Amber Heard has yet to take the stand. But on social media, Johnny Depp has already won.

  1. It’s a defamation case, he’s most likely only doing this to clear his name and destroy her reputation. Looks like he’s succeeding whether he wins the case or not.

  2. It’s called the court of public opinion and people with large followings do deal with this. The verdict in the court room still matters, though.

  3. She is already being removed from aquaman 2 for the most. I read she has 10 min max and maybe less. 2 million signatures demanding her removal! So long Amber you crazy wack job!

  4. It was for Johnny, when Disney and Warner immediately fired him with zero evidence, solely because of #MeToo. His image was destroyed without a fair case.

  5. Honestly, I don't know that she could say a single word that would sway any of this at this point. Her own recorded words have betrayed her. The ACLU has come out and stated that she didn't even write the op-ed. She hasn't donated the millions she promised she would to charity for the op-ed. The makeup company that made the pallet she claims to have used to cover her 'bruises' has come out and shown that it is impossible that she used that product. It's fucking embarrassing, honestly.

  6. Slight correction but aclu testimony seemed to say she did write it. She didn’t write the title though which was probably chosen by the Washington post.

  7. As over-sensationalized as this event has become, there’s a fantastic silver lining: The social stigma that men are incapable of suffering from relationship abuse has been severely wounded, perhaps entirely destroyed (in the West, anyway). This is a turning point our society, and we’re sailing towards a more egalitarian future.

  8. I agree with most of this except the mental abuse. Amber Heard constantly acting as the aggressor, and Johnny Depp was constantly on the defensive to protect himself. To call that abuse is like punishing both kids for fighting, when one kid clearly started the fight.

  9. I had a stepdad who beat our dog, let a bull dehydrate to death stuck in a fence, starved a goat to death, turned an entire town against my mother, physically and emotionally abused me and my little brother, and manipulated my little brother into trying to push my mother down the stairs when she first handed the man divorce papers.

  10. Let's say she won, I don't think someone will hire her or she will be the same, she will be remembered as the shit girl, Her image is destroyed, I think Depp is smart by televise this trial.

  11. And what’s amazing is that was the whole point of this case. He didn’t want his kids to think hit women, and I don’t think any does at this point now

  12. There’s also a lot of buzz behind the idea that her bruising may have been due to fillers and injectables not being hit. So if she takes the stand and any of them are proven to be from a procedure it’s going to be even more of a shit-show.

  13. I was absolutely prepared to believe Amber Heard, since we all know Johnny is Johnny. He's been abusive and drunk in the past and it would be zero surprise he's a total shit show.

  14. Wasn't there a court fight before where Heard accused Depp of abuse and Heard inevitably won the case having Depp labeled a wife/woman beater? How did that happen? Here its pretty evident Heard has done an incredible amount of lying. Like a lot of fucking lying eh? How do we believe this woman in anything? Depp being shit and whatever hasn't been shown to tell many lies in this case right? Again pretty shitty that Depp has his life thrown in the relative toilet and Heard has been living it up on Musks dime.

  15. At best, Heard is going to be able to show that maybe a time or two it got bad, but the ratio of being the abuser to the abusee is still heavily on Heard.

  16. I mean, we listened to the audio tape of her admitting to beating him constantly and then criticizing him about walking away from the beatings.

  17. Which sadly doesn’t matter all that much. If it can be shown that he ever struck back at her, her claims are in the clear.

  18. I… I’m just really not that much into the whole celebrity worship thing. I listen to the court streams from time to time but I dont feel merely knowledgeable to make such a black and white judgement about people i dont know. Sure, it looks like her case is shakey and she seems to be abusive herself, but what’s with the “I love Johnny he can do no wrong”?… To us theyre just strangers, making their questionable lifestyle public and suing each other for money we could never even dream of having. I wish that rather than devoting so much of our free time to them we would for example use this opportunity to get more interested in law and court hearings - there are law podcasts covering this case - or get into really helping both male and female victims or abuse.

