‘Bros’ Star Billy Eichner Reacts to ‘Disappointing’ Box Office Opening: ‘Straight People Just Didn’t Show Up’

  1. When Billy was on Conan he kept talking about how “historic” the movie was, and Conan kept trying to steer him to say how funny it was. Conan’s been around long enough to know that people will only show up for a comedy if they hear about or expect it to be extremely funny. If they want historic they’ll seek out almost any other genre. Comedy has to be marketed as funny and little else .

  2. This is 100% fucking right. Conan could see the train wreck coming, and tried to hit the brakes. But Eichner wouldn’t take the hint.

  3. I mean Billy even called it- he was talking about how historic it is to him, but how young people just see LGBT stuff everywhere so they don't really think its a big deal.

  4. He made it seem like there had never been a movie about gay people before... I turned the episode off halfway through and I've never done that with that podcast.

  5. “Historic” = “we’re trying to make a statement” = “we’re doing something that nobody wants” = “why didn’t anybody come to our movie?”

  6. I found that interview so awkward. I'd seen the trailer and was like yeah I'd watch that but after the interview I was actually put off

  7. Me too, saw the advert and immediately thought it was a Netflix film and that I might check it out. Now I read this and find it’s been released in cinemas. I go to the cinema to watch big films, I’m not going to go watch something that looks like it belongs on Netflix.

  8. And for what reason would people go to the theater for comedies these days? If the movie isn't taking advantage of the big screen and it's not some affordable independent threater, what's the point?

  9. a family friend introduced me to queer cinema through a double feature: The Birdcage and Priscilla: Queen of the Desert. amazing movies to discover at 17.

  10. I think they’re saying it’s the first gay rom com by a major studio. Although it’s been a while, idk if birdcage was a rom com.

  11. I think the difference is that this is [claiming to be] the first "gay romantic comedy". I'm not sure The Birdcage fits that description, even though it's obviously a comedy about a gay couple.

  12. My friends went to see it last night. When they told me their plans that was the first time I’d ever heard of it

  13. Bill Burr has a whole bit about how the WNBA doesn’t make any money, and people bag on male basketball fans for not attending games, but then he’s like where are the women at these games?

  14. I saw it and all the parts that didn’t feature Billy’s exhausting whining and soap box moments were actually pretty funny. I think putting Billy at the center of it was was the problem

  15. As a lesbian I tend to avoid LGBTQ media mostly because it seems like it panders and isn’t actually well made. The trailers for this gave me intense second-hand embarrassment for everyone involved. The only semi-redeeming thing was an interview I heard w the director who seemed very passionate about it. I might go only because I don’t have to pay for the ticket.

  16. Yeah, Billy is so annoying and not funny. Had someone else played his role in the movie, I’d be more inclined to go see it.

  17. the trailer made me shrink in my chair every time i saw it at a theater. it feels like a belittling, annoying, rainbow capitalist wink-and-nudge that both embarrasses me as a queer person, and reinforces straight people’s suspicion that this is what we’re like. don’t care if it’s good, i’m not giving this my money. maybe make an actual story, then you won’t have to advertise it purely on demographic bullshit.

  18. Also straight men aren’t jumping up and down to go see romcoms in general unless its a date or something. So really let’s blame the straight women for this flopping

  19. There’s a line at the end of the trailer where the one guy is like “remember straight people? They had a nice run”. My entire audience during BODIES BODIES BODIES groaned so hard at that line and mocked the fuck out of it right after. All young people.

  20. I thought that finishing the trailer on that note was a great way to signal to the straight audience that they weren't really invited to this thing. "This movie is for GAY GAYS! No icky straights allowed, you're all so YESTERDAY ALREADY!"

  21. No one is paying to see what is basically churned out every few weeks as a ‘Netflix original’. I watched a couple of 2000s rom coms/comedies over the weekend and loved them, but I’m not paying $20 for a ticket to see a formulaic movie I can watch at home anymore. They’re just not a box office draw

  22. I would definitely go buy tickets to one that I thought was good, or heard was good, with some interesting actors. It’s kind of weird.. we don’t have the glorified stars like the 80s and 90s (Meg Ryan, Tom Hanks, Reese Witherspoon, Julia Roberts, Hugh Grant) - people who are naturally funny and you can envision falling in love with them AND mysterious. We’ve seen most young actors in sexy stuff on their Instagram pages.

