Judge finalizes jury verdict in Johnny Depp's trial, requiring Amber Heard to pay him millions of dollars

  1. Strongly suspect that they'll reach a confidential settlement where Heard pays some amount (not enough to bankrupt her) and agrees to not appeal and to basically shut up and stop with the bullshit allegations.

  2. He should go after every last penny AND enforce the donation to the charities. That was part of the divorce degree. If he leaves that viper with any resources, she will keep attacking, libeling and slandering him.

  3. He might have not made her pay the full judgement if she hadn’t slandered him again and again in the press following the verdict. She is just too much and she needs to be stopped.

  4. That thinking was also before all the interviews Amber Heard did along with her lawyers bashing the court system, the jurors and judge. So I would believe that mindset has changed.

  5. Weird that you made an assumption her lawyer was going to say something and then made a rebuttal to that thing you assumed

  6. But didn't the Press tell me she didn't do anything wrong? Why is a judge and jury of her peers that her legal team help select making her pay?

  7. Yep can't even escape the gaslight from even video game websites. Kotaku, a gaming website, decided to bestoe its "wisdom" on how Amber Heard is an imperfect victim, and how her backlash is like "Gamergate". Apperently Kotaku still lives in 2014 cause the only ones who hasn't moved on from Gamergate is them.

  8. I literally cannot rationalize how some people can still stand with her after we all heard her lie, admit to being an abuser, admit to gaslighting, after pretty much each of her evidence was disproved... I don’t get it. I swear, I’m a feminist and usually I tend to be cautiously skeptic of men going “she’s lying”. But this woman was blatantly, openly lying, and kept doing nothing but lying. Even her friends testified against her.

  9. Reality is a team sport, to some people. It's painfully evident that conservatives overwhelmingly live in that tribalist loyalty bubble... but progressives are not immune.

  10. He’ll pay the two million separately and she’ll still have to pay her full amount to him. That’s apparently how it is handled there in Virginia. There is a YouTube channel called Law and lumber and he is based in Fairfax Virginia and he explained that’s how it’s done there.

  11. I believe it varies by location if they just combine them or treat them separately and the law in this case is to treat them separately. It probably only matters if her lawyers have in their agreement to get a portion of the money that she wins or if she has other debts against her. Once she has the money though it doesn't matter much because the money I believe is toxic. I believe there are aggressive claw back provisions so there probably isn't any way to hide the money.

  12. It’s gonna make me sound like an old timer, but the 2000s really had some of the best of blockbuster filmmaking, POTC being the cream of the crop next to LOTR. For a fantasy nerd like me, it was good eating.

  13. Except for appeals in that state she will need to submit a bond for the full amount of her verdict. She doesn’t actually have the money so she can’t file an appeal. Her lawyer tried to argue with the judge to get that bond waved and she declined that.

  14. Good. Amber Turd needs to be punished and excommunicated the way Johnny was. Bet we won't ever see her in a real movie for at least the next 10 yrs

  15. I guess it is TJ Maxx for Heard for the forseeable future. Interviews probably won't be too plentiful or profitable for her if Dateline's ratings are an indication.

  16. It was TMZ that spotted her there I think- seems like she might still have an ongoing connection with them?

  17. Let's not stan the raging misogynist who wanted to burn someone alive and rape their corpse. He may have been ruled innocent but that doesn't mean he's a good person.

  18. The story will continue for months with appeals, bankruptcy filings appeals from the other sides, injunctions and cease and desist letters.

  19. He lost SO much more than $8 million with Grindelwald and POTC. Glad he won (and hope she loses her appeal), but she caused irreparable damage.

  20. I know Johnny said he doesn’t want the money, I hope he takes it and donates it to the charities that Amber stiffed, at least then they’ll get what was promised

  21. Good. She should pay as an example to all abusers and victims out there. You shouldn’t get to abuse your partner then try and frame them ruining their career.

  22. dude, like why? can you imagine no other jobs for women than onlyfans and playboy? regardless of what you believe, this case should not be an excuse for making a bunch of misogynistic comments

  23. She will pledge to pay it. Could take decades, but she will pledge because she thinks that is acceptable.

  24. If I was Johnny I would write up a contract that she doesn’t have to pay if she legally changes her name to Amber Turd

  25. This is what you get when two personality disorders marry. Borderline + Narcissistic = violence, lies , and fake emotions.

  26. Ummm...did you watch the trial? She went on the stand and admitted she wrote the op-ed about Johnny Depp verbatim.

  27. What other legal spouse has she had, outside from Johnny Depp? The fact when it went to trial, she never stated anyone else she's she's romantically tied to abused her, she said it was him, time and time again. So, who else could that have been if not, her ex husband, Johnny Depp?

  28. to all the haters replying to me, where was all your vehemence each time a man was accused of domestic abuse, or sexual violence? i bet you said nothing, you hypocritical misogynistic pawns

  29. Is there a legal way that Dell can refuse this if he wants to? It would be very good for his PR if he walked away from this without forcing the money to be paid.

  30. Nah, take her to the cleaners. Maybe had she shut up about it after the trial, but with the way she keeps running her mouth... no. Take every last cent she has.

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