Alison Brie Calls Netflix’s Surprise ‘GLOW’ Cancellation “The Great Heartbreak of My Career”

  1. “Let’s jack up prices again to make up for that lost revenue….how are we losing subscribers?…let’s jack up prices again to make up that lost are we losing……..”

  2. At this point I think it is a vicious circle. They completely failed to stay ahead of the curve. They wasted the years they had as the only serious streaming service in town and failed to evolve to something new and better that others couldn’t copy right away despite knowing that every single network was going to start their own service and pull their content.

  3. Maybe I’m ignorant on the ins and outs of how Netflix operates, but don’t they see the numbers of what shows are being watched and what ones aren’t? It’s possible that despite the show being of good quality it doesn’t actually get a lot of people watching, and in the long run isn’t worth funding?

  4. Lets not forget they fucked us over the LAST season that as supposed to happen. So it REALLY was a matter of having no respect for their customers.

  5. This show, along with Santa Clarita Diet, both being cancelled after 3 seasons is still absolutely devastating to me. Both were excellent stories that deserved a conclusion.

  6. Same with the show Travellers. Cancelled after 3 seasons. Was a great show but the concept does allow for the show to continue with continuity as the same actors aren’t needed.

  7. While I agree generally, in this one case, it was COVID that forced this. It was shooting pretty much right at the beginning of the pandemic, and you can't social distance and wrestle, and you can't hold an entire cast and film crew indefinitely for the chance that world will quickly come together to solve a pandemic (spoiler: they didn't). Anyone who argues "but everything else was fine", well, they weren't. They really weren't. Lots of stuff got canceled entirely or had to be entirely reorganized. And again, could be shot in social distancing paradigms. Bizarrely, Marvel stuff with lots of green screen probably was easier to shoot during the pandemic than cheaper stuff that required real intimate physical interactions.

  8. This time it wasn’t Netflix’s fault. They grew lit the last season but it got delayed because of covid and went beyond the actors contracts.

  9. At this point why would anyone invest time in their shows? It doesn’t matter how good they are, you can’t trust that they’ll finish them.

  10. It was honestly one of the big nails in the coffin for me to cancel Netflix. I felt genuinely lucky to have gotten a final season of BoJack Horseman and realized that was bound to be the exception rather than the rule, and now I don’t even want to bother getting interested in anything they’ve bothered to make because it’s almost certainly going to be disappointment when it’s canceled. Sorry Stranger Things, Disenchantment, Umbrella Academy, F is for Family, and I’m sure others. Your bitter master ruined it for me and we won’t see each other again.

  11. Canceling The Dark Crystal Age of Resistance after 1 season blew so much ass and I hate them so much for it.

  12. Is last Kingdom produced by Netflix or they just run it? Cause that thankfully got a full like 5 seasons and an ending, and it's now getting an epilogue movie.

  13. It's actually a genius strategy, because it got me to cancel my subscription, which means less money for them. Excellent business practices they got at Netflix.

  14. This is why I don’t watch new Netflix shows. I just wait until it’s finished or cancelled to see if it gets a conclusion before I decide to watch it. Netflix cancelling shows due to low viewership is a self fulfilling cancellation. People don’t watch because they cancel and they cancel because people don’t watch

  15. Netflix did the math. Assuming they did the math correctly, they don't make more revenue by going beyond 2 or 3 seasons. What gets more subscribers is new shows, not more seasons. If a production company wants to do 5 seasons of a show, they shouldn't partner with Netflix. Netflix is mostly 2 seasons and done.

  16. And spending billions on absolute trash like resident evil while every other streaming services attempt to make good content. I kinda want Netflix to die at this point

  17. The thing I really don't understand is how they still don't understand that this is their reputation. How have they not put two and two together?

  18. So Netflix can spend $200 million making a single movie, but can't be bothered to film a "wrap up" episode for a series people are emotionally invested in... Then wonder why they are losing subscribers.

  19. It’s easier to get more views/more subs on a brand new movie vs using that money to wrap up a story that is three seasons deep…if you’re new to the show, You’re not as likely to want to catch up and watch 3 seasons. But a movie, anyone can pick up and watch at any time.