  23. Yeah I kept getting the one where they’re in bed discussing their sex life. I’m just over the sexual humor of rom coms. It’s lazy writing.

  24. Maybe I'm wrong and it's genuine, heartfelt representation, but it sure seemed like exploitative representation, from the ads.

  25. I found it to be a really sweet movie. They address a lot of things I’m surprised Hollywood would bother addressing because everyone was afraid it was going to be a “wokefest”. A few topics they critiqued were

  26. It’s a Judd Apatow movie so heartfelt and genuine is a given. The marketing on the other hand… gotta agree they really laid it on thick in a way that wasn’t doing the movie much justice.

  27. I went and saw it and it’s honestly very good. It wasn’t pandering at all in my eyes, just a solid rom com. But I also don’t engage with movie advertisements outside of bus displays so I don’t know what the trailers represent

  28. I mean the issue is the only thing about the movie that was shown was all the gay jokes about being gay. There’s a throwaway line about the characters motives and feeling they’re just destined to be single forever. That’s something people can relate to. But that was between two minutes of Jim Rash screaming about bisexual awareness week and a guy talking about fucking gay buff dumbledore. I get that they want to make a gay movie which is chill. But gay people are more than just their sexuality and straight people don’t want to see a movie that will only be gay people making jokes about gay each other is. I have no negative thoughts about Billy Eichner he just should have marketed the movie differently. It got a lot of hype but it was also very self congratulatory despite the fact it’s a romcom which usually don’t do well these days anyways

  29. I think you’re right. I don’t mind rom coms, but this one’s advertising just painted it as an over the top gay movie made solely for gay people or something. Idk. Just not my cup of tea. Maybe if they focused instead on the story line or motives instead of just “insert gay joke here”, it might have been more appealing.

  30. As a Gen X guy, I feel like my generation came up with being taught "Gay people are normal people, like everyone else. They deserve all the love respect and rights as everyone else".

  31. This is it, you have basically just nailed why I don't really go for LGBT films in general despite being a transgender woman who is pansexual and has had Partners from all across the gender Spectrum.

  32. Yep, I’m looking forward to seeing it on a streaming platform I already subscribe to, whenever that’s an option. I don’t like movie theaters.

  33. I adore Billy Eichner (which I guess few people in this thread do), but covid still exists and I'm not willing to go share a small, enclosed space with a bunch of strangers yet. Fully intend to watch this on streaming, not because the trailer looked particularly interesting, but because I love Billy on the Street and Difficult People.

  34. You don’t like the gay minstrel show he puts on every time he gets in front of a camera? You don’t like his comedic style which consists exclusively of screaming and harmful stereotypes.

  35. Yeah, I’m gonna say the same thing I said on TikTok about this. The only things I knew Billy Eichner from before this were Parks and Rex and Billy on the Street, both of which he plays an grating loudmouth over the top character in. For me, this would have been like expecting Gilbert Godfried to lead a romcom.

  36. He crowed to the press about how this film even had gay people playing straight people — I’m queer too and love those politics, but even I can see how straight people would be given to understand that this is not a movie for them. Why would they show up when it has been made explicitly clear that they aren’t included and don’t matter? That not homophobic! It’s called reading the room.

  37. Ya know, even with all of that, as a straight man I would still see it if I heard it was hilarious. Because that’s what fucking matters in a comedy.

  38. This isn’t about art. The deflection is the really because movies are still a business and a movie needs to make a sizable profit so artists can keep making movies. Bros being a failure could have a lot of implications for that genre (and his own marketability) moving forward, so Eichner and other artists in his shoes have to do this blame game dance. CEOs in corporations do the same shit all the time.

  39. Yeah, I’m gay and have no interest in this movie. There are a million other movies I’d rather see that are playing right now (Pearl, Barbarian, Smile, Dont Worry Darling, etc.), and this “Bros” just seems like a generic Netflix rom-com where so the characters can’t stop talking about how gay everything is…

  40. I didn’t even know this was a movie… I mean… I also wouldn’t have gone and seen it, but I didn’t know it existed until this article

  41. As a straight male, I’m not interested in watching a movie as such. Nor am I against it, it’s just not for me.

  42. Not even lgbt people showed up. This movie looked like it flat out sucked to everyone. I don’t know a single person whose LGBT+ (I am myself) that I know that thought this movie looked remotely appealing in any way at all. In fact, most of the peeps in the community I know including myself kinda thought it seemed… so dumbly pandering that it was like a slap in the face. Legit made us look like a bunch of stereotypes and nothing more smh.

