does anyone struggle with chronic nausea?

  1. After every meal I get nauseous, also first thing in the morning. I initially thought I was pregnant, but it never went away until today, 10 years later. Ginger pills help me.

  2. it’s horrible and it makes eating less enjoyable for me knowing i’m going to feel ill afterwards. i’m going to look into ginger pills!

  3. I wonder if ginger tea has the same effect? Recently I’ve become really fond of tea so this sounds like it would be so lovely in the mornings.

  4. Zofran and I are well acquainted. Highly recommend ginger too. I keep ginger gum and tea bags on me anywhere I go. It genuinely helps a ton, and I’m also an 🌿 person :) so sorry you’re dealing with this though, it’s awful!

  5. i’ll need to look into ginger gum, probably a whole foods or a natural store should have it. 🌱 has been a lifesaver for me 🥹

  6. I have dealt with near constant nausea for many years and lots of acid reflux. I found that cutting out inflammatory foods like gluten, corn, eggs, sugar, etc really cut down on the gastric pain and nausea.

  7. i try cutting out those types of food but my body is a little fucked and i have an ED. i’m very conscious on what I eat or at least i try to be. but i need to do better since i feel like trash every day. i have tried the apple cider vinegar only a few times and i got weird about it and anxious that it was going to make me feel sick but i was only taking a shot glass of it but will try with water. i appreciate the suggestions!

  8. I have it pretty much everyday, so you're not alone! An old wives tale I find useful is flat 7up, I find it helps a lot.

  9. I can rarely eat these days because I get full way too easily then get super nauseous. I tried Zofran which helps me some. I’m on the same boat as you, I hope you get some relief!

  10. yep happened to me today! tired eating a sandwich, instantly got bloated and i felt nauseous and icky. i’ve lost over 60+ lbs from being sick since 12/2019. it’s draining. & same to you! we’ll get through it one way or another.

  11. I’m always nauseous after breakfast for a good hour. It usually abates but I get random attacks where I’m super gaggy. I hate it

  12. it’s horrible!! “gag attack” it’s embarrassing when it happens at work bc i’m like “i’m fine look somewhere else” 🥲

  13. I get nausea all the time, went through years of vomit until they found endo and the only thing that makes it less is very strong painkillers. They found that I was sick all the time due to being in constant pain from the endo. Hope this helps in some way. Xx good luck you strong lioness you 💪🏽

  14. ugh i’m sorry to hear that ): i see my specialist next week and i’m really hoping he can help me (only seen him once 7 months ago) being in pain sucks and it’s horrible to say this but i wish they got to see me sick like this when it’s actively happening to show “hey this is real” thank you and good luck to you 👑

  15. I have also been struggling with nausea and acid reflux. 🌱is great and I use it daily in the evenings, but it is difficult when you can’t have it during the day. Ant-acids don’t help me, but based on the other comments I’m going to try ginger! Do you all use supplements (pills), natural raw ginger, or other forms?

  16. I don’t have any unfortunately (will look into). I’m not huge on raw ginger but I need back into it but i need to do something

  17. I have nausea if I eat full stomach or when I have acid reflux. I take ginger when it happens, I also take omeprazole.

  18. i was taking pantoprazole for a while and ran out about a year ago for chronic gastritis (need to find a GI dr now😅). &i have an IUD

  19. it’s been more difficult with the idea of transitioning more (recently)and due to my ED it makes it a little rocky. i have a few vegan cooking books that i need to look into

  20. ugh! sorry to hear that! i’m happy you were able to get a diagnosis. have you tried anything that has helped with your nausea?

  21. Yes, big time. I also have chronic gastritis though, so there’s definitely a confounding factor. I use all sorts of ginger products like others have suggested. I prefer ginger lozenges (similar to lozenges for sore throat) because I find them easiest to carry around and use in any situation.

  22. Definitely! Been having a particularly rough time with it lately. I’ve been eating a lot of bland foods and taking promethazine. Have a lap scheduled for November 30th and I’m really hoping that helps because my symptoms are no longer sustainable!!

  23. YESSS! One of one of I'd say Many of my problems i face with Severe Endometriosis would be nausea. From little to nothing or a simple bend or lift I get nauseated. My doctor put me on some nausea pills & they do help a lot. I also changed my diet tremendously & that lessened the nausea as well.

  24. yes or when sitting it will randomly come over me and i feel like i’m going to throw up in my mask 🥲i’ve charged my diet as well, but nausea likes to make it’s way back it to me like a toxic ex

  25. Yep. I've stopped eating breakfast and typically have toast for lunch because I can't keep food down in the morning. Tried zofran for awhile but now I live in a green state. Cannabis has made regular meals a joy again.

  26. Yes! Mine is particularly triggered by smells- unpleasant or even pleasant smells. Just any change in smell at all! I think it may be because of the hormones they put me on, but it’s been awful gagging all the time and vomiting into my mouth in public trying to keep it down. Chronic fatigue is also pretty brutal, and I’m even on Adderall for ADHD 😳

  27. Yes I agree! And wearing mask doesn't help I definitely agree. It alters everything you thought was normal. I'm glad someone else agrees. It's definitely hard to deal with & not talked about enough.

  28. i don’t think i worded it the way i was trying, overall i do enjoy wearing a mask and i’m in healthcare, so it’s very normal for me. it’s horrible having it on when i get a wave of nausea!

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