  19. lack of acceptance that their idol is capable is something bad. I had the same problem when MJ allegations came out.. funny the difference is that his accusers never got this level of threats or hate

  20. Has anyone else noted that all of these establishment media articles never actually mention the abuse that Amber has admitted to on audio, instead leave a loaded statement like “domestic violence is about when one person has more cultural power in a relationship”. No, it’s harming someone out of anger, hate, or entitlement physically or emotionally. But we saw what you did there USA Today.

  21. Really not a fan of the shifting definitions of certain words to make them inapplicable to groups of people. Racism was turned into some weird thing about “power structures” and now abuse is about who has more “cultural power.” I preferred it when racism was just when you were prejudiced against someone based on their race and domestic violence was when one partner harmed the other. I wonder if sexism will eventually be redefined as something that can’t happen to men, too.

  22. That sentence implies one race or class shouldn't date another. Power is almost always imbalanced in a relationship. That's why good men do not ever hit women, because they could potentially be killed if done with conviction

  23. Cause all these news sites are fucking hypocrites. They tore Depp apart when things weren’t even proven. It’s kinda gross. Like he isn’t perfect by a long shit but Jesus the stuff news sites and social media did to him.

  24. Exactly, it’s kind of frustrating. Like this article kept insisting that there was no domestic violence expert being brought in, people are bias, etc. but I don’t see many that mentions how terrible Amber Turd was in the recording, or what she admitted to doing, how she shit the bed, etc. I’m genuinely curious to why.

  25. It’s especially bad with this one, there’s entire videos of Johnny Depp funniest moments and ahit from the trial and people fancamming it. It’s genuinely baffling how people can do this, like, the only thing that makes sense to me is it’s like 13 yr olds who understand that there are two sides here, but don’t understand what is going on. Because as other people have stated it’s not black and white, they’re both toxic people, but Amber is evil and Johnny is bad, he’s done good deeds but he’s not this hero.

  26. I mean it’s hard to do a good job when you don’t have actual evidence. And all the other evidence pokes holes in your claims.

  27. The comments here just reiterate what the article stated. We all want to believe Johnny Depp despite having only heard one side’s testimony. Lots of folks calling Amber Heard the C word, its like every guy’s misogynistic feelings about how they’ve been mistreated by an ex can just be projected on to her.

  28. She’s guilty for sure, but there’s a definite combination of people liking Depps films/ characters and misogyny involved in the dogpiling on her in this case.

  29. Everyone puts on a show. Ever see drug addicts who have never held a job for more than a few weeks show up to court in a suit? That’s for show. It’s to manipulate their audiences by presenting themselves in a more favorable way.

  30. Even if it’s in Depp’s favor currently, he still might not win. Nothing is set in stone until it’s done and over.

  31. They were both toxic to eachother, she just added a layer of crazy that he didn't. The case is already a train wreck for her and if she takes the stand, it will only make it worse for her.

  32. If you spend your days blacked out while chasing immature women with low self-esteem because they are easier to manipulate, this is what happens.

  33. Well the whole thing started with sensationalism when Johnny depp got accused and judged publicly. So, why stop now all of a sudden? He has a right to fight publicly to put his side of the story too.

  34. She used the aclu to write an op-Ed pretending she wrote it. Basically the aclu allowed themselves to be used as a pr firm. Also Elon Musk paid donated 500k to the aclu at the same time. Elon musk loves to buy and pay for PR (time’s person of the year?). She made Johnny lose roles and income. Got 7 million from Johnny, of which barely any was donated as she promised. She used anything and anyone to get what she thinks she deserves.

  35. You would not be saying this if it was a woman who was abused. This trial has shown the double standards people have for men regarding domestic abuse. I wish all trials had this level of transparency.

  36. I think it’s great that it’s televised because it means you can actually watch the trial rather than hearing it through whatever bias the media want to portray. Already newspaper’s headlines haven’t really matched my perception of events.

  37. I don’t see how he wins this case. I honestly couldn’t care one way or another, but he’s a public figure so defamation is much harder for him to prove. Plus, it’s apparently already been proven that he WAS abusive so how did she defame him?