  20. Good point. It’s disheartening. They calculate the cost based on whatever metrics which I’m sure is rationale. But I doubt they factor in the fuck-you signal they send to the X number of fans invested in that given show.

  21. This show being canceled may have been my breaking point. I am a wrestling nerd and decided to try watching and liked the first few episodes because of the acting and writing and finally after a couple years talked my SO into watching and she loved it too. Then we get to the end of season 3 and it just ends. Like yall couldn't have gotten one or two hour long episodes to just close it out? Cmon guys. I like Brie in it and other actors too but man Marc Maron is just so great in it and it has Awesome Kong, a legit women's wrestler and has a great story in the show so that is pretty great.

  22. And then they blame it on too much "woke" media and account sharing. Netflix is one of the most tone deaf streaming companies that exists.

  23. I blame Netflix but at the same time fuck the writers who intentionally make every season a cliffhanger leaving the door open for more.

  24. I’m still so angry about this. It was getting so good, nothing can top s1 of course but I would have loved an organic closure to the story.

  25. The crazy thing is that they were given that final season, and the actors were paid from what I understand but the cost of holding the contracts to start filming later as well as the extra cost of covid protocols ended up being more that Netflix wanted to pay. Terrible move though as it was a great series

  26. I think it was because Netflix realized they could have an entire season of squid games or money heist for what 1 episode of a US show costs

  27. Yeah, canceling Glow the way they did definitely played a part in myself eventually canceling my Netflix subscription.

  28. Also, from what I read at the time the cancellation was announced, they had already filmed one episode into the fourth season. It's just mind boggling for Netflix to have done this. Burning bridges like that with subscribers as well as artists, and this has happened with many shows other than just GLOW...I really don't understand why they would do that.

  29. Netflix keeps chopping great shows that have huge followings, but keeps pumping out reality tv shit. I’m thinking it’s time to cancel my subscription. There’s no point getting invested in a show on that platform anymore.

  30. I still don't understand why they cancelled it. I thought it was decently popular. It was a good quality show. I think it only had one season left too. Now that IP is basically worthless. I'm not going to start watching a show that's already cancelled. I'm also not going to rewatch a show that's already cancelled.

  31. They cut shows because the DONT have a huge following. Look at the number of IMDB ratings on cancelled shows vs the mainstream ones that get 1+ million ratings.

  32. I dunno why anyone has Netflix anymore. It’s $20 a month and for that same amount you could have disney+, Hulu, ESPN+, and paramount+. Or prime (also with 2 day shipping), and discovery+ and shudder. Or… you get the idea.

  33. ...Does Netflix just not enjoy having good shows? For fucks sake, every single god damn decent show is abruptly cancelled. Then replaced with a handful of shows that are just fucking awful.

  34. They have a tech company business model rather than an entertainment company business model, so everything is based on getting new subscribers only. Once a show gets to three seasons it becomes something you have to put money into in order to maintain current subscribers, so they'd rather take that money and dump that into a new edgy teen drama to try dragging in new users and inflate their stock price.

  35. You're not exaggerating. Literally every single Netflix original show that my fiancee and I watched and really enjoyed got cancelled after one season or shortly after. We just said fuck it, gave up and cancelled Netflix.

  36. The Dark Crystal was phenomenal, fans loved it, it collected awards, and after one season they just canned it. I really don't get it.

  37. The Netflix show model is gross and I refuse to participate in it. Unless you watch one of the smash hits you can bet money the show you like will be gone before S3 finishes.

  38. Inadvertently, this has made me a big fan of the one season show. I feel like Mike Flanagan has perfected the model with The Haunting of Hill House/Bly Manor and Midnight Mass. It’s only intended to be one season and it’s a complete story and it’s great.

  39. You can’t put “surprise”, “Netflix”, and “cancellation” in the same sentence and be surprised by it.

  40. Anyone else remember when Netflix would pick up prematurely canceled shows to give them a final season? They used to rescue so many shows and now they refuse to finish their own.

  41. Because money. They needed to establish themselves as the #1 streaming service and they did that by adding all the popular network shows.

  42. I agree, it was a hilarious comedy and great show if you are a fan of wrestling. I have a ton of memories in the old VFW hall in Resida where they filmed a couple of segments, it was venue for PWG. Marc Merron was fantastic and honestly Awesome Kong was so good in her role I lost her in it.

