Matt Walsh slammed for saying Black "Little Mermaid" isn't "scientific"

  1. Yep. That's always my answer when people argue about how "realistically they would be or would not be" like, dude, it's a fantasy creature. You wanna be scientific? Ariel would likely have gills, terrible hair if any, and have scales/dense fur all over, not just on her tail, and she'd probably also be fat bc all sea mammals have blubber to help keep up their body Temps. But most people aren't enticed by a humanoid manatee with arms, so here you go.

  2. I apologize if you’re religious, but is he a Christian? Because I have additional information he might find interesting lol

  3. I swear - if we don't get a scene where Ariel is sunning herself on a rock while she picks her teeth with the bleached bones of a marooned sailor, then I'm walking right out the theater. I don't care how much my mini-flatbread pizza cost.

  4. "Fish have essentially three options to survive in the deep-sea where there are few places to hide: be big, be fast or be invisible. "

  5. I was saying something similar about this to my wife. Basically think of how few white fish there are in the ocean compared to how many dark colored fish. If anything there should be no white mermaids. They would just be shark bait

  6. Plus if there was a society of creatures who had the same intellectual capabilities as humans they wouldn’t need to rely on the color of their skin for survival. Ariel’s dad literally has the ability to control the temperature of the ocean, she’s doesn’t have to worry about sharks eating her

  7. And considering Mermaid sightings of yore are based on tired dehydrated sailors seeing Whales and Seals "playing" with their ship ... yeah... Matt Walsh is an idiot.

  8. Obviously mermaids spend a fair amount of time at the surface. They can't exactly lure sailors to their deaths from the bottom of the Marianas Trench, can they?

  9. I'm still upset Clifford was red instead of purple. Everyone knows that giant dogs are supposed to be purple. It makes no scientific sense. Also I'm a bearded man in my 30s .

  10. I hear you. Every time I watch Star Wars I get so upset. I mean, it is long settled science that force chokes are made through toe wiggling while singing the hokey pokey and turning yourself around. It just baffles me that they would ignore fundamental physics like that and expect us all to accept it with no backlash.

  11. I have a bunch of old clifford books (he’s my namesake so people always get me merch and stuff) and they were thin paperbacks printed on newsprint colored paper, using only black and red ink (solid, and obviously only for clifford) so I wonder if print cost/ availability was a choice in making him red since it was a singular readily available color of ink. They didn’t use the halftone process to create multiple colors or shades.

  12. He's right though... he was making a joke saying "it doesn't even make scientific sense that deep underneath the ocean you'd need melanin."

  13. I thought this was a joke. Someone actually said that a mermaid's skin color is what makes a fucking mermaid unscientific. It's hard for me to believe he's this dumb, and he just wanted his name in headlines.

  14. He is one of these billionaire funded conservative pundits. They say really, really weird stuff all the time to catch the algorithm. This is not the dumbest think this freak has said.

  15. He only said it was a joke after he started getting flamed, it’s his go to as he is usually saying stupid shit.

  16. It was a joke, he was making fun of both sides of the argument, saying that a mermaid being a deep sea creature should be translucent and skeletal and terrifying. The joke is on everyone who reads a snippet of what he said on a headline and is soying out about it.

  17. It was a joke, people are just pretending he was serious in order to have some kind of argument. If you bother to watch the segment and still think he was serious afterwards, I have a bridge in California to sell you. It's golden and was just paid off last month.

  18. I mean, he isn’t entirely wrong. The reason people are black/brown an evolutionary trait to deter sun damage and changes of sun burn. Not much of the suns radiation makes it’s way through the water, after 200m there basically is no sun. So scientifically speaking, it would be unlikely that they would evolve a darker skin tone. That said, you’d have to question what mermaids evolved from in this fictional world. If they evolved from early humans, it’s likely they would already have been brown/black since humans were initially. If they evolved from some white guy from the UK ducking a fish, probably white. Also, you’d have to consider that the dark skin tone under water would Be detrimental to a mermaid. Given most fish that live in the euphoric zone are brightly colored, the argument could be made that a white skin tone would be more beneficial. Then you’d have to think or origination, if they started in like the artic, white makes sense, but anywhere near the cradle of life, and white doesn’t make any sense.

  19. 'Till the next time. When I'll again have to point out to people that the reason they are doing a live action remake of Bambi, is because the Little Mermaid made a billion dollars.

  20. If these guys are upset about a fictional character being portrayed as Black, wait until they find out about Jesus :)

  21. Yes, that’s what people care about in an animated movie about a half human half fish and her talking fish friends and her dad’s magic fork: the science.

  22. Here’s the video of him making his point … after that he made an off the cuff joke commenting that deep sea creatures would be translucent … and people who want to crucify him went crazy.

  23. You're the fucking idiot if you think he believes any of the shit he spews. Its all for money and attention. OH LOOK IT WORKED.