  38. The reason why it’s harder for public figures isn’t really at play here since the alleged defamatory statements come straight from Heard about her experiences.

  39. The downplaying of female on male abuse has been a long standing problem. In Heard’s own words, she expected Depp to be ridiculed for coming out as a male domestic violence victim. Assuming they’re mutually abusive, the impact on their careers so far seem way more one sided.

  40. I’ve noticed a lot of articles coming out tsk tsking the publics reaction to the trial and condemnation of Heard, a fact I suspected may have more to do with the eggs on their face concerning the original media response to Heards allegations of abuse…

  41. Eh, I’d say that’s debatable. Public opinion seems to be the most important thing these days. Studios drop actors before anything’s even proven in courtrooms these days because the PR damage is already done. Now Johnny’s reversing it - executives will realize that there are still a lot of people who love him and will pay good money to see him act again. And that’s all they’ll care about. As soon as people realize he’s not unmarketable cancer anymore, he’ll be back on screens and, I suspect, more successful than ever

  42. I better not see anyone more male victims treated less seriously than female victims comments. I have never seen both women and men shit on one singular person so hard that everyone excuses every piece of misogyny (from both men and women) that has been spewed this entire court case. Some of y’all literally can’t hate someone’s guts without bringing the entire gender into it. Anyway, amber needs to get arrested, possibly locked up in a zoo what kind of animal shits in a bed?

  43. For many I don’t think it’s about who “won”. I think they were both behaving badly and in a toxic relationship.

  44. Yeah, whenever I'm arguing with someone about this case, all I have to say is 'she pooped in his f*cking bed' and the argument is over.

  45. The trial is not about domestic abuse USA Today is once again deliberately spreading misinformation and plain falsehoods.

  46. My dad brought up a really good point. He’s been tuned in to this case everyday. He mentioned how the sensationalism of this case and how it’s got such a grip on him, reminds him of the OJ Simpson case. How the world was glued to there TVs. People arguing if he’s innocent or guilty. How at the time he made fun of my aunt for being so obsessed with the OJ case. And now here he is obsessed with Johnny depp and rooting for his innocence.

  47. Very new to the case so cannot understand all details of who is right or who is wrong. But need to ask this - who in her right mind records phone conversations, but doesn't record one single video of the aftermath of abuse showcasing the injury?

  48. As someone who hasn't followed social media on the case at all and has no dog in the race (I'm not super familiar with Amber Heard's work and haven't ever really been a Depp fan) but enjoys following/studying pop culture court cases, the trial has been absolutely damning for Amber Heard. At this point I've watched maybe 50 hours of trial footage, and Heard's issues are two fold. For one, her legal council has been absolutely awful, and secondly the evidence against her has been especially troubling. A number of lies have been exposed, from claims of having donated 3.5 million to charity (the whole of the ACLU's testimony was pretty damaging), to a complete and utter lack of any proof of actual abuse on Depp's side. Having listened to hours of in court audio it becomes immediately clear that there are ZERO recordings of Depp actually perpetrating, or even speaking to any kind of physical abuse of Amber. There are, however, some truly unsettling audio clips of Amber admitting to it. My general view of the two of them is that, while Depp is absolutely a psychologically troubled person, Amber heard seems to be topping him at every point. And the most damning thing is that Amber's team has been visibly struggling to provide ANY proof of the contrary, throwing whatever random things they can during cross examination and just hoping something sticks. I'm ultimately saving my final judgment until Amber's side is done, but it's realllllly not looking good. If anyone hasn't been following the case though, and would like me to comment on additional evidence that has been provided against Heard's team (and there is a TON) I'd be more than happy to do so!

  49. Literally everyone has lost in this. I’ll never be able to look at JD the same. His whole appeal was that we never had to see how pathetic he was as a human, now every time I see him all I can see is the crazy.

  50. Depp was proven to have lied multiple times already during the trial. But I guess you never watched it or are choosing to ignore the facts.

  51. Which is annoying cause everyone knows depp has loads of charisma, but also isn’t without flaws. I don’t doubt they both were in the wrong and were toxic towards each other. Yet she gets thrown under bus in favor of Johnny.