  43. I loved Tammé! Definitely one of my favorite characters. I don’t even like wrestling, but a good show of a good show.

  44. Kong was so good that it took me a few episodes to even realise it was actually her, I thought it was just a talented lookalike to begin with

  45. It's crazy to me that anyone would want to to sell their shows to Netflix still with the chances of it being cancelled.

  46. Well... most shows (like 2/3) get cancelled in their first season. All but the most well-established scriptwriters will be lucky to have one network like their script enough to even film a pilot for it, so that's who the writers will sell it to.

  47. That’s the bottom line. All these corporations are run by numpties who went to college to learn a glossary of lingo and not much else, then got their jobs because they know the right people, are of the monied class and have really good meetings, of which they then go off and contradict the agreements they had made during. It’s really a load of old nonsense.

  48. That show reminds me forcibly of the 30 Rock gag where Kenneth pitched a show called "Gold Case." Models hold up briefcases and contestants have to pick which one has gold in it and then they can keep the gold if they win. They had to shut the showdown because, to quote Kenneth, "Oh right, gold's really heavy, huh?" Everyone could see the model's arms trembling lol.

  49. It was such a fun, female centric show. Portrayed female friendships, dynamics, and struggles well. I really enjoyed it and her performance was wonderful.

  50. Netflix have made their series so incredibly worthless. As much as I love Love Death + Robots (and I'm fucking bonkers crazy about it), I don't even bother looking forward to new seasons. And it's the only thing I care about on Netflix anymore.

  51. I know it’s unrealistic, but I would love for Netflix to find a way to give us the 4th season at some point. It’s probably impossible due to scheduling, but it does seem like a lot of the cast would return if given a chance.

  52. Step 4 is jack up the base price, then add a per-screen surcharge to stick it to household account sharers.

  53. Doesn’t Netflix use some type of AI-based algorithm to determine whether to continue or cancel their shows? I hear once the algorithm has spoken, it’s pretty much out of the executives hands.

  54. Netflix is really only interested in keeping existing subscribers content enough that they don’t cancel their subscription. They’ll spend more money on new content that is likely to get them new subscribers. People assume that their algorithm is about keeping viewers happy when it’s actually about maximizing profits, which isn’t the same thing. It’s possibly that they looked at a show like Glow and found that most viewers watched enough of other Netflix originals that they were unlikely to cancel their subscription if Glow was canceled.

  55. Is there a reason show creators and writers can’t provide a little closure by telling us what their planned endings were? The Breakout Kings writers did that (I believe they tweeted it) and it was a huge act of goodwill toward fans.

  56. These good shows last well beyond their production years. It’s incredibly short sighted not to have a good exit strategy to allow the creative teams to give them satisfying conclusions. There are a lot of shows I’ve never had a chance to follow while they are being made, that I would totally circle back and watch when I have some free time. Now, if the last season is bad or they cut the show to quick for them to write a conclusion, it makes me not want to watch any of it at all.

  57. It’s only a surprise if it’s NOT cancelled. One of the many reasons I don’t subscribe is because of how they axe good shows.

  58. I thought that glow ran a foul of covid and that was the problem, more so than poor ratings or them wanted to just axe it. I have still been keeping my fingers crossed for another season it was just getting going good.

  59. So, Union tv series have different pay structures for different types of budgets, sizes, durations, etc of shows. One of the notable ones is that after 3 seasons, crew pay goes up a bit (and usually actors renegotiate). This is supposed to reflect the fact that when you get up to 4-5 seasons the network is going to get long term income from syndication, reselling, long term merchandise, yadda yadda. It's supposed to be the long-working crew getting a bit of recognition and reward for making a series good enough for a long run.

  60. I wasn't a fan of wrestling and still am not, but it made me appreciate the work that they do and respect the craft more.

  61. I read somewhere that the way the contracts were written was that they were set to make a shit load of money in the 4th season and beyond. I believe Netflix structures all there contracts on the shows they produce this way. They pay the actors as little as possible up front not knowing whether or not the show will be a success. Then after it takes off they generally kill the show before they have to pay the actors the large sums on the end of their contracts. Leaving us the viewers unsatisfied and them wondering why they keep losing subscribers. What's the point of getting into a series if you know its gonna get canceled.