  24. This reminds me to something that a classmate said to me when I was in high school, when me and my best friend made an animated short in Flash where we had a dark skin character. The animation style was sort of Anime, so at the time anime characters where light skinned in almost all series. She mentioned something like "Why did you make a black character in an anime, that doesn't make sense". My response was something along the lines of "well in this anime the main character is an alien and can fly and throw energy beams... so..."

  25. The most unrealistic thing about Ariel (apart from mermaids absolutely not existing ever) is that she doesn't have a trail of shit coming out of her arse for half the movie.

  26. Maybe we should stop treating him like a serious person. Him, Ben Shapiro, Candace Owens, and Tomi Lahren or however her name is spelled. They’re cartoonishly stupid and insincere people who we only boost by even writing articles about them.

  27. Mermaids are fictional beings and the most scientifically likely skin would be a scaly skin like the bottom half of their body.

  28. Scientific rebuttal: mermaids aren’t strictly creatures of the deep; they exist in multiple ocean levels. Her dark skin and light blue tail are actually camouflage. When floating in a vertical position her dark skin allows her to blend in with the darker water below when seen from above while her light color tail allows her to blend in with the sky above when seen from below. It’s a common tactic seen in numerous species of fish as well as penguins.

  29. His argument isn’t that she should be white. Read it guys…. He argues that she should be translucent. Are we really arguing over mythological creatures now?

  30. Yes. Anyway we can be angry over perceived racism makes us happy even though it appears the guy was just being awkward and stating a mermaid should actually be translucent.

  31. There are plenty of non-translucent fish in the sea from white to black and every color in between. What is this dumbass talking about? Whales are grey and black, and they are mammals too.

  32. I’m guessing Matt Walsh actually had a better argument than that, but it’s a dumb premise to complain about period. This whole argument is dumb on so many levels.

  33. Someone used this argument against me stating light penetration values and I can believe this dummy said it aloud.

  34. All the real problems going on in the world, and this, THIS is the nonsense people choose to argue over, weather a mythical being can have a certain skin color!? ANYBODY who believes that this is worth arguing about can choke on a bag of dicks!! I was a little kid watching these movies in theaters, I wouldn’t care what color skin she has or what ethnicity she is, honestly all I care about is if she can sing, because those songs are what made the movies, and from what I saw in the preview, not only can she sing but she’s beautiful as well.

  35. Actually, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about and should stay in his lane. Some deep sea creatures are light or translucent but others are pitch black. Also, who said mermaids come from the depths of the ocean? I’m having second thoughts about this guy.

  36. I think my favorite response to these idiots is a black woman on Twitter saying y’all (addressing white people) enjoyed throwing us overboard for centuries and you’re surprised a mermaid is black?

  37. I hate to comment because that’s the point of these folks saying idiotic statements but I just feel like I need to say this.

  38. Back in the day, Fisherman from Europe saw them out in the open ocean and never saw a black skinned one. Most of them never went to Africa so all mermaids from myth were white. I can’t wait until we start taking African myths and making them white.

  39. Scientifically speaking I have no idea what color mermaids would be; but I feel I can confidently claim they wouldn’t be white people.

  40. Oh Republicans… science is so not your thing. Stick to mythology about celestial supermen and let progressives handle actual science.

  41. A kids movie where adults are complaining about a fictional character. I’d say grow up but by this time if they haven’t point.

  42. It would be a lot easier to just saw “I don’t like black people. I’m a racist piece of shit.” Also what strikes me is the most vocal people probably weren’t going to see this film in the first place. A bunch of white losers.

  43. I don’t know who Matt Walsh is (please don’t explain, I don’t care) beyond his clearly being a village idiot

  44. You mean the same guy who listened to Drivers License by Olivia Rodrigo and said “she sounds like a road hazard, maybe we should rethink giving women DLs”?

  45. Matt Walsh(jokingly): From a scientific perspective, it doesn't make a lot of sense to have someone with darker skin who lives deep in the ocean, she should be translucent.

  46. I can't believe how far down this is. Either nobody read the article and just decided to get triggered by a headline, or they completely lack any sense of humour. He's not even saying she should be white.

  47. He may have been joking in the video but he’s expressed displeasure at the existence of black Ariel numerous times on social media, stop being disingenuous.

  48. I think Liberals are falling into a trap here. Walsh's entire shtick is saying something outrageous that he knows will trigger the Left, and then harvesting likes and followers off the outrage while laughing at the responses. His statement is clearly facetious if you read the entirety of what he said. HOWEVER, he's playing off the deeply rooted racism of the Right to his advantage.

  49. "If anything, not only should The Little Mermaid be pale, she should actually be translucent," he said, adding that if you "look at deep sea creatures they're like translucent. They have no kind of pigmentation whatsoever. And they're just like these horrifying skeletons floating around in the ocean.