  43. yeah it looks like a movie that would've been seen as progressive in the late 90s/early 2000s but damn we should be way beyond this nonsense.

  44. I haven’t seen it, but i listened to a podcast where he promoted it explained the movie and it actually made sense.

  45. If you make a niche movie for a niche market and advertise it in a niche way you can’t expect people outside that niche to come see it.

  46. I know the media is gonna make it out to be some kinda of homophobic type thing. But honestly the marketing was shit…

  47. When they showed the preview before Top Gun, a guy in the audience let out a huge, long audible raspberry at the end and the whole theater erupted in laughter.

  48. Remember the DP from Game of Thrones response to super dark scenes where you couldn't see the action - "people don't know how to set up their tvs!"

  49. Why are you entitled to my engagement and viewership. It's not directed to me. That's fine. I don't complain when movies or entertainment isn't made for me. I don't say "this is stupid" when it's just something for another demographic. But at the same time don't complain when I don't see something I'm not in the demographic for.

  50. Yeah I mean it seems like the issue is more about marketing considering the exceptional reviews the movie is getting. Personally, I haven't been to a movie theater in probably 4 years

  51. I feel like people don't really show up for movies anymore unless there's a huge star or an established IP. This movie had neither of those.

  52. Honestly, as a straight white male, I’ve seen the trailer so many times lately I could quote parts of it and I didn’t even know it was a movie. Thought it was a new TV/streaming series.

  53. I wonder if they targetted their ads too much on gay people or something. I'm straight, never heard of it. If they only targeted gay people they left, what, like 90% of the population out of their advertising? And with the 10% they reached only a fraction will be interested. Doesn't seem smart.

  54. Honestly, comedies are not something I care about seeing in theaters at all. I go to theaters to see blockbusters with cool visuals and booming sound.

  55. Yeah, I think this is a big culprit. Rom coms and comedies are something we've now gotten used to watching (and enjoying) when they premiere on streaming, rather than going out and buying a ticket to see. Movie theatres are now more of a special occasion type of thing for big event movies, not so much smaller scale things like comedies.

  56. I don’t think people are running to the theater to see any type of rom com these days. After covid most people and me included watch these types of movies at home. I thought it looked funny snd was disappointed to find out that it’s not streaming yet.

  57. Gay movies spiral into Grindr humor very quickly and it's exhausting as a gay person to watch. No we don't need to debate if the guy who served our coffee or the traffic lights are tops or bottoms.

  58. Straight white male, saw it wasn't that great, most of the funny parts were in the trailers. It was too much rom not enough com for me lol

  59. Characters being gay isn't a selling point. Make a good film first.. and if that film happens to have gay characters, or is about gay characters, so be it. But a cliche movie is still a cliche movie.

  60. I’m sorry Billy! There’s just no way in hell I’ll go to a movie theater these days. I’ll watch the shit out of it when it’s on streaming.

  61. I fucking hate these people. They’re so full of themselves. “How dare you not to spend your money on our movies! You’re obviously sexist, homophobic, racist, etc (add whatever ist or ism you need)” how about the world is going to fucking shit, your movies are dogshit, and all you rich elites wanna do is play games while everybody else starves and dies for your pleasure. I used to like watching Eichner on the street, but honestly, fuck this guy. Stop making shit regurgitation and make something that people will enjoy, something to help people escape reality for a couple hours. That’s what entertainment is all about!

  62. I really want to see this movie but 1. I was in a hurricane and 2. Streaming movies is so much more comfortable. I think the days of theaters are numbered

  63. Imagine that; marketing to a gay crowd and no straight people showed up. Who would have thought?

  64. I hate this idea that this movie isn't successful because it's not supported. No, it's the content. It wasn't a good trailer. I barely remember it.

  65. I saw a 1 minute trailer for this movie and I saw the whole movie. It's exactly what you think it is with 0 depth.

  66. There’s a line right in the trailer where someone says “hey guys do you remember straight people? Awww” and then everyone at the table laughs. They expected straight people wanted to watch a movie that makes fun of them?

  67. Do movie producers not understand that straight people are generally OK with other people being gay? However, going to see a movie about gay men is about the last thing a straight man would want to do. These morons who served-up this movie and expected box office success should be out of a job.

  68. Also, this only has to make 25m to be profitable so in about a year after rentals and streaming contracts it’ll be the “most successful gay movie ever made.”

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