  52. My son was abused by his girlfriend. Woken don’t own being the victim of abuse. It happens to men too. And they have to struggle with much less support.

  53. I think this article leaves out the blatant inability for Herd’s lawyers to do anything reasonable. The whole make up compact claiming it was used at the time of the alleged abuse only for the make up company to cough politely and point out they didn’t make that compact until years later. And then the attorney’s idiotic lines of questioning meant to destabilize Depp’s character being utterly steamrolled by witnesses who aren’t playing that game. The difference is Depp’s team has DONE THE WORK. Herd’s team is obviously working with half-truths and false facts provided by the client. So honestly, if Herd loses, it’s because she probably was lying and has self-sabotaged by giving her lawyers shitty information hoping to fly safe under the shield of #metoo.

  54. One has a history of abuse, already proven liar, and is a cheater. If they went even further and see what got her licensed suspended for 4 years, I’m sure it would be even worse. Plus treating those around her like shit.

  55. I can’t see keeping people around you for decades that feel abused, not ones that are fiercely loyal and clearly have affection for him.

  56. I mean, audio with her saying that no one will ever believe him when he says what she did….. is pretty damning. Everyone should be pissed at Heard because she is actively hurting the cause of women everywhere for a gamble to increase her fame

  57. While this article seems to be discussing that it’s unfair to say Depp has already won, it certainly leading the reading into leaning the other way and saying “We haven’t heard Ambers side yet”…but we have.

  58. It is sad and scary that more people care about these two narcissistic assholes than an overt act of sedition against the government of this nation. We are so fucked.

  59. Yeah, I know. I looked at January 6th, looked at this trial, weighed my options and realized I don’t have the literal ability to care about two things at once so I forgot about the insurrection.

  60. People are supporting him because they’ve been experienced abuse and recognised her pathology when they heard the tapes. I’m not a fan of his, I’m not a movie buff, but I know about abuse and my stomach flipped over when I heard her mock, berate and gaslight him.

  61. That article is kind of a hatchet job against Johnny. I think most people are angry because we can understand they both did bad things, her more than him, but it was him that had his career and his reputation ruined while she was praised for standing up for women when it seems she is going to end up doing more damage to the cause than anything.

  62. Something a lot of social media doesn’t mention that this is Depp’s 2nd attempts at this. He lost last won and it wasn’t televised.

  63. This isn’t about trying to convince ourselves of Johnny Depps innocence to appease our inner biases. This article is wack for suggesting that. It’s simply clear to everyone how insidious and manipulative this woman is. I went back to the supposed UK trial testimony she gave and even previous interviews and she’s literally be smiling and laughing while talking about her alleged abuse. If JD was the evil demonic alcoholic with a bunch of cronies like AH’s team is trying to claim, he would’ve disappeared that b*tch deep in his island without anyone ever knowing. I just want AH to actually show ANY evidence of all the claims she made of assault. Just any at this point. There is none.

  64. Omg!!! I am glad to see some sanity!!! I just came from Deuxmoi sub and the shit they say in defense of Amber is fucking wild!! Literally every way sideways to justify shitting the bed. My head was going to explode!

  65. Because maybe because there is a ton of evidence he is lying about that? He genuinely thought the idea of the dogs taking a shit big enough that it would be mistaken for a person was so funny that he said this to an employee

  66. That’s because she’s an abusive psycho who in her quest to claim the role of survivor of DV failed to mention her own transgressions

  67. The end result of “believe women.” It should be “seek justice for women.” The slogans really do takeoff and reflect a mindset.

  68. I love gleeful the internet is over destroying beards career over a mutually exclusive abusive relationship. Totally dosent make everyone look childish

  69. Excuse my ignorance but I thought the prosecution (plaintiff) of any case goes first. So is Johnny the plaintiff or defendant?

  70. He couldn’t rely on the media to be honest, so he needed his day in court to get some pertinent facts out. Glad he did, for all men trapped with abusive women everywhere. Doesn’t mean he’s a saint, but she definitely isn’t either.

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