  50. Everyone complaining about this didn’t read the article and are giving Matt Walsh the reaction he was hoping for.

  51. Mermaids aren’t scientific, they’re not real and nor have they ever been. They’re mythical creatures. Dipshit.

  52. I think what sucks is most people I’d say don’t really Halle (and her sister) are really good singers and more than anything I think Disney chose her 1.) for the optic points and 2.) I think she honestly can sing the new songs probably really well and from what I see about most of Disney’s movies is they really want to capitalize off of music sales.

  53. Seems more like a bad joke when you read the whole quote. He says Ariel should be translucent and pale if she is from the ocean.

  54. But he's not saying the "original" Disney Ariel shouldn't exist. That's the racist part. She's okay, but a black Ariel? . . . oh, where are my pearls because they do need some clutching!

  55. Mermaids are scientifically white? I mean scientifically we haven't even proven mermaids exist, let alone their skin tone. Fuck this moronic dipshit.

  56. He would be correct if he said it wasn't traditional. Hans Christian Andersen probably never thought of the little mermaid being black. But he is long gone and anyone is free to reimagine the story in any way they please.

  57. If people would consider what he's saying; and that your skin wouldn't have evolved in response to extreme sun, you know, under the sea... Maybe you could be a little less bent out of shape and incredulous <3

  58. Has anyone who is criticizing this actually seen the entire episode? Of course not. You just read the headline and nod along like all the other sheep. What he said was an obvious joke, that by the way was not offensive in any way to anyone. Actually it was quite funny for those of us that still have a sense of humor.

  59. The most unrealistic part here is how ugly she is. Mermaids were supposed to be beautiful until they opened their mouths and you could see their pointed teeth

  60. Matt Walsh crying about a person of color replacing the little mermaid but didn’t say anything when Scarlet Johansson was pretending to be Japanese in Ghost in a shell. So yes he is a white nationalist POS

  61. So all the people that bitch about 'ethnic' characters being played by white actors but are OK with Ariel being portrayed by a black actor are racist POS too, right?

  62. Listen. The possible skin/scale colors of hypothetical mermaids could have been a fantastic bar discussion. Potentially amazing.

  63. Matt Walsh is an idiot, but he’s partially correct. An undersea creature wouldn’t have any melanin whatsoever, but that doesn’t mean said creature couldn’t be played by a black woman.

  64. The left isn’t a monolith. I get it’s a joke… but the problem is the far-right has a history of actually being racist, so when they try to joke about race, they’re already starting from a bad point. If he had a history of supporting civil rights, the “joke” would be more apparent in that he’d be lampooning racist, but since he is a racist…

  65. Well, mermaids don’t exist and are not genetically nor physically feasible. A warm blooded half and a cold blooded half for one.

  66. So did someone actually slam the racist sack of shit or has nothing actually happened and he continues to be a public figure consisting of cat shit wrapped in dog Shit?

  67. The fact that people are pretending to be so dumb as to not understand satire in order to make an argument against the guy is just pathetic. If you saw the segment its obvious that he was being sarcastic and intentionally obtuse in the statement.

  68. Matt Walsh is a fucking moron and a fascist, transphobic, racist, and misogynistic piece of shit. Who the fuck gives a shit about what he has to say about anything.

  69. Oh click bait rage building here in the comments when the man literally backtracked and said it was joke. He went as far as to say they shouldn’t even be white they should be translucent.

  70. lol the guy has made a career out of pissing people off and you guys are boosting it by posting about him. just saying

  71. "I said Ariel should be played by someone with translucent skin like a real deep sea fish and thousands of Leftists took me seriously and are calling me racist because of it."

  72. All these turds trying so hard to phrase their racism in a legitimate framing……some black folks made a movie where the characters are black. Not interested? Don’t see it! The idea that every single movie has to be aimed at you is such a babyish privileged position to take.

  73. Who gives a shit, its not like this is gonna be something groundbreaking. They wont be able to improve on the original, thats the issue. Just a lazy cashgrab that is obvious from miles away. Dont watch this, the black actress isnt the problem

  74. Jesus I don’t ever wanna hear about this movie ever again. Everyone of all sides keep on talking! It’s completely ruined it

  75. Tbf if you actually read the article, he’s talking about how anything below a certain depth, without much exposure to sunlight, doesn’t have any skin pigmentation whatsover.

  76. Can I just say that I feel this whole controversy about her being black feels completely made-up. I feel as though it's being pushed and inflamed by articles claiming there's a bigger controversy that it actually is. I'm sure there's a small margin of people who are upset about it, it doesn't come close to the scope or the importance of the controversy that articles discussing it make it out to be.

  77. Well dark skin color is caused by high doses of melanin in the skin, caused by human evolution to living in sunny/hotter areas and you don’t get much sunlight “under the sea.”

  78. Funny af people just reading the clickbait title and demonizing him without actually listening to what all he said.

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