest in seriously why would they waste their time and money, it’s just like the men who didn’t watch the Magic Mike movies about male strippers.

  53. Every time a shitty progressively themed movie fails they use a similar excuse to this. I’m gay and would’ve loved to see the movie but didn’t even hear about it up until it flopped. Maybe pay better attention to your marketing????

  54. The jokes are offensive. Telling straight people "their time is over". Calling Caitlyn Jenner a terrorist. Really? I disagree with her stances on things, but this kind of reductive humor, to tear down others to get laughs for "your side", is deeply divisive and will cause people to re-think if they should watch the next movie like this.

  55. I just thought it was a movie made for gay guys or gay audiences by the way it was marketed? Just figured I wasn’t the target audience the same way my wife isn’t the target audience for the some of the dumb shit I like to watch.

  56. To get that low of a number, many gay people didn't watch this shit. But, go ahead, blame a shit movie away on a strawman.

  57. Straight here. Saw the movie this weekend, it’s just a middle of the road rom-com. That’s why it’s not doing well.

  58. As a lesbian, I also had no interest in seeing this movie. Maybe if it was streaming I might have? But I don't really care about two bros trying to find love. Now if we were talking about some women, I would be, because I am a gay woman. So there we are.

  59. I'd say marketing is to blame. I consume a lot of queer media and I didn't even know this movie existed until I was inundated with articles about this annoying man-child complaining that nobody is seeing it. I've now vowed to avoid this movie completely out of spite for Billy Eichner.

  60. I don’t know how making that statement is going to help sales. I get that this film is your baby but why make it harder to get people to go? Just chill and see what happens in the long run…

  61. Elton John hasn't done too bad for himself. Freddy Mercury is still making waves with young generations. Does Billy Eichner truly believe he's made perfection? Bitch please!

  62. Did he think straight dudes were going to rush to theatres to watch a gay romcom? Im confused, not really the target audience...

  63. Well, given that over 90% of the population is heterosexual, he's not wrong. But I mean, this could probably be said about every movie flop, heterosexual people didn't show up.

  64. The idea of paying money to see a romantic comedy in 2022 is wild to me. Like are you serious? People are going to talk and go on dates and cry in the rain. I’m not paying like $50 to see that shit when it will be streaming in a month anyhow. Sorry your movies isn’t going to get a spin off or sequel but honestly read the room.

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