  62. GLOW was great although I find a lot of the stuff Netflix produces to be sh*t. That algorithm is clearly a fail or else they wouldn't be complaining about profit losses.

  63. I think their algorithm works; the issue is that they also have to make or acquire the content that matches what the algorithm is figuring out.

  64. Been thinking about canceling my sub for a while as I don’t use it terribly often, but this just nudged me over the edge. Goodbye Netflix, Apple TV and Peacock will suffice.

  65. My husband worked on Glow season 3 and soon to be season 4. They shot a couple episodes of season 4 and then Covid hit. During the pandemic there were talks of coming back but the main reason they pulled the plug for the rest of the season was because it would be really hard to shoot with Covid. Lots of main actors wrestling on top of each other.

  66. If a show is popular and gave them several good years of ratings, the studio owes it to the showrunners, crew, fans, etc. to find a way to give everyone closure. If a great show has to be cancelled, do it gracefully for Christ’s sake.

  67. She acted her heart out, great performance. I felt the second season was not as strong as the first so I am not terribly sad it’s not continued

  68. Where else did the show really have to go? The real GLOW didn't last too long either. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the show, but 3 seasons seems to be enough.

  69. Their problem is that they keep putting all of their chips on big name big money projects, meaning that the small projects that were attracting people to the service before are being neglected, and then those big money projects come out and don’t do enough to satisfy the viewer. If they’re interested in keeping their numbers up, they need to be smarter about how they approach these major projects.

  70. I just don't get why the fuck they cancel good shit, even if it had lower views than they wanted. Well morons have you ever heard of "loss leaders"? Having shows loyal viewers enjoy (and that are widely considered "good") only helps your business.

  71. I thought the second season was bad, marc Maron character just kept being a shitty dick, explaining why he was a shitty dick, apologize, rinse and repeat. The second season was so poor compared to the first, I didn't even know a third existed. Netflix should just release ratings so people stop complaining when they cancel shows no one watches

  72. It was a good show but couldn’t get through season 3. Like what new problem or character flaw/defect are they going to highlight this season. Season 2 seemed like a good place to leave that world for me.

  73. As well as Sandman is performing, we’re all scared they’re gonna cancel it at any minute for no reason whatsoever. It’s like they’re using a fucking spin wheel or dart board, most of it labeled cancellation.

  74. I guess Netflix executives crunched some numbers and decided that for the price of another season of GLOW they could launch two or three new well-regarded shows to cancel.

  75. I loved this show. I was watching it in a dark period of my life and it was one of the few things that gave me genuine joy. The stories and characters were so heartwarming and life-affirming, it was well written and had great acting. I really hoped they would've gotten one last season to end it properly.

  76. This is why I'm starting to let show run a couple seasons and find out they have closure on the series.

  77. Netflix is owned by citadel who is short on GameStop. Wake the fuck up. They destroyed Netflix at the top, sold many shares and opened huge short positions on their company. Something similiar happened to CD Projekt red after cyberpunk. Citadels hedge fund Melvin Capital had huge short positions on it. The game worked so bad it was taken down in the stores. If that was not blantant market manipulation after so much advertisement I don’t know what it is. Please please please inform yourselves on superstonk.

  78. I'm only holding on for a handful of shows at this point. And one of them (Stranger Things) ends next year. I wonder how many people will jump ship after that.

  79. I'm currently binging this show! On the last episode of season 2 and I'm already sad it was canceled! Lol it started a little slow but has gotten absolutely hilarious!

  80. This touches on something I think everyone in this thread forgets. Great shows getting cancelled is nothing new, and definitely not exclusive to Netflix. Let’s not forget cable channels cancelled Family Guy, Futurama, the original Star Trek, Entourage, Brooklyn 99, Arrested Development, Freaks and Geeks, Firefly, Spider-Man TAS, Mission Hill, Conan O’Brien… anyone got any more? There are lots more.

  81. Insurance covers things like liability if someone's property got damaged, defective products, and that sort of thing. Hell, it doesn't even cover your work.

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